Chapter 6.

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Chapter 6

Nana& Young Link.

Oh my God! Why is she here? Thought Young Link as he walked down the halls with his hands behind his head. He tried not to look behind him but he could not help it, and caught Nana's eye.

"Young Link!" she shouted, running to him holding some thing in her hands.

"Hey Nana, whats that?" Young Link pointed to the parcel in her hands as she caught up with him.

"Oh this?" Nana looked at it as if she had forgotten it was with her.

"Yeah that. Who's it for?" asked Young Link.

Nana's face turned bright red.

"I-I-I-It's nothing!" she stammered, shoving the parcel behind her back.

"Okay, thats fine," Young Link said picking up his pace. "What do you want?"

"W-What?" her face turning a brighter shade of red.

"Why did you call to me?"

"Oh, um... I... It was nothing. I just wanted to see how you were doing?" she lied. Her face was as red as it could get, she really did not want to be there right at that point. She needed an excuse to get away, but her head was too clouded to think.

"Oh. Well I guess I'm doing alright." replied Young Link.

"Oh! You are unbelievable, and I mean it in the worst way!" and Nana ran off, unknowingly leaving the package at Young Link's feet.

"Hey! Nana! Wait! Wait!" he shouted and ran off in the direction she went, holding the parcel above his head.

But it was too late she did not hear him and she was out of his sight, leaving Young Link holding a package wrapped in brown packaging paper. It was a little larger than his hand, but lighter than it looked.

Hmm... I wonder what's inside.

Young Link turned the package over, to find it addressed to him with no return address. He was shocked, he didn't know what to think except...

Why did Nana have my mail? Hope she's not the one stealing my mail, she is such a nice person. Gahg! What am I thinking? I can't like a girl! I'm too young to even have a girlfriend, I think. Though she is pretty cute...

His face turned bright red, Young Link shook his head to wash clean his thoughts. With the package in hand he ran down the hallway, up the grand central staircase, running over Pikachu, past the weird statue of Master Hand, and up the old servants port. Crawled through a narrow shaft and climbed down a hole via small ladder.

Not even his room is safe enough to open this package. Over the time he was at the mansion, he had found a secret room-slash-closet-slash-crevice, no one knows about it not even Ness. He decorated it the way he liked with posters and pictures and it was illuminated by a single window. This room was his own, and he wanted to keep it that way.

Young Link sat down on the floor with the package in his lap, he held it up to his ear and shook it. The sound of something sliding from one side to the other eminated from the box. Young Link hesitated form opening the parcel...

What if it's a prank? Popo sending his sister to do his bidding? I am so going to kick his ass! If not? I'm still going to kick his ass!

And Young Link hurriedly opened the box, he was totally surprised by what was inside.

A rose. A rose?

Young Link picked up the rose, and held it up to the light, which made it even more pretty. Maybe he wont be kicking Popo's ass any time soon, more like Popo kicking his for falling for his sister, and even worse Ness also has a thing for Nana too. Young Link smiled, she liked him, for all his pranks, jokes, roughness, and attitude, she liked him. why else would she go through all this trouble.

Young Link climbed out of his little hide-out with the rose in hand, he ran as fast as he could until he bumped into Mario.

"Have you seen Nana?" quickly asked Young Link.

"I think I last saw her in the kitchen," answered Mario. "She seemed a little upset though..."

"How's that?"

"She threw dishes at me," told Mario. "All I asked was why she was crying."

"Oh," said Young Link.

"You wouldn't happen to know why, would you?" asked Mario. "Why she was crying?"

"Uh... Well sort of. I think," answered Young Link sheepishly. "I think I messed up."

Mario finally got the bigger picture and smiled.

"Young Link... Take it from me, guys mess up all the time in relationships--"

"Thats just it! There isn't a relationship!" cut in Young Link.

"Let me finish," continued Mario. "Guys mess up all the time in relationships and women always get upset over it. Same for friendships and potential relationships. Women, no matter how old, want to keep their priorities straight. They don't like being confused."

"Don't see what this has to do with me?"

"Maybe it does, maybe it doesn't, it depends on how you look at it," said Mario. "The best thing is to let them know what you want, where you stand in their lives. The first step is admitting that there is something there, a spark. Second is to admit it to each other. Then ask where it will take you."

"Well..." hesitated Young Link. this wasn't something one could just tell anyone you meet.

"Don't worry, just between you and me," told Mario.

"Well... I think I like Nana, and I think she likes me back, but I don't think she knows that I like her," said Young Link. "And she gave me this..." Holding up the rose for Mario to see, "It was in a package adressed to me, she was carrying it and I... I think I may have embaressed her." telling Mario the story.

"'You think you embaressed her?"

"I... I might have been a little harsh," said Young Link, he sat on the floor back against the wall.

"Yes?" said Mario, kneeling down beside him. "Go on."

"I may have been a little blunt when she tried to start conversations," said Young Link looking back on the short conversation. "But I didn't mean it!"

"Then go tell her that," said Mario, moving to the side to let Young Link pass by. "Go tell her how much she means to you."

"Right!" and Young Link ran down the hallway.

Young Link found Nana in the kitchen, right where Mario said she was, and she was definitely upset, just as much as Mario said she was.

Smash! Crack! the sound of dishes hitting the door as Young Link tried to open it.

"Stop! It's me!" shouted Young Link, the sound had stopped and Young link was safely able to open the door.

"Oh! OMG! I am so sorry! I didn't hit you did I? Oh no!" Nana cried, her face bright red at the though of hitting her crush she had forgotten she had been upset.

"Uh, no you didn't, but good aim. Maybe you can use the bow and arrow, I can teach you," offered Young Link to Nana who was drying her tear stains from her cheeks.

By now both of them had forgotten the incident because both were concentrating on not blushing. Meh, kids.

"Um... Sure! I-I-I would like that very much," stuttered Nana as she accepted the invitation.

"I like you very much." the words just blurted out of is mouth before he could stop them. Oh no! Ohno!Ohno!Ohno! Oh no! What did I just do!

"I like you to," said Nana finding some sort of confidence from those words and she kissed him on the cheek. "How's Friday around noon sound?"

"G-Great!" it was Young Link's turn to stutter now.

"Awsome! I can't believe this is finally happening to me! I have to tell Popo!" squealed Nana.

Young Link's eyes flew open, "No! You can't tell him. Not just yet anyways. No one must know, not until were ready. I don't think I can take a barrage of questions right now."

"You're right, I understand, but Popo's my brother..." stated Nana.

"I-I know that, and maybe when we are ready to tell he'll be the first before anyone to know." said Young Link affectionatly.

"That's good! I have to go now, see you later!" and she gave him one more kiss on the other cheek, and jogged out the room leaving a stunned Young Link.

Young Link sank to the floor, he had just seen the transformation of a girl who cries all the time to a girl who has more confidence than ever. He now has a relationship. Wow, I don't feel any different. I wonder if it's always this easy for us guys, wow.

Young Link sat on the floor for hours until Mario came in.

"Did it work?" asked Mario.

"I did it my own way but yeah it worked." Young Link answered him, still sitting in the kitchen floor.

"Good," replied Mario.

"I would appreciate it if you didn't tell anyone, especially Nana, that you know about us," told Young Link, twidling his thumbs.

"Your secret is safe with me."


End chapter 6.

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