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There is only one way to describe Covenant Castle: big. And I, as I rode towards the castle that held my beloved, felt consequentially more and more small, less and less of an individual and more a part of the writhing, chattering, seething, squawking mass gathering around the sparring field. The crowd consisted of several thousand boys, mounted or on foot. All of them were around my age.

Nellie plodded along slowly, as steady and reliable as always. A surge of tears pricked at my eyes as I remembered my father, slipping his hands around my tiny six-year-old waist and swinging me up onto Nellie's broad beige back. I had been delighted by the way she'd stretch her neck forwards and strain at the halter as she pulled the plow across the field, her steady trot never changing. I would sit on her back as she worked, and my father would watch me as I bounced awkwardly, eager to go faster. Remembering the unconditional love I had received from my family made leaving them behind even harder, even if it was the only way to find my angel...

"Are you ok, there, kiddo?"

I looked up, startled, wet-cheeked, thoughts scattered. Hadn't know I was crying. My hazy gaze settled on a boy standing directly in front of Nellie, carrot-haired bright-eyed sparkling impish innocence shining out of him. Not a day over seventeen.

"Oh, uh, no. I'm fine, thanks for asking." I blushed, wiping my cheeks, embarrassed to be caught crying.


I stared, caught off guard by his perceptiveness, and the bluntness of the question. The boy stared calmly back, blue eyes blinking innocently. I nodded, and to my surprise, he smiled, and swung himself up behind me onto Nellie, hands resting on my hips and legs dangling behind mine as if we'd known each other forever.

With a gentle kick, he started Nellie's feet, and began to talk again.

"You're lucky, really. You've got someone to miss. My mother and father are both dead, so my older brother is raising me. His name is Yozak, and everybody says that I look more like his son then his brother."

I could feel this red-haired oddity smiling behind me, his love for his brother pounding in his chest.

"He's always calling me kiddo, which I hate. He says it's because he can't stand my given name, Bieshma, but personally, I prefer Bieshma to Gre. Honestly, what KIND of a cruel person would name a baby boy Gre? Besides, his best friend named me, so he can't be too upset."

"His best friend? Why didn't your mother give you a name?" I asked, wrinkling my forehead and twisting around to face my companion.

"I told you, my mom's dead," Bieshma said cheerfully, running his fingers through his already messy carroty hair. "She died a couple days after giving birth to me. And Yozak was way to young at the time to think about naming me, or taking care of me, Hell, he could hardly take care of himself! Anyway, Weller showed up with his father, and talked Yozak into bring me to New Makoku. He said that Big Chimeron was no place to raise a child. And he named me. Said that it was bad enough that so many people didn't know who they really were inside, but not to know your own name was just unacceptable. Pretty deep for a little kid, huh? So the first chance he got, Konrart christened me Bieshma, after his favorite kitten."

I grinned to myself, and snorted back a laugh. I'd never met anyone less like a kitten.

Bieshma heard me anyway, and laughed, too.

:Yeah, I know. But Weller was like, forty. Besides, he's still obsessed with that cat. I can hardly believe it's still alive!"

I grinned again, and leaned forwards to pat Nellie's mein. It was nice, having a new friend.

"So, Bieshma, have you ever tried out for Wolfram's personal guard before?"

"Huh? Oh, uh, yeah." He sounded distracted. "Listen, Kiddo, can you, like, lean a little to the right?"

I complied, wondering if my new friend had a few marbles on the loose.

"A little more...a little more..PERFECT! Now straighten your back and tip forwards. Lovely. Thank you!"

"Can I ask why I'm doing this?" I asked rather grumpily, trying very hard not to fall off the horse.

"You're hiding me from view, of course. You see- "

"No," I interrupted. "I don't see. Are you a fugitive, or something?"

"No, you prat!" Bieshma shoved me playfully, and nearly sent me toppling face-first onto the cobblestone. "As I was about to explain to you, I HAVE tried out for Wolfram's guard before, and I got in, too. Right now I'm supposed to be showing the wannabes where to park their horses, and change, and warm up. Stuff like that; you know, directing traffic. But that's boring, and talking to you is interesting, and if Blondie over there at three o'clock and heading our way, sees me slacking off, and tells Gwendel who tells Anissina who tells Gunter who tells Celi who tells Weller who tells Yozak, bad things will happen to me, involving shaving cream, an angry squirrel, some cayane pepper, and my hair. Turn left here, please."

I tugged gently on Nellie's reigns, and she obligingly turned left. Twisting around, I craned my neck around Bieshma as I scanned the crowd for my beloved. I caught a glimpse of sunlight glinting off of golden curls, turned, saw my angel. He was standing on his tiptoes, surveying the crowd with a suspicious look on his handsome, noble, flawless face. I almost swooned with pleasure.

Bieshma saw my expression, and raised a skeptical eyebrow.

"What's with you?"

Glancing over his shoulder, he followed my gaze to my Blonde Angel, who was currently searching the crowd for something, or someone.

"Oh, he is a looker, isn't he? I probably looked exactly the way you do now, when I saw him for the first time. Pity he's only gorgeous until- "

Suddenly Wolfram's gaze lighted on us. For a second, his eyes locked with mine, and I could have sworn that my soul was on fire. Then his deep, emotional, emerald eyes darkened, and his stately eyebrows slanted down, as he began plowing through the groups of people towards us.

" -he gets very, very pissed off," Bieshma finished. "Shit. RUN!"

I gave Nellie a quick kick in the sides, and she broke into a grudging canter. Bieshma's hands tightened on my hips as he glanced worriedly back at Wolfram.

"Oh, SHIT! If he gets on his horse, I'm finished, caput, dead, D-E-A-D! There's no way, NO WAY that anybody can out-ride him. He's like, a friggin' galloping GOD. If he gets on the horse, we're doomed. Doomed! No!!! He just got on the horse! NOOOOO!!"

Moments later, we were overtaken by my beloved, his golden curls blowing in the breeze as he pulled out his beautiful sword with his flawless hand, and pointed it at my unworthy neck, and growled beautifully, "STOP YOUR HORSE."

I obliged, my heart fluttering at our proximity. The sword of my love moved from my neck to Bieshma's. If it was possible, Wolfram's expression became even more angry.

"Bieshma, what the HELL were you THINKING?? You can't just run away whenever you get bored, and you CERTAINLY can't just hijack some innocent kid's horse! You're the best goddam warrior I've got, but for Shinou's sake, grow UP!! Now get off of that boy's horse and climb on behind me. And no more hitting on wannabe guards!"

"I wasn't hitting on him," Bieshma grumbled, shoving something into my pocket before hopping onto Wolfram's white stallion. "I was just being friendly..."

"TOO friendly. I saw where your hand were, Bieshma. NEVER again." Then, to my utter amazement, my Darling turned towards me with an almost apologetic expression on his Godly face.

"I'm really sorry about Bieshma. I guess you could say that he's a little...flighty. He didn't rape you too badly, did he?"

I blinked in surprise, and completely cracked up, howling with laughter as I clutched at Nellie's reins. Bieshma joined me, his shoulders shaking like jelly as he snickered.

"H-hope he did-didn't r-r-rape me too badly?" I wheezed out, in between peals of laughter. "God, you're hysterical. Is it possible to not rape a person badly? Anyway, whatever. Bieshma hardly touched me! He noticed I was feeling a little homesick, and, um, went on temporary leave from his job, in order to cheer me up. He's a sweetheart!" I added fondly, glancing at the twitching, giggling mound of red hair draped over Wolfram's shoulder and the back of his saddle.

"Well, um, all right," Wolfram mumbled, glancing worriedly over his shoulder at Bieshma, who was still giggling madly. "'Sweetheart' might be stretching it, but I suppose it's a matter of taste, really. What did you say your name was?"

"Isaac," I blurted out, immediately giving the name of my favorite younger brother.

"Isaac, hmm?" he peered at me carefully, scrutinizing. "You're not bad at all. I wouldn't mind having you in the guard. Well, show me what you can do out there, and for everybody's sake, do well! Bieshma is so picky about friends that if you don't make the cut, he'll probably sulk for days."

Glancing back at the redhead, Wolfram gave an affectionate mock-blow to his companion's shoulder. "Hold on, brat. See you, Isaac!"

Off they galloped, Bieshma's giggles trailing away behind them like a banner. Smiling slightly, I squeezed Nellie's sides to get her to move. Something crinkled in my pocket.

Slipping my hand inside of the second-hand garment, I retrieved a hastily scrawled note:

Listen kiddo, I'm not a very trusting guy, but I like you. You're nice, and you make me laugh, so I'll give you some advice. They'll make you duel Blondie in the arena, so BE ON GUARD. He may look like a girl, but he fights like a soldier. However, his relies heavily on offensive swordplay, and can't defend to save his life. If you can force him onto defense, then you've as good as won the match. Good luck! And you'd better win. My last roommate had a pet bug that he kept in a matchbox. I think it's name was Bobby McGee (the bug, not the boy). Anyway, the kid would not shut up about the stupid bug!! Nearly drove me insane withhis'Bobby McGee' this, and 'Bobby McGee' that. Eventually I just smushed the stupid bug to shut the idiot up. Another bunkmate like that,and I'm toast!

I grinned, amused, and shoved the note into my pocket. Defense it was, then.

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