4:30 AM

Sakura woke up in a sofa, as she moaned, stretched and yawned. Her muscles ached and her body was almost numb. She struggled to sit up and looked over to the bed. She saw her three best friends still sleeping. From left to right were: Tenten, Ino and Hinata. Ino, Hinata and Sakura are nineteen and Tenten is already twenty.

Sakura's long pink hair was disheveled as sat up and sighed. They were staying at an inn in Sand Village, because they were at a Class A mission. They have been there for two weeks now, and they were going to go back to Konoha today. The mission was just to negotiate with the Gaara, the Kazekage. And they also retrieved the black scroll from him as what Tsunade ordered.

She looked down at her pink silk pajamas as she stood up and stretched her arms. The sky was still dark, so there's no point on opening the curtains. To avoid disturbing her friends, she slowly went to the small kitchen and had a cup of coffee.

The ANBU captain sat down in one circular table and sighed again. She rubbed her thumb against the mug as she held it with both of her hands. She stared at the brownish black liquid as she started to take a sip.

'At last, we're going home.' Sakura thought as she took another sip of coffee.

5:30 AM

Tenten woke up as she yawned. She slowly got out of the bed to avoid disturbing the other two and stretched her arms. She noticed that Sakura was gone. She heard the shower being turned on at the bathroom.

'I wonder what time she got up… She's unbelievable… After what happened yesterday?'

Yesterday, they encountered numerous rogue ninjas that were on the ANBU level. The four fought with them and miraculously, they survived the ambush. They were rushed to the hospital after that, and they had a fast recovery, because when Sakura was healed, she insisted on healing her own team. And they got out of the hospital by night.

And as expected, her muscles ached a lot. Gaara said that the cause of the said ambush was because of the scroll, and their team hasn't got a single idea of what was inside the scroll. Tsunade said that they are prohibited to look at the scroll, so they haven't got any other option, even though they are dying to know about the scroll.

'Oh well, maybe a painkiller and a cup of coffee would do me some good. At last, we're going home!' Tenten thought happily as she noticed Hinata waking up.

"Good morning Hinata-chan." Tenten said as Hinata nodded as she sat up. Hinata moved her arm in circular motion as her face creased with pain.

"Good morning Tenten-chan." She said hoarsely as she stood up, went to her bag and found a pain reliever. She gave one to Tenten as well.

"My body, it's almost numb." Tenten said as she drank the pain killer with a glass of water. Hinata did the same and after that, they drank some coffee at the circular table. Hinata heard the showers go off.

"Sakura-chan's up already?" She mumbled, but loud enough for Tenten to hear. Sakura went out of the bathroom, covered with a white towel. Her hair was covered in another towel as well. Sakura saw them.

"Good morning Sakura." Both of them said as Sakura nodded. They watched Sakura as she took out her ANBU uniform from the closet.

"Sakura, what time did you get up?" Tenten asked. Sakura pulled out a blow drier located on the drawer on the nearby table.

"About four thirty or so." Sakura replied, taking off the towel that was covering her hair. Hinata and Tenten looked at each other.

"What? That early?"

"Yeah. I drank a pain reliever because my muscles were killing me." Sakura said as she turned on the blow drier, which made Ino wake up.

"Morning Sleepy head." Sakura greeted dully as Ino scratched her head and yawned while stretching her arms. She was wearing a blue night gown while Tenten and Hinata were wearing lilac and blue pajamas, respectively.

Ino got a cup of coffee too as Tenten proceeded to the bathroom to take a bath. Ino drank a pain reliever like what the other three did. Sakura slipped on her ANBU uniform which consisted of a sleeveless black turtle top and a jumper style brown top over it (both are heaven styled… you know, the style were it is only from the stomach and up?). Her stomach was exposed and she wore a pair of baggy cargo pants and her usual ninja sandals.

Her hair wasn't the same anymore. Her hair was divided not on the middle, but on the side. More hair was on the right side. And she fixed it in a ponytail. Her forehead protector was on her right arm (like what Shikamaru did to his forehead protector). Loose hair strands framed her beautiful face as she wore a pair of silver bar dangling earrings.

"Where are my gloves?" Sakura asked, her eyes scanning the area. Ino pointed the other drawer as she took out her bandages and wore fingerless black metal plated gloves. She pulled out a beautifully painted mask from the closet and threw it at the bed.

Tenten's uniform was almost like Sakura (with the heaven style) but the inner top was a ¾ sleeved black turtle neck and a pair of black pedals. She wore her ninja sandals as well. But her hair wasn't in two buns anymore, but it was fixed in a ponytail.

Ino's uniform was with the same heaven jumper top but she wore a black tube top. Her arms had fish net styled cover (like in Temari's legs?) and she wore fingerless gloves as well. As usual, she wore the same ninja sandals. She wore cargo pants as well.

Hinata's style was like Ino's except that her inner top was a black heaven shirt with fish net styled sleeves.

When they all got ready, they packed up their bags and started to leave.

At Konoha, the town was busy as usual. The mountain that overlooked Konoha had an additional of one face in honor of the current Hokage.

Tsunade was at her office, asleep again at her desk with mountains of paperwork and bottles of sake. Her assistant, Shizune together with her pet pig ton-ton (is that her pig? If you know, please tell me. Thanks!)

Shizune shook her head in disapproval as she tried to wake her master up. When Tsunade stirred up, she looked up.

"Tsunade-sama, please wake up. You have tons of paperwork to do." Shizune reminded her as Tsunade banged her head on the table.

'Now I really regret the day that I accepted this job.'

"And Tsunade-sama?" Shizune smiled as Tsunade yawned and looked at her.

"What is it Shizune?"

"I've got a report from Sakura-sama."

Hearing a report from her ever dearest student made Tsunade active.

"Really? It's been a while since I've heard from her." Tsunade beamed. Shizune nodded.

"She said that they're currently heading back here from Sand Village. Yesterday, they were almost ambushed by a dozen of rogue ninjas that were on the ANBU level."

Tsunade smirked.

"Knowing her, it was nothing."

"Actually, she was rushed to the hospital but somehow she got a fast recovery."

Tsunade raised an eyebrow.

"And how about her team?"

"Sakura-sama healed them. They're fine."

"Good." Tsunade nodded and she looked at the waiting paper work warily.

Sakura was Tsunade's only student and she was also the finest. She passed the ANBU exam with flying colors and came out to be the best Medic-Nin, surpassing Tsunade herself. She was now the head of the ANBU squad with Neji as the second. People were really shocked of Sakura, once the weakling of Team Seven, now, one of the most feared and strongest ninjas.

Soon, Shizune's face went happy to worried.

"And also, Tsunade-sama, another thing…"

"What is it?" Tsunade noticed the expression on Shizune's face.

"Neji Hyuuga's team, they're coming back from their five year Class S mission." Shizune stated. Tsunade's eyes widened.

"And they're coming back the same day that Sakura-sama would return."

Dead Silence…

"Oh dear."