Title: Danny Phantom: Dangerous Discoveries.

Description: It's the summer holidays for the students of Casper High School and everyone is chilling out. Everyone except for Danny. Although he is enjoying having a new girlfriend, he just doesn't have any time for her. Even worse, the new girl at school is dating Tucker and seems to have problems. But where did all the parents go? This cant be another evil act of ember could it? But with Vlad's evil plot will anything ever be the same again? I think not!

Author Note: I may have written this but it doesn't mean I am the creator. This is one of my fanfics and I wrote this because I had nothing other to do and I was inspired by the other talented writers. This is only rated PG because it isn't too harming to little kids. It isn't made for teenagers. Well it might be, anyway bye,

Kirstyn Thomas

Disclaimer: I do not own Danny Phantom or any other related topics, Butch Hartman does.

Chapter One:

Danny Fenton was lying in bed with his eyes closed tightly. Thoughts were rushing through his mind. Where did that box ghost go? Why is he haunting me all of a sudden? Why am I continuously being attacked by this harmless wimp of a ghost? Oh no! He's coming for me!

"Ahhh!" screamed Danny, rising suddenly as if he had been spooked by something he didn't see every day.

"I can't believe I, Danny Phantom, the most powerful ghost I know, was having a nightmare about the pathetic box ghost." Danny thought, inside his head.

"Are you alright? You look like you've just seen a ghost!" jazz said, laughing.

"Knock it off jazz, it's not funny anymore." Yelled Danny throwing one of his blue, silky pillows at jazz's head.

Luckily jazz had dodged the pillow, because Danny was a very good thrower. Jazz liked to joke around with Danny saying stuff like "you look like you've just seen a ghost!" and stuff like that. See jazz knows about Danny's ghost powers and everything. She confessed to him after he realised the note that he received in the ghost zone, attached to the Boooo-merang, was from her. Jazz hasn't known for all that time that he has been a ghost. She found out when a ghost posing as a therapist came to the school and jazz caught Danny transforming into Danny Phantom, public ghost enemy number one.

Danny hopped out of bed as his alarm clock went off. He was pretty happier than usual. Because today, Friday, was the last day of school for two weeks! Danny raced into the bathroom to use the toilet and have a very quick shower. He didn't want to be late for his last day, for one specific reason. Today was the day he planned on giving Sam a ring, and telling her that he wants to go steady. And of course, tucker was the person who thought up the plan. He knew they would go out some time or another. It WAS pretty easy to tell they liked each other because of all the blushing. But Danny wasn't so sure that Sam liked him that much. But he wanted to give it a shot. Because even Danny likes taking a risk every now and then.

So Danny hopped into the shower singing a song he had made up all by himself, about himself. It goes like this.

Young Danny Fenton he was just fourteen

When his parents built a very strange machine

It was designed to view a world unseen

(He's Gonna catch em all coz he is Danny phantom)

When it didn't quite work his folks they just quit

But Danny took a look inside of it

There was a great big flash everything just changed

His molecules got all rearranged

Phantom, phantom

When he first woke up he realised

He had snow white hair and glowy green eyes

He could walk through walls disappear and fly

He was much more unique than the other guy

It was then that he knew what he had to do

He had to stop all the ghosts that were coming through

He's here to fight for me and you

He's Gonna catch em all coz he is Danny phantom

Gonna catch em all coz he is Danny phantom

Gonna catch em all coz he is Danny phantom.

So while Danny was humming this tune he heard a tremendously loud knock on the bathroom door.

"WHO IS IT? AND WHAT DO YOU WANT?" screamed Danny, embarrassed.

"It's me, Jazz. Hurry up I want to actually brush my hair this morning. You take an awful long time for a boy who gets into a lot of fights and should be in a hurry." Squealed Jazz, looking around for anyone in case they heard her.

Danny turned off the shower and opened the shower door. He grabbed his soft, baby blue towel and dried himself off. He wrapped the towel around his waist and opened the door to find a very impatient Jazz.

"Finally, oh look, just my luck. You fogged up the bathroom mirror so I can't see my great beauty." Said Jazz, slightly annoyed.

"Whatever Jazz, and why did you say that before? Some one could have heard?" whispered Danny in a quiet, but loud voice.

"Oh yeah, and someone could have heard you sing your song that you made up all by yourself. About yourself. Hurry up your going to be late for school. Probably because you were dreaming of your one true love. Sam Manson!" she said, defending herself.

"SHE IS NOT MY TRUE LOVE! Why? Did she say that she liked me? Did tucker tell you that because it is totally not true! And I think the song I made up about me is very amazing. I was very careful no one, EXCEPT YOU! Heard me singing that." Danny ranted on and on and on, blushing.

He walked into his room and slammed the door before his annoying, brainy sister could respond. Danny opened his wardrobe and put on his every day clothes. His white t-shirt with a red oval in the middle and red stripes on the ends of the sleeves and neck line, and his blue jeans with his red and white shoes. Seems boring but Danny wasn't in the mood to change his look. It was the last day and he could work on changing his look during the holidays. Danny raced downstairs as he was already running later than usual. He grabbed his lunch money, put it in his bag, grabbed his bag with all his completed homework and the Fenton thermos inside and put it on. He searched in the fridge for something edible but instead he found some ghost fighting equipment and an old ham that had obviously spoiled months ago. So he looked in the pantry and grabbed a protein bar and left for school.

Outside Danny's house, was, of course, Tucker Foley. When Danny came out he was chewing on his protein bar and choking at the same time.

"Dude, you ok?" asked Tucker.

Danny gave Tucker a frown and started walking to school.

"Sorry, standard question. Anyway have you got the ring? Are you ready for your life to change and for you to get a girlfriend who likes you for who you are?" asked Tucker, with a big grin stretching from eye to eye.

"Tucker! I do not know what you're talking about…" muttered Danny, whilst blushing.

Tucker looked up to see the one and only Sam Manson.

"Uh, hey Sam! How are you today? Danny and I were just talking about uh… ghost hunting. Weren't we Danny?" Tucker stuttered, trying to cover up what the two boys were really talking about.

"Hi Tucker, hi Danny. So are you ready for the last day of school? I know I am. I have been preparing for this moment for ages. I so need a break." Sighed Sam, also blushing.

"Tell me about it." Moaned Danny, trying to act as normal as possible.

The rest of the way towards school they were all very quiet. When they finally walked up to the front doors of Casper High school Danny cleared his throat and shot a quick look at Tucker.

"Anyway, I had better be going now." Winked Tucker, catching Danny's drift.

"Hey, Sam. Uh... can I uh... talk to you for a minute or two? In... Private." Danny managed to get his mouth working.

"Uh... I guess so." Sam replied, blushing.

Was Danny really doing what she thought he was doing? Sure, he was leading her off to a private spot to talk. But was he actually going to ask her about ghosts? She thought for a minute that maybe, just maybe, he might be asking her out.

"No way, Danny would never ask me out. I mean we are best friends. I know he doesn't like me as more than a friend. Never. It can't be what I think it is. Could it?" Sam thought, as Danny led her out onto the oval which was surprisingly empty.

"Sam, I have something I need to tell you which might shock you in some ways, but it might not…" Danny said, soothingly.

"What? You need to tell me that you're a halfa? Half ghost half human hybrid?" laughed Sam, jokingly.

"Ha! No, it's not that. You already know that. I couldn't keep THAT from you. It's something else. Oh jeez. It is really hard to say it. Well I guess I should just be honest with you and say it all now. Here goes. Well uh… Sam. I uh… I love you." Sighed Danny with relief after he had got that out of him. He then opened the box with the ring in it and gave it to her.

Sam looked very shocked indeed. She really wanted this to happen. Was it a dream? She soon found out that it wasn't.

"Sam? Are you okay?" asked Danny. Looking down into her face.

"Huh? What happened? Was that real? Or was it a dream?" yelled Sam, scared.

"Shhh… that was no dream." Whispered Danny.

And that's when he did it. He kissed Sam. And right on the lips. A very long kiss that was so soft and pleasant. Sam never wanted it to end. But it did.

"Yes Danny, yes I will go out with you. Not because I like you. But because I love you!" Sam whispered to Danny's face.