She always hated him, her mom always said to love and forgive people, but what he did, she could never forgive him, she doesn't think that if her mom was to come back to life, her mother would forgive him either. He was the most hated guy in her life, and to her, he is the the reason of everything bad that happened or happens to her, and she rejoices every moment he is in pain. She wasn't evil or anything, she just hates him, that's all.

Chapter I- Meeting Uchiha, Sasuke Uchiha

Sakura was on her way to school. She walked into her new class. Her schedule was recently changed due to the fact got premoted.

There was alot of people she had never seen before.

Everybody was staring at her, her hair, her unsual pink hair.

The teacher got up, he was reading one of those 'Come Come Paradise' books, she has seen it alot in magazines before.

"konnichiwa class, this is Haruno Sakura. She just got premoted from the ninth grade" said the teacher. On the board, it said his name ' Kakashi Hatake'

Sakura was on her way from school, she stared at the huge house by her, it had alot of moving trucks.

She looks up to see somebody was in the window, his cold navy blue eyes was looking down at her, but quickly closed the curtain when she noticed him.

Sakura went home and jumped on her bed. She missed her old friends, not that she never see them again, she just didn't have time for them.

She hates being busy, not having time for fun or anything, it reminds her too much of her family. she didn't want to think about them, or him, her father whom left her, in her this prison.

"Always to busy" would be his excuse, but she knows.. she knows that he has always hated her, ever since she was born, and her mother cared, but never believed Sakura.never.

A few tears escaped at the thought of it, but she really want to cry when she looked at all the homework she had to do.

She did some, then she took a break and decided to take a walk. She went to the park, there were many sakura flowers, she didn't really like plants, they weren't her interest, but she couldn't help but to get lost in their beauty.

She slipped out her sketch pad and begin to sketch, she found herself drawing a girl, sitting at the park, alone, lost in her dreams, with sakura flowers all over.

"wow, that's willy pwetty" the stood little girl with long blonde hair, and blue eyes, the top part of her hair was in a ponytail, and the bottom part was down, and she was wearing a cute kimono.

"Hey Nari, what are you doing?" A boy walked up, he looked like her, but it looked alittle like he had whiskers, that made Sakura giggle.

"Wook" Nari handed the picture of to him, "wow that's good, hey, aren't you that freshman girl, who got premoted, um...Sakura?" he asked, she nodded and blushed alittle, she never got praise.

"I'm Uzimaki Naruto" Naruto stated.

"who is that?" she pointed at Nari sitting in his lap.

"Oh, that's Nari, my daughter" Naruto answered, Sakura grinned, she thought it was cute for a boy to carry around his daughter ((A/N- it is, it's just so kawaii to me, you know it is)) and take care of them.

" Nah, this is my little sister" Naruto smiled, and Sakura giggled. They talked for a while,then this weird boy came up and got on his knee, he took held of Sakura's hand.

"Sakura, I have been deeply in love ever since I first saw you, please, Sakura, will you be my girlfriend?" he had a rose in his mouth, Sakura sweat dropped, "no", "why?" he cried, "you're a weirdo" Sakura still sweat dropped, 'yeah, the weirdo has to like me' Sakura thought, "Lee, you don't even know her, leave Sakura alone"Naruto replied,shortly Lee left;

Sakura looked at her watch " Oh, it's already eight o'clock, bye Naruto, Nari, bye" Sakura waved and went home.

The next day, Naruto walked Sakura to class.

"Funny, class we have a new student, why don't you introduce yourself, and tell us alittle about you"the boy walked over to the only empty seat in the class, next to Sakura, every girl in the class was blushing and trying to get his attention, all but Sakura, he payed them none, "My name is Uchiha Sasuke, I don't like anything, and I hate everything, that's all" Sasuke finally answered.

He happen to grab, everyones attention. every girls heart, all the girls had hearts in their eyes, but Sakura, she doesn't see anything good about a boy who acts like he's to good for everybody, and she wasn't stupid enough to chase after some boy who says he hates everything, so she continued to do her work on the board.

At lunch Sakura sat in a tree drawing everything she saw, then Sasuke, not noticing her, sat down under the tree.

Sakura started to draw him, then she drew a block of ice around him.

She mistakenly dropped her pencil, which bounced off his head.

Sasuke looked up and shot a few daggers at her, but she didn't notice, she then jumped down when she saw eyes looking at her.

She smacked Sasuke on the face "YOU PERVERT!" Sasuke looked at her "watch it forehead girl' Sasuke coldly responded.

That made Sakura get mad, she snatched her utensal, and started to walk off, "I can tell, you are mad at someone, and you want revenge but don't take it out on me, because you are mad and lonely" Sakura shot back before she knew it, Sasuke was in her face. "why don't you shut up, you don't know anything about me, so shut up" he hissed " why don't you go join all the other perfect fangirls, or go shine your big forehead" those words felt like someone stabbed her with one thousand kunai, those words were harsh, cold, wicked, and uneccesary.

"I may not know you, but I know you're a bitch" Sakura said blinking back mad tears, Sasuke's hand almost made it's way to Sakura's face, but was held back by Naruto, Sasuke turned to Naruto, he had a serious look, a rare one,one nobody has ever seen before.

He let go of Sasuke's hand, Sasuke walked off, he was pissed, Sakura gave Naruto a weak smile, and Naruto put his usual smile on, for he knew, he saved the day.

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I Never Noticed How Beautiful Sakura Flowers Are

Sakura decides to go to the park, she isn't really in mood for talking to Naruto, or anybody, ot really doing anything, she's just in a calm mood. She heard a pounding noise and followed where it was coming from, it looked as if he was training, she sat down and began to watch.

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