Some Kratos Anna fluff… I couldn't resist. Listening to the song Starry Heavens and of course even more Kranna comes out… If I paid the artist a dollar every time that song made me write Kranna fluff then someone would be coming to take my house by now. Enjoy.

I don't always forget…

Kratos smiled, bent down and kissed his wife's closed eyes.

"Morning, my love."

"M…. Mornin'…"

Still half asleep she reached up and caressed his face. It was after much fumbling that she found his lips and pressed her own against his. His eyes glittered wickedly as he took in her sleep tousled hair and dazed expression.

As if sensing his mood –quite a feat for her since she was at best incoherent upon awakening- she cracked open one eye.

"No teasin'…"

"Me?" Kratos eyes went wide and Anna actually laughed.

"Yes, you."

"You know-" Kratos lay against the bed, unable to feel it's comfort it was little more then a span of fabric shrouded stuff that sank underneath him, something like thick water actually, that was somewhat elevated above the floor. "-once you called me a grouchy bear. But I think that title fits you upon awakening."

"Very funny."

To get back at him she wound the blankets around herself and snatched the pillows, Kratos chuckled yet again and watched her for a while, just as she was going to drift back to sleep he cleared his throat.

"I presume that the words "wake up Derris mer-Salune, happy day of birth, and I made your favorite last night" mean nothing?"

It was rather humorous to watch as pillow, blanket and Anna went flying all at once. In the flurry of motion he could barely make out as Anna tossed the blanket aside, shoved off the pillow then pounced upon him.

"You remembered?" She squealed, tightening the hug –he did his best not to think of it as being tied up, but it was so restrictive that it was hard- to proportions that almost hurt. "You actually remembered?"

"Of course." He smirked. "It's not like I always forget…"

"Un huh…"

"Being a Seraphim I am incapable of forgetting." He assumed a scholarly expression that could have made any teacher in Tethe'alla's imperial academy proud. "All the other times were mere… stalling tactics to draw out your surprise, that's all."

"Why don't I believe that?"

He assumed a crushed expression and Anna laughed, releasing him she fell back down upon the bed still laughing.

"By the way I risked life and limb making that… concoction for you." Kratos mock growled. "I expect a thank you at the very least for my heroic effort-"

Anna smacked him a few times with the pillow and not fond of the taste of feathers he fell silent and mutely endured the attack, after all, today of all days he was not allowed to fight back.

"Making a pot full of spaghetti-" Anna snorted. "-does not count as risking life and limb."

"Oh yes it does, do you know how many times I had to… make the stuff before it came out alright? Then I had to do the dishes." He shuddered. "I think I've been scared for life."

Anna rolled her eyes and the Seraph sighed.

"But that's not the worst of it."

"What's the worst?" Anna asked.

"I made a pot full of the stuff… Lloyd's never going to forgive me."

Anna looked at him for a long moment. "You're serious… aren't you?"

"Yes." He shuddered.

She only looked at him, and then began to laugh.

"Anna, it's not funny."

She only laughed harder.