Other Uses

"In order to follow this profession you need three things: first, perfect control. In this line of work one slip and the subject could end up dead. Second: a tough stomach. You are no use to us if you vomit at the first sight of organs. And thirdly: disassociation. For obvious reasons. These three things are difficult to acquire, and so when we find someone with potential, we must train them and use them as fast and hard as we can. There is no room for weakness."

Sakura had committed the entire lecture to memory, because that was what she did.

"You will be saving many lives with your work. But there will be death along the way. You might at first feel guilty: don't. People will always die, eventually."

The man before her was badly beaten already, and she wasn't exactly unscathed either. Battle had taken blood from them both, but she would use her training, and do what she could.

"But they must not die before they serve their purpose. So you must use this training in order to ensure that they live for as long as possible."

She slowly pulled out the tools of her trade, the cloth wrapped around them absorbing her sweat. This would be the first time she had had to do this alone, but desperate times...

"Do not let them die..." She injected chakra into cortex at the back of his neck with practiced ease, rendering the subject immobile, and waking him from his daze "until you have extracted every last drop of information from them."

She delicately slid the blade under the enemy's skin, and extracted the first scream of the night.

"Make us proud, Haruno Sakura."