"Where?... Sakura?" that was it, they've searched and searched, "Sa-ku...ra?" Kakashi whispered, he and everyone have been at search forever ir felt.

Sasuke leaned against a tree, he came to see how far everyone would get, The rain beat on is head , but his earphones to his ipod where protected.

Kakashi didn't have time to worry about why in the world he didn't bring a jacket, and that he walked, he just told 'em he was on his own if he catches a cold.

"You.. You told her you were going to train, to get stronger..." Sasuke couldn't tell if that was an unfinished question or an unfinished statement. He didn't care, he just turned up the volume on his ipod, he had been yelled at enough.

"I if could change i would, take all the pain i would, replace all the wrong moves that i made i would, if i could take all the pain to the grave..." Linkin Park played louder.

"It's my fault, everything is my fault" Sasuke said in a low voice, then got up and walked away.

"Y-you, come here" it was one of the crew he was with Kabuto. "You know, what you did, you'll pay, Guess who gets to die" Orichimaru stepped up, "Stop it" he had a half smile on his face, "Now I remember, your Uchiha Sasuke, Itachi's little pet, i got to say, that guy has some power, that's one strong killer, i have to admit, even i am scared of him, he still was too punk to kill you, for a killer, a murderer, you want to kill him don't you, your a kid, you won't ever live up to him" Sasuke got pissed, "I will never get to see the battle royal of you two, because you get to die, but, the hell of front row seats, i got stage. I will kill you for your power, i have to say i love it, and your brother will be next".

"No one will kill him" said a whisper from the back, "But himself, no one will kill me, he will die, trying, he will die, or i will kill him" Orichimaru's eyes grew wide, with a puddle of blood, forming under him, everyone else ran.

The corpse dropped to reveal the voice. There stood Itachi, with the coldest look you could ever get.

Sasuke stood there,"I'm not running" he didn''t charge either.

The rain was reddening with the blood mixing. "I'm not losing anymore" his eyes were as hot as Itachi's was cold, "I'm not asking anymore questions".

Itachi was amused with Sasuke's ambition, yet, he was...

"This isn't about who dies first anymore, This isn't about, avenging, this is about power" Sasuke's eyes went from hot, to ice cold sharingan, like Itachi's.

Itachi took off his cloak and hat, with silent accept, and let down his hair, he also took off his shirt and shoes.

Sasuke took off his shirt and shoes also, and his hair was so wet, it was basically, straight and down, like Itachi's.

The most unexpected words came out of Itachi's mouth yet confusing, "I love you my cute adorable brother, You've grown so much" and then he for once, threw the first punch.

It was like back and forth continuously for hours, no one winning, no one losing.

Everyone sat in the livingroom, no one was talking, although the room was full with conversation.

"SASUKE!" everyone converted their attention to the door, where Sakura stood, down on her knees crying, "WHERE'S SASUKE!?"

Kakashi ran to her and hugged her tight, with her tears soaking his shirt. Everyone was glad to see she was ok, even her dad. "Sakura, where were you?"

Rin and Tsunade brought her a cover, and fresh coffee to drink, and sat her down.

Sakura pushed it all away, and struggled to get loose, crying, "Leave me alone, I just wanna see Sasuke!" Her dad frowned, "No, you are sick and cold, and you just got here, you had everyone worried sick about you!"

"I'M SORRY!" Sakura cried, literally, "Where is Sasuke? i need to see him" Kakashi looked down, "He went... to train".

Sakura stopped crying, but she was to tired to get mad anymore, and she didn't realize how sick and hurting physically she was. So before she knew it, she was sleep once again.

She woke up in the morning, she was burning hot, but she could hardly move.

Naruto stood beside her, "You alright?" Sakura laid there, she couldn't sit up at the moment, and she was losing her voice.

"Yeah, I'm alright"she whispered and sighed, then managed to sit up. "Sasuke isn't training, why did he lie, I'm not that...stupid" Naruto shushed her, "Stop talking so much, you'll get worse.Well, maybe something happened, that he just couldn't say" Naruto shrugged.

As on point Rin walked into the room, "You remind me alot, of myself when i was younger" she sighed, "I heard you outside" Sakura just stared at her, "Your that lady from before, aren't you?"

Rin did a light laugh, "Yes, well, I'm an very old friend of Kakashi's. Look, Kakashi doesn't mean to do all this, he just doesn't want to see anyone hurt, and he doesn't wanna see you stress anymore"

Kakashi walked in, "Are you alright?" Sakura sat there staring down, then picked up a cup of water by her bed.

She took a sip out of it, then threw it on the floor, making everyone in the room jump. "Why can't anything be the way it was before? when i didn't have to worry about anything, i hated everything so much for the way it was, I didn't know how nice I had it" Sakura wiped a tear, "I just want to go home, wake up in the morning, go to school, and hang with my best friends" she looked at Naruto, then looked down again, "I'm so...tired of this... I wanna go to the arcade..." Sakura did a small laughed then layed back, "I want to go the movies Naruto, and see the smile on Naru's face that light's up the room".

Sakura started to cough alittle bit, so Rin went and got her some water and had her drink some, then with the last of her breath, she added, "Kakashi-sensei, i need help with tommorow's assignment" then did a tired laugh.

"Trust me, i swear everything will go back to normal, even better, I swear, when you get better, I'm taking you on a vacation, and you can do anything you want" Kakashi promised.

Naruto turned on rhe TV Ouran high school was on this time, "This is nice show, I like this episode" once again, they just so happen to be having a marothon. It was pretty nice, for once to just, relax again, after you've had all this stress on your shoulders.

"Tamaki is hawt" Sakura whispered, Naruto just ignored her girl talk, Sakura did another small laugh.

No one knew that Naruto had slipped her in some ramen, and the funny part is that she feels better too, she can talk alittle more than before.

"Where do you think Sasuke is at?" Naruto looked at her, "Actually, I really can't take a guess now".

Sasuke wiped his mouth and attempted to stand up, they've been going at it for a very long time now, and it was late night at the moment, and to tell the truth, both of them were tired. Itachi wasn't as scarred or tired as Sasuke, but for once he was alittle whooped.

Sasuke threw a kick, which failed and hit air as Itachi dodged it and punched him in the stomach causing him to fly back some.

They sat in place for a moment, tasting the hatred between them, then ran up to Itachi and did the move the one he couldn't do at first when he was a kid, and managed to get Itachi in the face, Itachi sat on the ground, and smiled, he was really creeping Sasuke out.

Then got up, "It's done like this" he did it on Sasuke and caused him to slam into a tree.

Sasuke slid down on the tree then leaned foward and started coughing blood, to add to the the dyed ground all around where they've been fighting.

He looked, It was raining hard now. He didn't want to get up, but he had gotten to far to give up, there's a possibility that Itachi cracked a few of his ribs, Sasuke was in pain. So he just sat there alittle longer.

Somehow, he stood, up, he didn't have much energy or let alone any balance left, shit, he hardly had air.

He went to throw one more punch but Itachi got him a good uppercut in.Sasuke's eyes went to normal, then smiled before he fell to the ground, he was done. He layed there, saying his last words to himself, "There...that's good Sasuke... now... I can finally...rest" he let out one breathe before he was out.

Sakura woke up the next morning, she was still kind of sick, but she didn't feel real feverish. She walked in Kakashi's livingroom.

It had to be atleast six or seven AM, but there was still a knock at the door. Sakura answered, there stood Rin, looking very tired and worried out her mind, "Is Kakashi there!??"

Kakashi walked downstairs, "It's so early, what are you two doing up?" he said rubbing his eyes not realizing he was in nothing but boxers, no mask or nothing.

Sakura wouldn't have shot her self if she said he was looking very sexy, but she couldn't he's like her father, she did laugh though and tried not to cough.

"Kakshi come here, this doesn't look good at all!" Kakashi ran upstairs and threw on some pants, embarrassed that the girls saw him in his weakest form.

They quickly ran outside, Sakura grabbed a coat and scarf, although she wasn't invited, she could still tell that it was going to be very bad.

Sasuke layed there, he wasn't quite unconsious, but he didn't move, he swore heard Itachi tell him, "Impressive, I'll be back, later"

He could tell some one was coming, he heard voices.

Sakura and everyone ran up to the figure, somehow what on the ground felt alittle heavy to be water, she looked down at her white boots that were now partly red and screamed.

Kakashi walked over to the figure, what was up against the tree and gasped, there twisted up,scarred, bloody, and half dead lay Sasuke.

Sakura layed there, on the bench in the waiting room, no one was allowed in there but her dad. She hid her face so no one could see her crying.

Some one tapped her shoulder, so she sat up, there stood Ren once again, "Come on, let's go get something to eat, I know your starving"

Sakura sat in the car staring out the window, to tell the truth she wasn't really all that hungry, especailly after what she saw.

Rin ordered her some food anyway, Sakura just ignored it, and sat staring some more.

"He will be alright you know, he just be scarred for a while and probally wont be able to walk for a while, but he'll be alright, trust me" Sakura looked at her, she did have a promising look, she could tell by the look in her eyes that she wasn't lying.

Sakura had to give Kakashi some prompts, Ren was pretty, she was beautiful, how did Kakashi find her? he's like Kakashi once she thought she realized that they probally had a few "relations" when she didn't know it, Sakura shook her head, she didn't want to think about that, that's pretty nasty. Being who it was.

"Well, it might be a while, so wanna do something, and Kakashi's boring self isn't here, come on, let's do some girly stuff" Sakura just shrugged, Rin smiled.

The next thing she knew, she was in the last place she thought she would be in... the beauty/nail salon, getting her hair and nails done.

"I know this isn't the best, but what do you think for a past time?" Rin said, grinning, Sakura couldn't help, how could she laugh at a time like this? having fun? Sakura closed her eyes smiling, "I'm going to kill you, but god know's what Kakashi will do or say" Rin just winked.

Sakura had to admit, it was relaxing, but not enough to keep her from worrying and thinking, but she did have to thank her, it was nice, just at the wrong moment.

The two looked in the mirror when the beautitions were done, then smiled at eachother, "You look so beautiful Sakura" Rin said, Sakura turned red, it's been a while since someone called her beautiful

After that they went back to the hospital, Sakura looked at the bag of food she didn't eat, she was pretty hungry now, so she ate it, it didn't taste the best, and it really didn't taste good when you have a cold, but she was hungry.

"Where were you two?" Kakashi asked, then turned around and his eyes went as big as saucers, "Wow" Rin smiled, "You like?" Kakashi didn't say anything.

"Well what's happening so far?" Kakashi sat down, "Well, he'll be alright, he just has a few broken bones, and cracked ribs, but other than that it's just bruises, right now, we can't tell whether he's sleep or unconcious".

Sakura jumped up, "He's alright isn't he?" Kakashi smiled, "Yea, he's fine" Rin did her usually pretty smile.

Her dad walked out, "Well, he's all cleaned up, you can go see him now" and took Sakura's hand and brought her in there, since he knew she was dying to see him.

Well, atleast he didn't really look all bad, his face wasn't messed up or anything, just a few scratches, "Sasuke" she whispered.

He barely opened his eyes, then did a chuckle, "Sakura? where the hell do they have me?" Sakura looked at him, she was actually pleased to see him, "The hospital silly, look, Sasuke, I am sorry" Sasuke shook his head, "Look, just forget about that, it's straight"

Sasuke sat up, which was suprising that he could, he didn't say much after that, just sat staring down, "I wanna go home" he said quinching his fist.

"Sasuke what happened?" Sakura asked, but there wasn't much of an answer, as expected.

Another doctor just stood there, staring, "Well, sorry, but you might have to be up here a week, just so we can make sure your alright" Sasuke gave him such a glare, Sakura swore the doctor pissed his pants, he turned around to be facing Dr.Haruno, "Don't worry, he'll be alright, now go on, I'm his doctor for now, and I know what I'm doing" he said firmly.

Sakura never noticed how scared the other doctors were of her dad, it was kind of funny too, well, he is "legendary" at that shit as everyone says, but whatever.

He walked right by Sasuke's bed, "Here's a deal, if nothing happens by late tonight, ten you can go home, as long as you don't stress yourself at all. Sasuke nodded.

"Can i have a second please?" everyone looked at eachother, then walked out the room as asked, except for Sakura who was still by his bed.

"You know you might have fangirls coming to see you sometime today" Sakura laughed, r as much as she could, she still has the cold.

"Sakura, listen" She looked at him, "I fought the bastard, Itachi..." Sakura gasped, she knows for sure that he almost could've got killed.

"He'll be back" Sasuke said looking down again, he seemed like he had a whole lot on his mind. Sakura hugged himm, she could squeeze him though, that would probally hurt him, "He might, but not any time soon, and when he does you'll be ready" he looked at her, and did a small smile, and the smile said a whole lot.

Sakura stayed over that night, and made sure her maids were taking care of him good.

"Hey Sakura, take me to the seventh room, to the balcony" Sakura looked at him, "You don't want anything to eat?" Sasuke shook his head, "just take me already"

So when no one was looking she put his arm around her shoulder and he barely walked with her, but they made it to the seventh room door when they fell, so he scooted up against the wall.

"Open the door" she did as told, and when she opened the door, she froze, it was a sight you would never forget.

The walls were a deep water blue, with blue fish tanks acting as a wallpaper lighting up the room. Then there was a big bed to match the very big room, and when she looked up, it was a star design, so you actually would think you were looking up at space, with two pillows in row that played the soft tune of Moments in Love, by Art of Noise. It was trully a beautiful sight, but that wasn't even it and it had a fireplace, that came on by switch.

Sasuke got back up again and limped to the bed, smiling at her amaze, then he said i a low tone, "Go to the balcony" she went over to the door of blue string that lit up, to, the balcony.

It was so nice Sakura literally cried, it was what she saw the first time when she was in Sasuke's house, but it was from a different perspective now, there was Sakura and Herbs everyone.

Sakura grabbed three of the herbs, one of the maids walked in, "Master Sasuke, what are you doing in here!?" Sasuke cut her off by telling her to get some ice cold water, so she had no choice but to get some.

He dropped the herbs in the cups of water, and he and Sakura drunk it.

"You have no idea how much it cost to get all that done" Sakura smiled, "I dun wanna know".

After they both laid down on the bed, and without knowing it they fell asleep.

When she woke up, Sasuke was sitting on the balcony, "Your up" he patted the spot next to him for her to sit down, "You feeling better? I am" Sakura nodded, she was.

She next to him and kissed him, "This is nice, but shouldn't we go back before anyone catches us?" Sasuke put his arm around her, "Why don't we just stay here a while longer?" he said, kissing her once again, looking out into the field of flowers. They were home.

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