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Prologue: Under New Management

Gendo Ikari, was a man with no life. Quiet honestly that was very close to the truth, he lived, breathed, and ate his work. It was only fitting that he therefore spend most of his time devising scenarios and contingency plans to guarantee his interests and manipulate all possible outcomes. Of course no man, or for that matter, group of men, could ever account for every variable. And there were always a few variables that were never considered at all.

One of those was ones own personal survival. Frankly put, Gendo had never expected his own death. To be precise, he had never expected it from so humble a source. Snipers, car bombs, food poisoning and saturation N2 strikes had all be accounted for. What hadn't been accounted for? . . . A drunk driver.

It was late in the afternoon and the sun was just beginning to set. It was the kind of time that young lovers were always portrayed at in sappy romance movies. The Commander watched this scene, unmoved, from the back seat of the black NERV sedan. It may have seemed somewhat undignified for the Commander of the worlds most powerful paramilitary establishment, but it was well suited to his purposes as it did not draw nearly as much attention as a limo would have.

The driver stopped at a red light double checking both ways as Gendo continued in his deep contemplation. The JetAlone trials are next week if what my source tells me is true. Dr. Arkagi will clear this up soon enough. He dismissed the thought but mentally earmarked it for later review. Other then the funding cuts, which could only be expected, everything was on schedule. The scenario was intact.

Rei's treatment for her burns will be finished tomorrow, we will have to go out to lunch. Really, in his own way Gendo did love Rei, it was a delusional insane love, twisted beyond recognition, but the warm feelings he had for her still stemmed from love.

The Section Two agent driving the car pulled out into the street when he suddenly heard a motor revving up. His head snapped to the left. He had two seconds to think, at which point he came to a startlingly accurate assessment of the situation summed up in two words. "Oh Shit."

Commander Ikari had a split second to react to his drivers shouted comment before he too came to the same conclusion. His last internal monologue could be shortly phrased as, 'Oh Shit'

A split second later half a ton of supped up rice rocket crashed into the passenger's side of the Sedan right beside Commander Ikari's door at better then ninety kilometers per hour. The Commander was killed instantly. The sedan spun about, pivoting on its front wheels before the momentum in the back half of the ruined vehicle was transferred to a lamp post.

The Section Two agent grunted in pain as he felt his arm smash hard into the side of the door, most likely dislodging his arm from its socket. After a few moments of disorientation he managed to glance back into the backseat, "Sir, are you alright. Sir. Sir!" The Agent unbuckled himself and used his legs to shift himself around so he could stretch his good arm out to the Commanders limp form.

He checked for a pulse and cursed before opening his cell phone and calling in to HQ. "This is Boss Actual, the principal is wounded, repeat, the principal is wounded, possibly dead, send immediate . . . immediate medical attention to this location." He didn't wait for a response before snapping the phone shut and passing out.

The drivers of the sports car, a Mr. Gin Oshii would later be charged with manslaughter and a twenty five year prison sentence, he had a blood alcohol content on his arrival at the hospital of .12 percent.

None of this was particularly pertinent as NERV found itself lacking a Commander, although, it could be said Commander Ikari had a sick sense of humor. Knowing that in the unlikely case of his death his scenario would do nothing for him he had decided to leave this earth laughing all the way to hell. In that regard, he was highly successful.


"The Commander . . . is dead." Sub Commander Kozou Fuyutsuki reported to the top ranking members of NERV. Namely, Doctor Ritsuko Akagi, head of project E. Captain Misato Katsuragi, operation Director. Captain Mao Shyuun, section two's commanding officer. And 1st Lieutenant Makoto Hyuga, operations assistant.

There was a silence amongst the gathered group of NERV's highest ranking officers before Ritsuko Akagi spoke. "In this case, this would place you in charge of the NERV Japan branch, unless of course SEELE decides to replace you."

"How likely is that?" Misato asked.

Ritsuko looked at her and shrugged, "Not very, as long as we keep up our efficiency SEELE will not intervene . . . Though I imagine they'll want a full report to the Commander's cause of death, and, they, will, look, into, it." The Doctor emphasized. "Regardless, I have to assume that you have new orders for us, Commander Fuyutsuki." Ritsuko said with the slightest hint of sarcasm.

"As a matter of fact yes, first, do not call me Commander Fuyutsuki. I am still the Japan branch Sub Commander." The old professor explained. "Your second order is to do your utmost to support our new Commander in his time of need, he is inexperienced, ill prepared, and as yet unaware of the responsibility that has been placed on his shoulders."

"Sir? Your not the Commander then?" Lieutenant Hyuga asked confused.

Fuyutsuki shook his head, "Commander Gendo Ikari had both a hard copy and digitized will set to be released as soon as the MAGI were informed of his death. His last will and testament, as well as . . . the other documentation that we uncovered has made several things quite clear." Kozou coughed into his hand, it appeared none of the others had quite caught onto why he had used Gendo's first and last name.

"What documentation may that have been?" Ritsuko asked frowning.

"Yeah, I didn't think the Commander would be leaving anything to anyone." Misato said, "And besides, as a government run organization its not like NERV can be handed off in the Commander's will . . ." Misato said seeming slightly too relaxed with the death of NERV's illustrious Commander.

"Captain Katsuragi, now may be the time to inform your of some very interesting information that has not only come to light, but been confirmed through multiple outside legal sources. Officially NERV is a paramilitary organization under the jurisdiction of the UN, nowhere in our mission statement are we designated as a government branch. Officially NERV is a contractor fulfilling a specific job for the UN at this time. This dates back to NERV's time as the Gehrin weapons research facility and should come as no surprise to you."

Misato blinked dumbly, "So, what does that mean." Misato asked slowly.

"What it means is that NERV is a officially a private organization, just as officially the EVA's are privately owned, and that is where the crux of this matter lies. The Commander, through means known only to him, was able to acquire legal ownership of the Japan branch GeoFront, all equipment residing within said facility, as well as Unit-00 and Unit-01, though this was not widely advertised it has been clearly documented, the case is airtight, Commander Ikari owned NERV."

There was a long silence, "So who did he leave NERV to." Ritsuko asked, paling slowly, "He wouldn't, he can't, its has to be illegal!" She shouted as she rose from her seat.

Kozou closed his eyes, bowing his head, "The Commander could, would, and did, as of 0100 hours this morning Shinji Ikari is legally the Commander of NERV."

The entire room became deathly silent once more. "Sir, your joking, right?" Misato said as she realized her charge now possessed the power to fire her.

"I wish I was, but the case is airtight, there were no conditions other then that Shinji not be the cause of his death, the will was clear on that fact. Furthermore, Rei Ayanami is to be placed under my guardianship until the Age of eighteen years. A few . . . personnel . . . items have also been set aside for Doctor Akagi. Captain Katsuragi will also legally receive the rank of Major for her service thus far, apparently he kept this will up to date."

Several more items were listed off, the Commander's final agenda being put into play. Disturbingly enough, compared to there ex-boss's usually cold and ruthless nature the will almost seemed like a Christmas list, it probably struck Gendo's sense of humor just right that everyone around him benefit from his death.

When the reading was done Kozou glanced between the gathered member, "Captain Shyuun, please have your men retrieve the Third Child, and bring him to his office, also have Rei retrieved from the hospital, the Commander was supposed to sign her out this morning, both will need to be briefed."

The Section Two officer nodded as he stood up, "Understood Sir." He turned on his heels and walked from the office without another word.

Misato, Ritsuko, and Makoto simply stood back up nervously. "So, what now, Sir?" Hyuga asked nervously.

"Now we wait. And get some smelling salt, I have a feeling we'll need it." Kozou explained.

"For Shinji?" Misato asked, sure he was whiney, but he wasn't the kind to faint.

The old man shook his head, "No, for Rei." The First child adored the Commander, this was going to hit her hard. But I'll be there for them Yui, whatever Shinji wants to do with NERV I'll help him do it. Fuyutsuki vowed, I just ask, that you forgive me, for letting my sense of righteousness become so clouded.


And that is it for the prologue, yeah its short but it sets the premise for a semi funny, semi stupid, semi . . . well something else, story. Next Chapter, Shinji takes his sudden boost up the ladder surprisingly well . . . ish.