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The Girl Called Mika

"Tomoe . . . Is this what you wanted? Did you really want that man to live?" Yukishiro Enishi was sitting on the one of the balcony chairs, his black glasses laid forgotten on the table in front of him. After his failure, life consisted of nothing more than watching the waves hit the shore and reflecting on past actions. His 'mistakes' as some people called them. A part of him didn't want to believe that he had been wrong, that he had been trying to carry out a justice that had been overdue for years. Yet...

Enishi stood up and walked over to another part of the balcony. In the east, beyond the slight fog, was the coasts of Shanghai. He didn't like the idea of being so close to the mafia he had once participated in. He wanted to be alone for a while to just think. But with the Japanese police on his tail, this mansion - one of several - was the best choice. It was the smallest mansion that he owned but the island on whish he was one was deserted. Plus very few people knew about it. The island had lots of tall trees and some cliffs. The mansion could easily hide amongst the trees and cliffs and go unnoticed.

He was just about to turn around when he spotted someone barely swimming toward the shore. It was the last thing he needed right now: someone to know that he was here. Watching the person wading their way through knee-high waters, he concluded that this person hardly had any strength left. Maybe they had been shipwrecked far into the sea and had swam all the way here. Or even, this could be some elaborate scheme set up by the police to lure him out. But that would be giving them more credit than they deserved. After all, he had escaped from them without much hinderance. Still he reached for his sheathed sword leaning against the balcony railing.

Enishi clutched his sword tightly as he made his way outside. He approached the body cautiously, not sure if there were other people hidden in the bushes and trees. It wasn't that he couldn't handle them; he just didn't like being surprised in the state he was in.

He was several feet away when he could get a good look at the person. It was a woman, wearing a wet kimono clinging to her her small body. Her shoes were missing but he supposed that was almost expected. Her chest heaved with each heavy breath, no doubt a result from swimming for her life.

The man walked closer to the body and knelt down beside the girl. He gently removed her light brown hair away from her face to see it better. It had a peaceful and innocent look on it as the woman laid unconscious on the sand, passed out from exhaustion. She looked about twenty years old to him, an age not often associated with innocence. It was strange seeing someone so pure after all those years of revenge and hate that were often reflected in his cold eyes.

Enishi picked up the young lady in his arms. He made up his mind not to kill her yet and wait to see how this would play out to his advantage. If she turned out to be important and could be used for ransom, it wouldn't be long before he could enter the black market again. She would be his pawn if she didn't have her own plans first.

Dark blue eyes opened when the sun began to come in through the window. The light was in her eyes as the curtains were still being drawn apart. The sun was still in her face but she was able to see someone drawing them apart slowly. The curtains stopped moving and swayed a little from where it hanged.

She saw a man walked away from the curtains and sat on the chair in the corner of the room. And her eyes were met by his, noticing how they were trying to see through her. It made her feel uncomfortable and she immediately broke the gaze. But not before she noticed the fine muscles that were chiseled onto his arm and chest.

It was then she took a moment to notice herself. She saw she wasn't in her blue kimono anymore. Instead, she was wearing a white robe which reached her knees. The girl had this feeling that the man examining her had changed her clothes.

She clutched the robe to conceal her chest, not knowing what to think of the man in front of her. "...Did you... change me?"

Enishi raised an eyebrow in surprised. He had expected a more demanding voice, one that possibly sounded angry but it was quiet and held a distinct uncertainty to it. She looked like the kind of woman who he could take advantage of. He smirked silently at the thought. "Yeah, I did."

She looked up and glared at him. "I don't know who you think you are but you have no business to be changing my clothes." She didn't yell at him; she said it calmly but it still held an icy tone to it. It was a huge mood swing from only seconds before.

Enishi's smirked turned into a grin. "Yukishiro Enishi. What's yours?"

It took her a while to get what he was saying since the topic changed so quickly to something else. He wasn't challenging her to snap back but seemed more amused about her reactions. She narrowed her eyes in warning. "Mika."

The grin left his face. The woman has finally found her voice, Enishi thought. He had suddenly lost all the urge to mess with her mind. He then stood up and headed toward the door to leave the room. He opened the door but didn't walk out yet. Instead he gave Mika a bored look. "Mika, I'll see you at breakfast." With that, he walked out of the room.

Mika sat on the bed for a while, thinking about the silver-haired man. He didn't seem to be taking her seriously. Yukishiro Enishi was taunting her even though his eyes were still cold and menacing. She could pretend she wasn't scared but those turquoise eyes would just pierce through her like before. Even so, those eyes made him attractive.

She knew lust was a dangerous game to play especially if you were one who could never stop playing. She also knew she wasn't here for lust but for some other ordeal that needed to be taken care of. Mika placed temptation in the back of her mind while she got her priorities straighten out. Lust and sex second, revenge and murder first.

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