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"Come on, Carter! You're holdin' up the train!" Jack hollered back to his 2IC.

Carter glared menacingly at her CO. She was wet, cold, hormonal, in her dress blues, and one of her Stiletto heels had just gotten stuck in the bog-like mud they were trying to walk through. It was not a good day to bug her about the speed at which she was walking.

"Well, sir, if it hadn't been 'completely necessary' to march through this god-forsaken swamp to get to the ruins – in my dress blues maybe I'd be walking faster!"

"It's not so bad, Sam," Daniel tried to encourage her. He would have been willing to walk five miles in the unforgiving mud to see the ruins described to them by the tribal leader they had just met for diplomatic negotiations. While the people were primitive, their history revealed many interesting things about the Goa'uld and some tests they had done with genetic experiments on the larval state of the symbiote.

Sam glared at Daniel, "You wanna trade shoes? I'm wearing heels, Daniel. Three and a half inch Stiletto heels. Don't tell me it's not that bad."

Daniel looked away, like a scolded child. It was now Teal'c's turn to try his luck at breaching past 'the female's' dark mood. "Would you prefer to have me carry you, Major Carter?"

Sam almost broke down into the tears she had been trying to suppress all day. That was just so sweet! Only Teal'c would even think of carrying her, and only he actually could while keeping up with the rest of the team. The feminist side of her wanted to scream 'no!'; luckily it was slightly louder than the hormonal side of her that wanted to be held and treated like a girl for once on this trip.

She shook her head, "I'll be fine, Teal'c!" She glared at all three of her companions, causing 'the fear of God' to rise upon them, "If anyone else decides that I need to be carried or something archaic like that I will teach you why Air Force officers don't make good damsels in distress."

Daniel raised his eyebrows at Jack as Sam pushed her way past her halted teammates. What the hell was wrong with her? PMSing again probably, he thought vaguely, No... that was two weeks ago. There's noway she could be PMSing again this soon… oh, well. Hey, maybe Jack knows!

"Jack?" Daniel asked as the three male members of SG1 started walking again. "Why's Sam so 'PMS'-y?"

Jack shrugged, "I think it's 'cause tomorrow's the anniversary of her mom's death, but it's Carter. Maybe she's just mad that you dragged her away from that damned naquadah reactor to go to a political meeting?"

Daniel shook his head, "That can't be it. She told me she wanted to come to that meeting – I didn't ask her to. And her mom died twenty years ago next Thursday, Jack – not this Thursday."

"Teal'c!" Jack called, motioning the Jaffa forward. When he was walking beside them, Jack asked, "When's the anniversary of Carter's mom's death?"

"Tomorrow, O'Neill. What is the reason for your inquiry?"

"Nothin', just wanted to know."

"Very well."

Jack turned back to Daniel triumphantly, "Told ya so."

Daniel just glared at Jack before running to catch up with Sam who had stopped a couple hundred yards away – right in front of the temple Daniel had wanted to investigate.

Inside Jack thought it looked like every other temple they'd come across. There was Goa'uld writing on the walls and it was empty. Or so he thought.

"Teal'c, can you come over here a second and translate this for me?" Sam asked as she stared at a section of the wall in confused concentration.

"It reads 'Herein lies hope, destruction, joy, and malady.', Major Carter."

Carter and Daniel exchanged a look. "What do you think it means, Daniel?" she asked quietly, as if they were in a library – or a tomb.

Daniel shrugged, "I don't know, but maybe… There we are," he said as he pushed a series of hieroglyphs causing a portion of the wall to push in and to the side revealing a small indintation containing four ceramic jars. They looked a lot like the ones Isis and Osiris had been found in, but the markings on the outside were different.

Archeologist though he was, Daniel couldn't figure out what the markings on any of the jars said. "Teal'c? What does this say? Do you know what language it is written in?"

Teal'c took one of the jars from Daniel, examining it closely, "I do not. It appears to be a form of Ancient or Asgard."

Jack looked at the jars and upon seeing the language, warning signs started going off in the back of his mind. "Why don't we pack 'em up for transport and you guys can study them back at the SGC."

"Sure, but first, let's get some pictures of them here," Daniel acquiesced. While the pictures were being taken with the digital camera Daniel had in his suit pocket, one of the team's guides went back to where they had left their gear in the city to bring them a box for transportation through the 'gate.

While Daniel was picking one of the jars up from its resting place and bringing it over to the container, it slipped and fell, shattering when it hit the edge of the transportation vessel. A white cloud of dust filled the air, causing everyone to start coughing.

Sam made the mistake of trying to inhale right as the jar broke, and some of the dust entered into her lungs. Only seconds after it appeared, the white discoloration in the air vanished, with Sam still coughing from the intrusion into her body.

Seeing Carter's sickened state, Jack pulled her out into the open air surrounding the temple. "Teal'c!" he called in a command voice, "I'm gonna take Carter back to the SGC so she can get checked out by the doc, okay?"

"Very well, O'Neill. I shall remain and see Daniel Jackson and the remaining jars safely to the compound."

O'Neill nodded, "Thanks, buddy." Carter was breathing in sharp, ragged breaths of air, every now and then breaking into another fit of coughing.

Well, this is interesting. I've never seen the inside of such a beauty as this before. The being floated through its new abode, finding the place that would be most beneficial to its purposes, Now, how about a trip down memory lane, shall we? The being settled down as 'comfortably' as it could get before starting the tour…

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