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Chapter 30

Inuyasha squirmed and fidgeted trying to get free of the fangs, but to his chagrin, he was held tight. A deep grumble from the other's throat caused the hanyou to still himself.

"Dammit Sess, where are you taking me?" asked an agitated Inuyasha.

The dog demon said nothing as he continued to take long strides across fields and through forests until they finally arrived at their destination. Inuyasha's breath caught in his throat. His golden orbs widened at the sight before him. He thought that only in Africa would he ever see such a serene, beautiful place. His eyes took in ever detail. Tall evergreen trees surrounded lush green grass, exotic palm plants and bright colorful orchids that grew around a large crystal blue pond that lay beneath a high thunderous waterfall-gliding til it showered its sparkling liquid into the pond. He stood awestrucked. As Sesshomaru set his mate on his feet, Inuyasha turned from the majestic view to face a humanoid form demon. "It's beautiful, Sess," he said smiling at his mate. He flung his arms around Sesshomaru's neck in a hug.

"I knew you would like it," said the older demon. "Come." He released his young mate and headed toward the waterfall. Inuyasha furrowed his brows in a frown but he followed him.

He led the hanyou behind the fall into a cavern that was hidden by the water. He followed Sesshomaru deep into the cave until they came to a huge chamber that had a large pile of furs lying in the corner. Inuyasha shivered from the chilling dampness of the cave. He turned to see his brother kneeling over a pit of yellowish stones. He didn't see what his brother did or if he said some sort of spell but the stones burst into flames.

Then he got to his feet and walked over to his young mate. Leaning forward, he pressed his lips against Inuyasha's lips in a fierce kiss that stole the youngster's breath away and the hanyou reiterated with the same passion. But all too soon, to Inuyasha's disappointment, the kiss ended.

"Prepare yourself," he whispered into the puppy ears before he took one into his mouth wringing a moan from his mate, "I will return in a second." He sucked the other into his mouth and had the hanyou squirming beneath him panting for breath. Inuyasha growled in displeasure when his brother released him and went through an adjacent cavern to the left.

Inuyasha was surprised when the dampness of the carven was quickly replaced by warmth. He stared at the strange rocks and wondered where his mate had gotten them. Shrugging, he began to undress and settled on the pile of furs. The furs were so soft until not even silk could compare. He sighed and wished that his mate would return.

He did not have long to wait. Inuyasha stared hungrily at his mate as Sesshomaru walked out of the other room wearing nothing but a smirk on his face and a cup in his hand. "Drink this. It will disspell the chill of this place." Inuyasha took the cup and dranked. The sake was warm as it went down his throat. Kneeling down on the furs beside his young mate, Sesshomaru smiled.

"When did you have time to put sake in here?" Inuyasha placed the cup on the floor beside him.

"I brought this here when everyone was preparing for the celebration," said Sesshomaru stroking his mate's baby soft skin. "I was going to bring you here but since that stupid cat challenged me . . ." He did not have to finish. Inuyasha understood his meaning. He was just a little sad that Sesshomaru and Ngbaka couldn't get along. 'Too bad, those two would have been great friends.'

Inuyasha stared at the broad heaving chest of his mate as his nipples thrust froward wanting attention. "You have something on your chin." Sesshomaru raised his hand and wiped the drool from his mate's chin. Looking extremely embarrassed Inuyasha turns away cursing beneath his breath. Sesshomaru chuckled softly as he cradled the hanyou's chin in his hand and turned Inuyasha's head back to face him. Sesshomaru kissed him on both cheeks before sealing his lips against those of his mate's soft lips. Inuyasha moaned as he was gently laid down on the furs and Sesshomaru position himself between his lover's thighs. The young hanyou gasped when the elder demon's hand moved up his side sending little fingers of pleasure up his spine. He whimpered his disapproval when Sesshomaru's lips left his lips but moaned when those lips closed onto the mating mark. Moving from the crescent bite marks, he latched his lips around the left nipple sucking and nipping it until it was hard. Then he moved to the other and assaulted it in the same manner. Inuyasha whined as he arched his back off the covers. The sensations he was feeling were driving him to the brink of insanity.

Inuyasha moaned and squirmed beneath his mate's roaming lips and hand. Sesshomaru's tongue left a wet warm trail down Inuyasha's stomach and stopped at the hanyou's navel letting his tongue delve into the crevice wringing moans of pleasure from his brother before moving lower.

Inuyasha clutched a handful of soft silver hair as Sesshomaru closed his warm moist mouth over Inuyasha's erection. The hanyou tried hard not to thrust his hips upward but the fierce sucking motion from his brother was driving him crazy. He could not hold back. He thrust his erection in and out of the demon lord's throat nearly making him gag.

Sesshomaru held down his brother's thrusting hips as he continued his ministrations on his mate throbbing erection. His long tongue slid up and down and around the length of Inuyasha's arousal to dip into the slit at the head of his cock. Then he moved lower to suck the satiny testicles into his mouth. Inuyasha brought his knees together squeezing the side of his brother's head as his breath came out in heavy pants. A deep growl came from the elder demon ordering the writhing hanyou to move his knees. Obeying, Inuyasha widened his legs letting his brother have better access to his groin. Inuyasha was so lost in a lust filled haze that he did not realize Sesshomaru had spread his cheeks. And when he felt the warm wet tongue of his brother stabbing inside him, he groaned in sheer ecstasy. Inuyasha moaned and panted out his brother's name as the tongue seemed to go deeper.

Inuyasha felt every nerve in his body come alive with sensations. Heat flowed through his veins like quicksilver as sweat glistened against his skin. He cried out in disapproval when those wicked lips left their previous task to latch onto Inuyasha's lips in a deep penetrating kiss. The hanyou moaned in bliss as he tasted himself in his brother's mouth. Breaking the kiss, Sesshomaru moved to the sensitive ears of his mate. He placed two fingers against Inuyasha's lips and the hanyou sucked them into his mouth, bathing them with his saliva.

Inuyasha squirmed frantically beneath his mate as Sesshomaru sucked the furry appendage into his mouth. He continued to suck the digits as his body became overheated with lust and desire to feel his mate inside him. Inuyasha whined as he rubbed his erection against the hard, throbbing length of his mate's cock.

Removing his fingers from the hanyou, he placed one finger at Inuyasha's entrance and thrust forward. Inuyasha back arched off the furs as his eyes rolled back into his head as he released a long-winded moan.

Sesshomaru growled in pleasure as he felt the inside of his mate tighten around his finger. He pushed the digit in and out a few times before adding a second and then a third. Sesshomaru felt his own cock twitch and hardened painfully as he could feel it throbbing for release. He could feel his pulse racing as lust began to fill him as well. He thrust deep and struck Inuyasha's prostate which caused his younger lover to howl. Seeing his mate so submissive, Sesshomaru removed his fingers and smirked when his brother moan unfulfilled.

"No," was the guttural moan that slipped from his kiss swollen lips when Sesshomaru released his oversensitive ear. Seconds later, he gasped as he felt some large push against his entrance. He bit his bottom lip to hold back the scream as his mate pushed the throbbing head of his cock into his anus. Inuyasha dug his claws into his mate's shoulders as the pain shot up his back.

"Relax my little one," he whispered against the hanyou's lips licking blood from them. Sesshomaru remained unmoving as he continued to lick his brother's lips trying to coax him into removing his fangs from the soft flesh. Slowly, Inuyasha unclenched his fangs from his lips as he began to get use to the pulsing, thick hard flesh inside his body. The pain soon turned to pleasure as Inuyasha squirmed beneath him wanting his mate to go deeper.

Sesshomaru pressed his lips lovingly against his mate's lips and pulled all the way out leaving the head inside and thrust back in. Inuyasha's arched back was as taut as a bow with each thrust his brother did. He moaned and thrust his hips upward to meet his mate's thrusts.

Soon the gentle loving movements gave way to deep, fierce penetrating thrusts as Sesshomaru snapped his hips in a fierce driving force that had his brother moaning and writhing beneath him.

The musky scent of sex filled the demon lord's nostrils spurring him to move faster and deeper. His eyes bled red as his mate sunk his claws deeper into the flesh of his shoulders. Suddenly a feral snarl left Sesshomaru's throat as he quickly pulled himself free of his brother and vicious grabbed him by the shoulder and turned him onto his stomach.

Not wanting the momentum to stop, Inuyasha quickly got upon his hands and knees, and had his rear high in the air. Sesshomaru, got up on his feet in a squatting position and thrust fiercely into his mate, hitting his pleasure spot repeatedly. Wrapping his arm around Inuyasha's waist. Sesshomaru's hand latched onto Inuyasha's painfully hard erection. The young demon moaned as he began to thrust himself into his brother's fist.

Inuyasha could feel heat pool in the pit of his stomach but this was not the heat he usually feel when making love to his mate. This was an intense, overwhelming burning sensation in his stomach. Although it was not painful, the sensations he was feeling were nothing like the other times. He felt as though he could cum right now and then cum three more times afterwards without stopping. The feeling was too much for him to take.

Suddenly blue flames bursted from his skin. At first, Inuyasha was afraid but then he heard a calming voice telling him not to fear, the flames will not harm either him or his mate. And true to its word, the mysterious voice was right. The flames did not burn him at all. Infact, the blue flames was cool and soothing. Inuyasha guessed that Sesshomaru must have heard the voice also since he did not stop his frantic thrusting. Inuyasha watched the blue flames as they danced over his skin tickling his flesh with pleasure. He could feel the flames wrapping around and into him causing his insides to heat up. He tried forgetting the flames and concentrating on the overpowering feeling that continued to consume him. But it was as though the flames were contributing to the sexual pleasure he was receiving from his brother. Without warning, the flames flared up changing from the cool blue to an intense,scortching red as it wrapped around his stomach. Inuyasha opened his mouth to scream but nothing came out. The heat was overwhelming as he felt as though his skin was being burned away from his bones. He could feel his blood boiling inside as his erection became painfully hard. Inuyasha felt as though he would die if the strange sensation continued. And just when he thought he would explode and the walls would be painted with his smoldering blood and entrails. The flames died just as he and his mate reached their orgasm.

Sesshomaru watched in wonder as the flames flared up to wrap around not only his mate but his body as well. The flames that spiraled around his thrusting cock had turned red. Heat like nothing he could have imagined filled the length of his cock as he felt his orgasm coming.

Finally, it was too much for the hanyou as every muscle in his body tensed as tight as a bow and he howl in pleasure and relief as he spewed his essence over the furs and his mate's hand. And at the same time, Sesshomaru coated the mate's insides with his seeds. Both collapsed ontop of the furs unable to move and panting as though they had run twenty miles. It took every ounce of Sesshomaru's strength to pull Inuyasha close to him.

He kissed the back of Inuyasha's head and snuggled close to him. "I love you, Inuyasha."

Inuyasha smiled sleepily, "I love you too, Sesshomaru." He yawned and fell into a deep peaceful sleep, safe in the arms of his love.


As the sun rose the next day, Inuyasha awakened to find his mate gone. Sitting up, he stretched making the bones in his arms and back pop. His nose twitched as the smell of sex was overpowered by the smell of roasting rabbit. His stomach growled in hunger at the delicious aroma. He turned his head to the fire and there were two rabbits cooking over the flames. Inuyasha got up and walked over to the meal. He smiled at the thought of his beloved mate cooking for him. Taking the spit from over the fire, Inuyasha sunk his fangs into the meat. Juice dribbled down his chin as he ate the meat ravenously. After finishing the first, he started on the second until all that remained were the bones. Now that his stomach was full, he began to search for his mate. He stood and sniffed the air catching the scent of his brother coming from the next room. He made his way to the large opening and stepped inside. Inuyasha looked on in awe as his mate sat relaxing in a large indoor hot spring.

Without turning around, Sesshomaru spoke. "See something you like, otouto?"

"Do I ever," he said smirking, and walked into the cavern. He stepped into the water and sat beside his brother. Resting his head against the edge of the spring, Inuyasha sighed in bliss as the warm water began to soothe his aching muscles. Not to mention his sore ass.

As soon as the hanyou was settled, Sesshomaru inched closer to his beautiful young mate. He leaned his head down and began nibbling on Inuyasha's neck. The half demon moan as he raised his head to give his lover more access to his neck.

"Sess," Inuyasha groaned as Sesshomaru continued his exploration of the soft flesh of his neck. "We should be getting back. I want to say goodbye to my family before they leave."

"They can wait," he said sucking the flesh under Inuyasha's chin. "And they will wait. I'm sure they will not leave before saying their goodbyes either." His hand moved to grasp Inuyasha's growing erection. The hanyou hissed as his mate latched his lips onto his left nipple. Sesshomaru nipped, sucked and tugged the nub until it hardened. He twitched beneath his mate's mouth as he thrust his cock into his brother's fist wanting to feel the friction. He could feel his heart thumping against his chest as sweat trickled down his body to mix with the water.

Inuyasha groaned loudly as he reached his hand down and grasped his mate's hard, throbbing erection. It was like steel wrapped in silk and Inuyasha wanted to feel his love inside him. Memory of last night's escapade flashed in the hanyou's mind and he could feel the familiar heat rise in his body. Although it wasn't quite as intense as last night, Inuyasha could feel himself coming close to release.

Suddenly with a feral growl, Inuyasha straddled Sesshomaru lap and lowered himself onto the pulsing head of his beloved's cock. Inuyasha hissed as his mate's cock forced its way through the tight ring of muscles sending shivers of pain and pleasure up his spine. Sesshomaru howled at feeling the unexpected tightness of his brother's ass close around his throbbing cock. Both brothers rested against each other letting their bodies get use to the extraordinary feeling.

Once, all Inuyasha could feel was pleasure, he slowly rose up and slammed himself back onto his brother hard cock. Sesshomaru sunk his claw into his mate's rear as he helped his brother to move up and down sloshing water around. Over and over Inuyasha speared himself fiercely and frantically on his mate's cock.

"Sess! Touch me!" the hanyou panted out as he began to grind his himself against his brother's stomach. He needed release as heat pooled in his stomach making it almost unbearable.

Quickly, Sesshomaru released his rear and wrapped his hand around Inuyasha's aching arousal, pumping him in time with his thrusts. His hand tightened slightly around the heated flesh and Inuyasha screamed throwing his head back as he came all over his and Sesshomaru's chest.

As Inuyasha inside clamped down tightly onto the demon lord's cock, Sesshomaru filled his mate's body with his seed. He rested his head against Inuyasha's shoulder letting his breathing calm. While Inuyasha own head was resting against his mate's shoulder.

"That was wonderful," panted Inuyasha. The only sound came from Sesshomaru was a soft grunt. They sat in the hot spring for a while longer before the elder demon spoke up.

"I guess we should return. The others are probably waiting to say goodbye."

"Yeah." Inuyasha raised his head to stare into his mate's beautiful amber eyes and smile. "I love you, Sesshomaru."

"And I love you too, my Yasha." He pressed his lips against the soft lips of his mate. Inuyasha was disappointed when the kiss ended but he knew they had to get back.

They got dressed quickly. Once outside, Sesshomaru transformed back into the large demon dog and sprinted across the fields and forest with Inuyasha on his back.


It was late morning when Sesshomaru and Inuyasha arrived at what was left of the western land's castle. Waiting for them was Ashanta, Zaine, Sethos, Ngbaka, and the Dragon Father, as well as Inutaisho and Izayoi.

"Glad you two could finally make it," said Zaine smirking at his dog brother knowingly.

"Yeah, well, we came back as fast as we could," said Inuyasha turning red with embarrassment.

Ashanta stepped forward and took Inuyasha's hands. "Well Kumo," she said smiling, "I guess we have come to the end of this adventure." Then her eyes softened with sadness. "I'm going to miss you, brother."

"We both will," said Zaine standing next to them. He wrapped his arms around his brother and sister and pulled them into a group hug. "I will miss you as well, my brother."

"Hey, come on guys, you act as though we will never see each other again." He stared at the lion demons.

"Kumo, we live on the other side of the world. There is no way you will be able to visit like you want to," said the Dragon Father.

Inuyasha looked at the dragon and then at his family. "Then, I guess, this is, really, good bye," said Inuyasha as tears fell from his eyes.

"Maybe not forever," said Zaine as his own dark eyes were filled with tears.

"Who knows, maybe one day we will see each other again," said Ashanta wiping tears from her eyes. She pulled him into a hug. "Take care of yourself Kumo." She kissed him on the cheek. Then she released him and stepped away.

Zaine stood before him. "Kumo, I don't know what else to say. Like Ashanta, I love you as well and wish you all the luck and happiness this world has to offer. I only ask that you tell your children about the sister and brothers you have on the other side of the world when they are able to understand."

Tears trickled down their faces. "You know I will. I will never forget any of you. You are my family and I will always love you."

Zaine hugged his dog brother and went to join his sister.

"Kumo, I must admit it has been an experience getting to know you. Know that you are always welcome in Egypt. My brother."

"Thank you and take care of Ashanta. She can be a pain when she is bored," Inuyasha said smiling.

"Hey, I heard that," said Ashanta smiling.

"My son, I hope your life is filled with joy and happiness," said the Dragon Father. "And remember to hold your head high, for you are a brave son of the earth dragons of Ethiopia."

"Thank you, father." Inuyasha bowed to the ancient Dragon Father. Then the dragon held out a scaly claw and in his palm was a glass beaker with a red liquid in it.

"What's this?"

(This is my blood,) said the dragon in his own language. (It is a gift to you you. Give it to your mother to drink. It will restore her youth and give her the longevity of a dragon.)

Inuyasha stared at the dragon in shock. (But why?)

(I want you to be happy.) He stared at his little boy and smiled. (I don't want you to ever be sad because you lost your mother again.)

Inuyasha looked up at the ancient dragon and smiled. Suddenly in the background, Inuyasha could feel Sesshomaru's anger flare up as the lion prince walked up to the hanyou. Raising a hand, Ngbaka cradled Inuyasha cheek in his hand. "Are you happy Kumo? Truly happy?"

Inuyasha smiled at the love and concern in the lion demon's eyes. "Yes. I am truly and honestly happy."

"Good, it is all I ever wanted for you." Ngbaka kissed Inuyasha on the forehead and then he turned an icy gaze at Sesshomaru. "You had better take care of my puppy. Or you will have me to answer to."

Sesshomaru said nothing as he snorted at the feline gall to threaten him.

"Take care puppy," said Ngbaka. He turned and caught a glimpse of something moving at incredible speed toward his sister. Moving just as quick, he stood in front of his sister and slammed his fist into the stomach of a demon. The demon crumpled to the ground unconscious.

Everyone gasped in shock as they gathered around the fallen demon. "That's one of Naraku's men. I think it was Kageroumaru," said Inuyasha.

"That's him," said Ashanta. "I guess he still holds a grudge because I killed that disgusting brother of his."

"Well, we can't leave him here," said Zaine. "He will cause no end of trouble for Kumo."

So, Ngbaka knelt down and lifted the unconscious demon into his arms. "We shall take him back with us." Everyone stared at him in shock. "Who knows maybe what he needs is a new start. Also, being around demons that can kick his ass might snap him out of his bloodlust."

"It's time that we take our leave," said the Dragon Father, lowering his massive body to let the felines along with the extra passenger get on his back.

As the dragon flapped his mighty wings and rose upward Ashanta yelled down, "Kumo! Make sure you take care of that baby you are carrying!"

"I could say the same to you!" he yelled back as he waved good bye to his feline family. They continued to watch until the dragon had disappeared into the distance.

Then Sesshomaru turned his attention to his mate. "Now, explain to me about what the female meant."

Inuyasha smiled bashfully at his mate shrugging his shoulders turning on his heel and head back to the palace with Sesshomaru close behind him trying to get his mate to explain.


Six months later Inuyasha gave birth to a healthy baby boy. He had one magenta stripe on each side of his face. Instead of a blue crescent moon, he had a red crescent moon in the center of his forehead. Since this child would be heir to the spirit of fire's powers. Sesshomaru named him in honor of the fire spirit, Mizu. He was named Mizuki.

-100 years later-

Once Mizuki made one hundred years old, Mizu returned as promised to take the young boy. Although he was one hundred years old, the young demon looked to be only ten in human years. Inuyasha wept when the fire spirit came for his first born but by then, he had seven more children. But still, Mizuki was his first born and he felt his heart break when the child wave good bye to him.

But as the spirits said, they would not be keeping their heirs. A year after leaving, Mizuki was able to transport himself back home whenever he wanted to visit his parents and siblings.

Inuyasha began to wonder about Ashanta and Zaine's children. He hoped that one day, he would see his feline family again.

-20 Years later-

As Happousuru stated, the times were changing as the humans began to get restless with being under the rule of demons. Small skirmishes were fought at the borders of the demon and human's lands. Sometimes the disputes were settled but the majority of the time it ended in a bloody battle that did not last long.

-50 Years later-

The humans finally decided they were through with demon lords and began a destructive campaign to purge the land of demons all together. It was a bloody battle with casualties on both sides. No one was spared from the carnage as children suffered for the actions of their parents. Any humans found aiding demons would be killed. The battles raged across the globe. It was almost as though fate had decided that the decimation of the demon race would happen at the same time.

Only the truly powerful demons were able to hold out but even they fell against the strange new weapons the humans had. When the demons couldn't be purified by a monk or priestess, the humans began using strange sticks that shoot small metal balls to penetrate the flesh. The humans called it a rifle. But the most devastating of weapons were the things called cannons. This weapon was on par with tetsusaiga and tokijin as it killed hundreds from miles away. Truly the time of demons had come to its end.

And so it came to pass, fifty years after the wars known as the Great Uprising began, the demon race no longer existed. The humans stood alone as the dominate species.

-Modern Day Japan-

"Father!" yelled a thirteen-year-old boy storming through the house in a rage. His long silver hair hung down his back in a loose braid. He was a stern looking young boy with cold amber orbs and two magenta stripes on his cheeks and a blue crescent moon in the center of his forehead.

"Don't believe him pop!" yelled another teen running after the first boy. "Kenaku is lying." The youth had wide golden eyes and long silver hair that hung down his back as well, but he had no stripes on his cheeks or moon on his forehead. He did however have two furry triangular dog ears on top of his head.

Both boys ended up in the kitchen where their father sat at the table reading the newspaper.

"I do not lie," said Kenaku coldly as he sneered at the doggy eared teen. "I warned you to stay out of my room." The teen turned to his father. "Father, Keitaro went into my room and took my cds without asking me and then broke them. I demand that you punish him."

Suddenly there was a chuckle coming from the kitchen door that led outside. They turned to see their other parent standing in the door way. "Our little Kenaku is so like you Sess," said Inuyasha walking into the kitchen and ruffling both of the boy's hair.

Sesshomaru placed the paper down and smiled at his mate before turning his gaze on his sons.

"Keitaro, did you go into your brother's room and take something without permission," asked Sesshomaru turning those chilling eyes upon him. "And know that I will know if you are lying."

Keitaro looked away lowering his head. "Yes father."

"And what do you suppose your punishment should be?" He arched a delicate brow at his son.

"Tell the bastard that I'm sorry and pay for the cds," grumbled Keitaro.

Inuyasha snorted. Sesshomaru glared at his mate as he turned back to his son who was so much like Inuyasha that it was scary at times. One Inuyasha was bad enough but two. Sesshomaru inwardly shuddered at all the trouble the little demon will cause now that he is a teenager. Sesshomaru sighed. "Yes you will pay for the cds and you will apologize to your brother nicely. Then you are grounded for two weeks."

Keitaro stared and was about to scream in outrage when Inuyasha spoke up. "Boys, go wake your sisters and brothers. Breakfast will be ready in half an hour."

"Very well, mother," said Kenaku bowing to both parents.

Keitaro rolled his eyes at his brother in disgust. "You're such a little suck up."

"Bite me." Kenaku threw his nose in the air and glared at his brother. Then the two boys left to awaken their siblings.

"Now that the hell spawns are gone, we finally have some time to ourselves," said Sesshomaru getting to his feet and wrapping his arms around his mate pulling him close for a passionate kiss.

Inuyasha let himself be carried away by the kiss and warm embrace of his mate. The hanyou was equally happy that at the turn of the twentieth century Sesshomaru's severed arm had grew back.

Inuyasha moaned as he let himself be laid down on top of the kitchen table as Sesshomaru's hand slipped into his pants grasping Inuyasha's awakening arousal.

The two were so caught up in their lovemaking that they did not hear the doorbell ring or hear the soft voice of a female speaking to their sons. Or even that the boys were leading whoever into the kitchen.

Inuyasha was about to raise his hips so Sesshomaru could remove his pants when an all too familiar voice broke through their haze.

"Ugh, you two do know people have to eat off that table, don't you?"

Sesshomaru and Inuyasha froze in shock. They looked up to see Ashanta, Zaine and Sethos smiling at them. Kenaku and Keitaro stood in front of the strangers looking at their parents in sick disgust. Atleast, Kenaku was disgusted. Keitaro was too embarrassed as he looked anywhere else but at his parents.

"I will never eat off that table again," Keitaro said mumbling to himself.

"I do hope you two are going to get a new table," said Kenaku in a cold tone.

"A-Ashanta. Zaine," Inuyasha said getting off the table, not paying attention to one word that was uttered by his sons. He stared in shock at his feline siblings.

"Hello Kumo, it's been a long time," said Ashanta smiling.

"Ashanta! Zaine!" Inuyasha yelled running to his family hugging them. "Oh gods I thought I would never see you guys again. What happened to you? Where have you been all this time? Are you here to visit?"

"Well, yes and no," said Zaine smiling to his dog brother. "We have business with Lord Sesshomaru from the council. But we did come to see you as well, brother."

Sesshomaru stared at them narrowing his eyes. What could the council want from him? Well, it will just have to wait. His mate hasn't seen his feline family in a long time. He was sure they had a lot to catch up on.

And now that Inuyasha knew that they did in fact survive the Great Uprising, his life was now truly complete.

The End