The End

"I still don't remember anything." Muttered Jack.

"Oh, don't worry dad, you only got abducted by ghosts and the kids came and saved all the parents. We deserve a reward though." Explained Danny, collapsing on a chair.

"You did good son." He smiled, patting Danny on the back.

"Thankyou Danny, for rescuing us. If it weren't for some of the kids in this town, we wouldn't be here at this moment." Giggled Maddie.

"It's good to have things back to normal. Well, I guess things were never normal though. It's as normal as it will ever be." Laughed Jazz.

The parents recovered very quickly. Danny got interviewed on a television show and made sure everyone knew the truth. Danny Phantom is a good ghost, and always will be. No matter what Vlad says or does. He also got asked to write a book about himself. Danny is still deciding on that one. This isn't the end of Danny Phantom, it is only the beginning.

The End