Winter and Spring

The cold breeze that touched her naked arms was the first thing she felt, as her mind regained conscience from sleep. Her eyes, however, refused to open, hoping she could fall asleep again. Yet, the cold air remained, leaving her no choice but to awake fully.

Holding the covers up more closely to her naked body, she slightly turned to the spot beside her. Stretching a hand she could still feel a bit of warmth, proving there had been a body lying next, which now dawned into her another question; where did he go?

The cold breeze touched her back, slightly, as if hinting her of an answer. Turning to the other side, she was rewarded with the vision of her lover, looking out the window-an open window. She could see his naked back, revealing the many scars it had. One muscular arm took support on the window frame, making his body fall slightly to the side in a comfortable position. The gray sky in front of him revealed that, indeed, it was a cold winter morning.

She was about to say something; however, she remained quiet, enjoying the back view of her love. His gray hair and white skin seemed to add more winter-like features to the day itself.

It was strange, indeed...

She came to realize that he was like winter; cold, mysterious, deadly- and yet beautiful and calm at the same time. His hands had the capacity to kill and defeat, just like the cold kills all nature. And yet, he hid his faults and guilt with a fake smile, a lazy attitude, and a calm, yet amusing spirit; just like snow covered winter's faults if only for a while, before spring would come and do the real renewing.

He had once stated she was spring-like, which she found odd, but perhaps it was truthful. She was the complete opposite; warm, easy to read, lively. She had a fire-like spirit that always expressed her emotions. She called it being opinionated, he claimed it was just loud. Unlike him, she had the capacity to revive and heal, just like spring. She couldn't even try to hide her faults or guilt, for the expression on her face would always reveal everything, just like flowers blooming revealing that spring had arrived.

Somehow, these thoughts made her worry.

How do you join winter and spring? It was impossible. They were total opposites. And yet, here she was, in love with the most opposite man that existed. But what foundations are based for a love like that? How was one sure?

"You're awake. Sorry, did the cold wake you?" Kakashi suddenly said, calling her attention from her thoughts.

He had a strange smile on his face; a calm expression. She smiled, beckoning him to come.

"No, I kind of like the cold breeze," she answered before she even knew what she said, which in truth was a honest answer. She always did like winter.

"Funny," Kakashi murmured amused, as he lied next to her once again.


"I was just thinking how I would rather have a warmer breeze; I'm getting a little tired of the cold," and he kissed her.

Indeed, now she knew. Winter couldn't live without spring, and spring without winter.

And such was the essence of their relationship.

Let me feel the coldness of your touch
For I know there's warmth inside
I never minded the winter
When I always knew you loved the spring