Title: Xander's Choice

By: Spiritraven

Website: http/groups. Slash/Yaoi and some violence. Character might be alittle OOC, but hopefully not too much.

Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Hellsing.

Chapter One:

Xander knew he should have taken Giles offer of a ride home or went with the girls to the Bronze, but he didn't want to be the fifth wheel when they met up with Angel and Oz. Now here he was kneeling on the ground with a gunshot wound in his side. Xander couldn't believe his luck that he was shot by a vampire at least he thought it was a vampire he could be wrong. This guy didn't have the bumpy face he was used to seeing no this guy had red eyes and very long fangs that and the vampires Xander was used to facing didn't carry guns. Someone forgot to tell this guy that vampires didn't carry guns.

"What kind of vampire are you?" Xander asked not staring into the blood red eyes. He knew he was going to die, but before he left this Earth he wanted answers.

"I am a vampire." The said vampire was British. "I am a better breed of vampire some call us Freaks. So much better then those soulless demons that you've seen here."

"You have a soul." Xander wasn't expecting that one at all. "And you're killing for fun?"

The Freak snorted in amusement. "Come on kid just because I have a soul doesn't mean that I'm good. You should know that."

"Yeah, you're right." Xander couldn't believe he was having this conversion with a vampire. "So are you going to drain me dry?"

"Nah, not really my type." The vampire admitted with a dry chuckle. "Maybe a soulless one will come around and finish you off."

The story of Xander's life nobody wanted him not his friends, parents, or even this vampire for a meal. He was a nobody; at least that was how he was feeling at the moment. "Are there many of your kind here?"

The Freak shrugged his shoulders. "Don't really know see I'm from England, but got tired of the place wanting to see more of the world so I came here. Heard the women are wild and crazy."

"You're right." Xander laughed when he thought of Buffy and Cordella. It hurt to think of them now that he was dying. Man he must really be light headed from the blood loss chatting with a vampire like old friends. A shiver turned him from his thoughts there was something else here besides him and the Freak.

"Such a strange human." Xander stared, as a tall man wearing a red long coat which belonged in the 17th century walked from the shadows it was frightening. The man was wearing a pair of ugly sunglasses in the dark, but was grinning madly. "To chat with ones killer as he lays dying."

The Freak snarled his eyes wide in fear. "Leave here before I kill you too."

"You are nothing compared to me Freak." Xander watched as the man in red pulled out a long silver gun and pointed it at the Freak.

"You know guns have no effect on vampires besides getting them really mad." Xander warned the strange man.

"My gun is special." The man grinned showing an impressive pair of fangs. "In the name of God, impure souls of the living dead shall be banished into internal damnation. Amen."

The next thing Xander knew the Freak was dust. "Wow."

"Your blood smells so pure and I'm sure it taste just as sweet." Xander almost jumped when the man in red appeared in front of him face to face. "Now what should I do with you?"

"Walk away and pretend you never seen me before in your life." Xander asked hopefully wanting to die in peace.

"No, that would be such a waste." The man smirked once again showing his long fangs. "What is your name boy?"

"Xander." Xander gulped when the he saw a pair of red eyes after the man took off his sunglasses.

"Your real name." There was something about the man's eyes that made Xander stare.

"Alexander LaVille Harris." Xander forced himself to look away.

"Tell me Protector of Man do you wish to die?" He asked running a gloved finger over Xander's wound and bringing it to his mouth. Xander could only watched as a long tongue licked the blood from his finger. "I was right your blood is very sweet and so pure. It's been so long since I've tasted something so sweet."

Xander was scared very scared. "No, I don't want to die, but I don't really have a choice bleeding to death here."

The man's laugh was somewhat insane. "You do have a choice Protector of Man. A choice you can only make."

"Who are you?" Xander would be shaking right about now if he weren't already losing too much blood.

"Alucard, your Sire if you wish." Alucard licked the side of Xander's face making Xander whimper. "I can give you a better life then the one you have been living."

"Nope, no, no way." Xander shook his head trying to pull away from the Alucard. "Don't want to be a soulless vampire or Freak. Nope rather die."

Alucard snarled Xander feared for the few minutes of his life that he had left. "I am a No Life King a True Vampire not the worthless ones you have seen in your short life." He grinned and grabbed Xander in his arms. "You will be my Childe and I will forever be at your side."

It sounds great to be wanted by someone. No one ever wanted Xander before. "I am nobody, why do you want me?"

"Little One, you are so much more then your friends and family." Alucard purred holding Xander close. He had seen into this boy's mind and he wanted him knowing what he could become. "Trust me nothing will change your soul will remain the same. You will only be stronger and immortal and so much more powerful. I will teach you all you need to know."

Xander nodded, he really didn't want to die here alone. "Alright."

"Good." Alucard sank his fangs into Xander's neck causing him to flinch as he drank deeply from him. Xander felt his life fading fast when Alucard raised his head and ripped open his wrist with his fangs and held the bleeding wound to Xander's mouth. "Drink deeply and become strong."

Xander drank then all became dark. The last thought that Xander had was that Buffy and the others were going to pissed.