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Making Amends

"She's taking too long," Lei commented as he looked down at Mika. His eyes watched the blood seeping through the fabric of her kimono. He lifted the sword in his hand. "I'll just end-" He stopped and saw Yukishiro glaring at him. This whole thing was amusing to him. This whole thing was incredible! The man whom he hated for years was finally showing his weakness and his mortality. Because of this, Lei smirked. "But you wouldn't want that, would you? You want to know she lives. But you see, that can't be guaranteed. Once a life is hanging by a thread as thin as hers, no matter how thick it is, it will snap."

Yukishiro knelt down by Mika's body. He felt her pulse and found it was faint yet erratic simultaneously. It was a bad sign and now that Lei had managed to cut off all possible help, she could die, she probably would die. Enishi did the only thing he could think of. He took off his shirt and placed it on top of her bloody wound. Then he applied pressure to it.

"It won't do any good," Lei commented as he watched. "Tomoe didn't survive it. Why should she? But you must wonder how I know that." He had watched Yukishiro's eyes go into some other world, like he was seeing something else than what was in front of him. Then he connected it with something Xiang had once mentioned to him about Yukishiro's sister. So that was it or he believed it to be.

His green eyes had flickered at Lei when he had said his sister's name. Lei had said it so casually, so meaningless, so sarcastically. And this angered him. Enishi stood up now, hoping Mika would live to see another day.

Yukishiro ran forward and brought his sword back to have enough power for the thrust. "Watoujutsu– Kaishi To Sei!"

Lei felt the impact on the front of his shoulder. The pain then shot through that part of his body afterward. Lei back off, wrenching his shoulder free of the blade. Blood trailed down his arm to his finger tips. "Look at you," he muttered, holding his shoulder. "That took most of your energy."

Yukishiro knew that it was true by how his breathing had became raspy. He only had enough force due to the adrenaline coursing throughout his body. But that exhilarating power would soon be gone and he would be reduced to a defenseless creature. It was best to use it while the extra strength was still there.

Yukishiro tried another charged and decided to end it with one of his Watoujutsu techniques. "Watoujutsu– Shugeki To Sei!"

Lei hadn't known how lucky he was that he blocked the attack so quickly. But the force sent him stumbling backwards, his arms flailing at his sides. This made him wide open for the slash across his chest. He fell hard to the floor and saw Enishi already bringing the blade down on him. Lei quickly flipped backward and unto his feet. Then he noticed some nerves on Enishi's body. Kyokeimyaku 'Frenzied Nerves', Lei thought. Not complete, but nonetheless it's the same technique. He decided he should use his own technique if he was going to beat this keener version of Yukishiro.

The adrenaline wasn't going to last long. The pain was already starting to come back in jolts and shocks throughout the body. Enishi believed charging was his best bet if he was going to wound Lei badly. Even if his strength gave way, he could resort to some other tactic that would hopefully come to mind sooner or now.

Lei ran toward him and his dao breezed past Enishi's face, then his arms, then his sides. Enishi didn't bother avoiding them since he could sense they were going to miss anyway. Lei thought Yukishiro might also know that he was doing it deliberately. Lei moved faster, delivering more of those "breezing" attacks to Enishi's body.

Suddenly, Yukishiro ducked low like a tiger, causing a sharp pain felt by his entire body. He had a feeling he was over doing it yet the adrenaline was still there. "Watoujutsu– Sen Ran To Sei!" The Tachi struck in an upward motion, catching Lei off guard. He had decided to ignore the pain just to keep going to end the fight himself . . . For Mika's sake. With that last thought, he did one huge mistake– he turned around to check on Mika's condition. Was she even breathing? He couldn't tell. During those brief five seconds, Lei was steady again and brought the butt end of the sword down on Enishi's head. Enishi felt the blood run down the side of his face and he was too surprised to do anything.

Lei saw the nerves going back to their normal positions under the skin and it relaxed him a bit. Back to his grinning state, he kicked Yukishiro in the ribs and he watched the body skid slightly to a stop. He swore he heard bones crack. Maybe it was just one or two. But either way, it was a good omen in his eyes.

"What's wrong, Yukishiro?" Lei called out as he watched the man struggling to get back up for Round Eleven. "I'm surprised to see you haven't died yet. Maybe trying to live for that miserable bitch is working for you. But," he added, "she was the second woman you couldn't protect from death."

Enishi coughed up more blood. He didn't know why Lei kept bring up his sister whether it was by name or hint. And he hated Lei for it. He got on his feet but the adrenaline rush was gone. He still had his finishing attack. The one he had used against the Battousai. He could try it but that would probably finish the remainder of his strength and he couldn't afford to do that. "Don't talk about them," Enishi muttered as he fought his way up again.

Lei watched the man who somehow managed to get unto his two feet no matter how weak he was. He couldn't understand why Enishi refused to give in to the pain and the obvious truth. Then it hit him. It was a man trying to deny the inevitable, hoping that there was a way to win. When the thought crossed his mind, Lei cackled. He had won and he knew everyone else felt it. Even Enishi, who was still trying to fight.

Knowing that Yukishiro's reaction time was slower, Lei slash open his other side. Then he took another swing, making the wound deeper. There was more blood on this side than on the other now and Enishi gritted his teeth to prevent from screaming in pain. Lei's grin was even wider than before. Joy seemed to light up his face. "Why don't you scream? Scream while you still have life in you! Make sure everyone here knows that you're not as strong as you're credited for!" The dao cut deeper and this time Enishi did scream in agony.

All I have left is that one move, Enishi thought, as he stumbled away from his opponent. I have to try it. The dao came toward him again. I have to. Enishi ducked low like a tiger again but the move was different. The blade of his Tachi was parallel to his arm and the hilt faced downward. "Watoujutsu– Zetsugi Kofuku Zettou Sei!" He brought up his Tachi to slash Lei across the chest.

His eyes saw the attack but Lei hadn't expected to dodge it. It came so fast although Yukishiro was not at all at his best. The blade went up all right, cutting through his shirt but barely scratched his chest. When he didn't see any blood gushing out, Lei went back to his maniac grinning. "You missed, Yukishiro." He kicked Enishi, sending him back several feet to where Mika's body lied.

Enishi struggled to get up but was surprised to see Lei smirking at him, twirling the dao by its handle. Why was he grinning like that? Then he knew as slits, many of them, opened up all over his body and spurting blood. Enishi fell forward.

"It's over," Lei muttered, feeling relieved. And started to walk off, twirling the dao in his hand.

"What the hell was that?" Wu Lin mused out loud. He didn't understand how those slits got there. It made no sense. Lei must have been someone very incredible to do that to the skin without touching it.

Lei was walking very proudly despite the pain from his wounds. He had known there was no way Enishi would live and he now had the biggest part of the mafia. Now all there was to do was to take over the organization completely and that would be taking on absolute boss. The same one who hired him years ago, the one who had taken him in when he was a thug on the streets.

Then he felt a sword pressing against his back before it pierced his skin and came out of his chest. The blade had gone through the heart but barely. Lei looked back over his shoulder, the blood trickling down his chin. His dark eyes opened wide from the shock.

Enishi had done the job, swiftly and quickly too. His hand still held the hilt of his Tachi and his emerald eyes met Lei's dark ones. But Enishi's usually vibrant eyes were clouded meaning he was semiconscious. Yet Enishi grinned sadistically at Lei from the depths of his mind. "You're dead, aren't you?" He said and laughed. The laugh was cold and completely out of character for the man.

SPLIT-SPLAT! Lei growled, the blood dripping unto the floor. No, repeated in his mind, I won't die like this! In his last few moments of life he pulled out the dao and prepared to kill Yukishiro, to bring the man to hell with him. Then he saw a Japanese woman with black hair standing behind Enishi. Suddenly after that image, his vision darkened and his heartbeat slowed to nothing. The dao dropped to the floor with a clanging sound.

Enishi let go of the sword, allowing Lei's limp body to fall. And then, Enishi started to walk back to his beloved. "Mika?" Enishi called out in hopes of hearing a response but none came. He was a few feet away when he himself collapsed.

Lin was dumbstruck. He didn't know what to do anymore. Then he looked back at his subordinate Yan Yan to help the decision. Their eyes met, both unable to speak. It was Heishin that decided to take charge of the situation.

"Some people go attend to the girl!" Heishin began to order. "Yukishiro also needs medical assistance! Lin, check to see Lei is still alive!" The crowd still stood there. Heishin narrowed his eyes. "Go already!" That time, they started to move and Woo Heishin got a taste of how great power was.

Several days passed since the fight and it wasn't until then that Enishi woke up. First he took notice that the room was empty and nobody was in there. The curtains had been drawn apart to let the sunlight in and the window was opened to let a fresh breeze inside in the room. Then he noticed, how badly bandage his body was. He had bandages on his torso, his arms, and around his forehead, underneath his bangs. He even had some on his hands.

The door opened and Yan Yan walked in with a tray of food. Lin, who had came along with her, stood in the doorway watching. "I wasn't sure if you would be up this time," she said, "But I was willing to bring you food anyway. So how are your injuries?"

Something clicked within Enishi's mind again. "Where's Mika?" Her voice ran through his mind. Promise you won't hurt me . . . Promise me at least that much.

Lin sighed and looked up as if trying to see the sky through the ceiling. "They say that the dead find happiness in whatever the afterlife brings them," Lin said from the doorway. "Miyagi was . . . a special woman indeed. I'm pretty sure she's happy where she is."

Yan Yan looked at Lin horrified. Enishi, on the other hand, sat up to examine Lin's face more closely. His eyes narrowed. "I'm serious, Lin. Where is she?"

Lin laughed and walked into the room. His smiling eyes never left Enishi's. "What make you sure she's alive and not dead, Yukishiro?"

Enishi grinned when the first idea popped into his head. "Because she's a stubborn bitch." Then he saw Mika walked into the room, looking upset . . . and happy.

Mika fought back her tears. She was happy to see him up and awake. That he was still able to piss her off. She moved aside to let Lin and Yan Yan walk out. Their privacy was sealed when the door closed behind the two. Mika walked to Enishi's bed and looked at him. "I guess if I'm a bitch, you're a fool, right?"

"Something like–" Enishi found himself wrapped in Mika's arms, his head against her chest. The sound of her crying woke him up to realized that she had been worried about him. The strong woman she had always tried to portray was gone.

"Idiot," Mika muttered, allowing her hand to run through his hair. "You stupid idiot."

He waited for Mika to calm down a bit in his arms. When she finally did, he spoke to her gently so she wouldn't go back to tears. "What are you going do now?" He asked her, knowing the possible answers to the question. The only thing he worried about was Mika going away and that he would lose her.

Mika's embrace tightened a little and she squeezed her eyes shut to stop the newly forming tears from falling. "It depends," she answered, "on if you want me to stay here." She then let go of Enishi and sat down on the bed next to him. "Do you?" Her serene dark blue eyes met his.

Enishi held her hand in his. "I want you to stay," he admitted.

Mika looked down at their joined hands. So this was how love was supposed to feel. She realized she was willing to give anything to be with this man and no more secrets could get in the way. She wanted to hear some kind of promise even if it wasn't straightforward, even if the words couldn't form right away. But she'd give it time. "And we'll spend the rest of our lives together?" She gazed into deep pools of emerald.

"Yeah," he said, giving her hand a squeeze of assurance. "We will." And with that, he sealed his promise with a kiss.

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