The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

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Lily Evans boarded the Hogwarts Express with her best friends, Katie White and Nikki Coleman. Lily had shoulder-blade length curly, red hair and emerald green eyes. She was 17, in her final year at Hogwarts, and a bit petite. She had been made Head Girl over the summer. Katie had blonde hair that was a bit past the shoulder-blade and it was light brown in the back. She liked to make it straight but sometimes she left it curly. She had hazel eyes and was a bit taller than Lily. Nikki on the other hand had long brown hair that was usually straightened, since she didn't usually like curls, and chocolate brown eyes. She had a great figure, as did all of them, and she was the a bit taller than Katie. Katie and Nikki were Prefects.

Nikki and Katie got their trunks situated in a compartment and headed to the Prefect's Compartment. Lily went to the Head's Compartment and got her stuff situated as well. She was wearing her bade that had a lion on it and in big letters, "HG". She waited patiently for the Head Boy to come in as the train started to move. Maybe it's that Remus Lupin. He's responsible enough for the job. Lily thought. Remus Lupin was a tall blonde haired boy with blue eyes. He had been Prefect with Lily since their 5th year. Remus was part of the mischevois (A/N: Is that spelled right?) group called the Marauders.

The Marauder's were made up of 4 boys, who caused trouble in all sorts of ways. One of them was James Potter, who Lily absolutely loathed. James had jet black hair that was just as stubborn as he was and hazel eyes. He wore circle rimmed glasses and was, in Lily's carefully picked words, an arrogant, egotistical prick. James was a "player" who had a new woman each week. James' friend, Sirius Black, was the same way. Sirius also had jet black hair, but it actually listened to him. He had gray eyes and was known to be a real hottie. Peter Pettigrew (A/N: TRAITOR!) was a short little lump of a boy, with blonde hair and green eyes (A/N: I think he has green eyes.) and was really the scaredy-cat one of the Marauder's.

When the compartment door opened, Lily just gaped at who she saw. James Potter, the arragont, loathing, evil, egotistical, gitty prick was standing in front of her. She looked at a badge that was pinned to his chest and gasped. It was exactly like hers, but it said, "HB". She couldn't believe that James Potter had been made Head Boy. Is Dumbledore off his rocker! she thought furiously to herself.

"Don't we have a Prefect's meeting to get to?" James asked her. Lily nodded, stood up, and followed him to the Prefect's Compartment. Lily explained mostly everything, except rounds. James had been polite enought to remind her with a, "Don't forget about rounds!" James and Lily went back to the Head's Compartment.

Once they were back in the compartment, Lily asked,"Why are you being so nice to me? You haven't asked me out once, and I am astounded!"

"Well, people can change, can't they?" was James' reply. He got up and walked out, to go and spend the train ride with his friends. Lily did the same.

Once Lily was in their compartment, Katie started going wild. "I can't believe James Potter has been made Head Boy!" Nikki nodded in agreement.

"You know what else is weird?" Lily asked her friends, after sitting down with Katie. Nikki and Katie stared at Lily.

"He hasn't asked me out yet. He's being really generous to me. Well, he's been really generous to everyone!" Lily replied. Nikki and Katie looked flabbergasted.

"And you know what he said when I asked why he was being so nice?" asked Lily.


Lily quoted, "'Well, people can change, can't they?'" There was a moment's silence and the three of them burst out laughing. Sirius walked in. Katie had a small crush on Sirius, because he was super funny and smart. But he just doesn't set his mind to actually do his work.

"Do you have any more Chocolate Frogs, Katie?" Sirius addressed her. She nodded and looked in her trunk for the candy. She grabbed five of them, since she had about 20, and handed them to Sirius. He gave her a kiss on the cheek and left, leaving Katie pink. She took her seat, and the three of them read silently.

When they saw Hogwarts in the distance, Lily left to the Head's Compartment to grab her robes and her trunk. She came back to their compartment, changed and they talked for the rest of the ride. They were talking about embarrasing moments when they reached Hogsmeade station. They got into a horseless carriage and waited. James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter sat with them. James next to Lily, Sirius next to Katie, and Remus next to Nikki. When they got to the castle, they rushed inside. James sat next to Lily for the feast. During the feast, James asked if he could talk to Lily in private. She nodded and they exited the Great Hall.

"Look, since we are going to working together, I was thinking maybe we could be friends. I know that you worked really hard for that badge, and I don't want to screw it up for you." James said straight out. Lily looked at him with an amazed expression.

"Okay, I guess, Pot-James." Lily corrected herself. Being friends meant first name basis. They shook hands and proceeded back into the Great Hall.

This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. James thought.


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