To my readers,

The translated version of the song that Colette sings, it's the version known by the Church of Martel, Kratos knows another version that I might translate over after I've recovered from this. Angelic kinda twists the brain around after you've written it for too long. Anyways here's the song (most of it anyways, I cut out the spoiler part/Kratos' version, this version that will crop up in Shards chapter 25 and this submission is to cut off the series of "what's it mean you didn't translate it?" that I'm going to get from readers.) I've got a lot more grey in my head after writing this… now I'm going to focus on something lighter for a while so I don't hurt my wits. As you can tell after reading this… I'm not too musically inclined... grumbles three weeks translating... three weeks... spaces aren't working BTW, so I had to mark each section.

Kasan Soulblade

Angelic Song

"Come Home"

One-shot Tales of Symphonia fanfic

Section one

Home home home, come home.

(guen, guen, guen, bue' gu)

Your feet walk a weary path,

(Ut-pedu pede ped'a'il erend)

The road goes on and never seems to end.

(trut ne'nuhjorinu'illisa Nuhjney)

Yet do you see?

(Topashi' oya'illun-ust)

For every step forward you come home.

(Muin tot'eded Orich-pend buen guen?)


Section two

The trails endured may rob you of your strength,

(Er-trut ere'deran Topashi'der kall ust fisak)

as surly as a bandit may rob your purse,

(an'ashi erell-trut topashi'der usan gald)

but each step you come home,

(Con Tuu'kun dend-eru ust bea guen)

each step leads closer home.

(Tuu'kun dend-eru ust guen)


Section three

Time may pass and you may change,

(Ashi an'orich, ust an'ashag)

as season's turn you taste yet one more spring's rain,

Orishyan orir ust phalei topashi' I'kuun Fairen und'jasun)

but each step you come home,

(con tuu'kun dend-eru ust bu gue)

each step leads you home

(tuu'kun ere-re guen)


Section four

Advice from an aged traveler whispers in your mind,

Saga-ea eld Jou' Fa Ere-Trut secan-min ust al'ni,)

"There are only a few things you may trust".

("Pren I'ne'kuun ust tapashi' der'ire )

When all trust is tried trust in this always.

(Nu-der'ire shad-trut, Der'ire secan-mer tot'eded)

Each step you come home,

(Tot'kuun dend-eru ust buen guen)

Each step always brings you closer to home.

(Tot'kuun dend-eru ust ori-cha buen guen)


Section five

Whose advice will you take?

(Sagan-ea ust kall?)

For the road turns crooked even though it bears you forward.

(Spirere'den oirirn ill, ill sudast-ust orich.)

The paths are tangled and confuse your eyes,

(Spirenre'den ill, nel'lni ust oya'illun)

for all their intricate and tangled ways,

Muim tot'kuun-ea julni-tru wan tra-nel erend,

Yet the road must be trod upon.

(Topashi'der errand us oiriin aru'ori.)

For it leads home.

(Muin ori-cha guen.)

All roads lead home.

(Tot'eded erend ori-cha guen)


Section six

Never forget,

(nu ai-nuun,)

All paths… are home

(Tot'kuun erend… relle guen)