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Chapter 4- Something More

"And Potter catches the Snitch! THE WIMBOURNE WASPS WIN!" the announcer screamed, his voice magically amplified. The crowd roared and James pumped up his fist, ecstatic beyond belief-

"James...James...James!" Lily said. James awoke and shoved on his glasses. He noticed that she was drenched in sweat...He threw off the covers and stood up. She looked at his bare chest.

Oh, Quidditch is doing him—Don't even! Lily thought. She walked out of the door and took a nice, cold shower to wash away any such thoughts. She pulled on her uniform and after a few half-hearted attempts, performed a Drying Charm on her hair. She brushed through it and tied half back with a burgundy and gold ribbon. After some deliberation, she chose a locket she had received from her mother, pulled on her shoes, and grabbed her satchel.

Meanwhile, James got dressed, put on his shoes, ruffled his hair, grabbed his bag, and went downstairs to wait for Lily. When she got there, they walked in to the Great Hall together. Lily sat with Nikki and Katie, and James sat with the Marauder's. Lily, Nikki, and Katie talked and ate until the bell rang, as did James and the Marauder's. They left to History of Magic.

During History of Magic, Lily got bored and passed an Animal Note to James. It was a dog.
I'm bored. James read and laughed quietly. He scribbled something down and turned it into a monkey.

Lily snatched the tail of the origami monkey, wincing as it shrieked in protest.

Don't worry, you aren't the only one. Look at Sirius.

Lily did so, to see him sleeping and drooling on his desk. James moved his arm and performed a Drying Charm on the desk. Lily smiled and wrote down a note. She turned it into a cat. The cat minced to James, who picked it up and opened it with caution. He hated cats. It said, Maybe you shouldn't have sat there...

Rolling his eyes and jotting something down, he folded his paper (with a little—no, a lot of help from his wand) into a fat, little angel, unmistakably Cupid. Batting its wings, it flew over to Lily, who opened it hastily before it could poke her with one of its love arrows.

Go to Hogsemeade with me sometime?

Lily wrote something down and turned it into a broken heart. She Levitated it to him.


James ripped up the letter, propped his elbows on the desk, and put his face in his hands. That would be the two-hundred seventy-third time that she turned him down. She turned her face towards Binns and paid attention for the rest of the class. When the bell rang they went to Care of Magical Creatures.

In Care of Magical Creatures, they learned about kelpies. Professor Whisp had them read the description that Newt Scamander had written in Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. During the entire lesson, James doodled moodily over his textbook.

After that, they went to free period. Sirius, Remus, and James headed to the library to study. Lily walked in after them. She sat down at a table, took out her books, opened them, and started studying.

Amos Diggory, looking only slightly abashed, walked up to Lily.

"Hullo Lily." he said. "I was wondering if you had a date to Hogsmeade."
She smiled at him sunnily. Quite a refreshing change from James' "Wanna go to Hogsmeade, Evans?"


Amos left and Lily was beaming, though a red tinge was creeping up her cheeks. Amos, though some said he wasn't very bright, was funny and decently good at his studies. It helped that hours of Quidditch built up his physique…James, who from afar had watched the entire encounter, marched up to Lily.

"What'd Amos want?" he whispered.

"Oh nothing. Just a date to Hogsmeade." she whispered back. James' face fell for a moment, but he recovered quickly and stalked back to the table that he was studying at. He gathered his books and left the library, leaving behind a confused Lily who he vowed to get over.

1234567890 1234567890

Over the next few weeks, Lily and James didn't talk much. One day they got together in Lily's room and planned when Hogsmeade weekend would be. James was reminded that Lily was going with Amos rather tetchily.

"What about next weekend?" Lily suggested.

"Okay. Next Saturday." James said, not looking at her.

Lily looked at him as if he were on Floo Powder. "Is something wrong?" James shook his head. He wrote down the information for Hogsmeade's date on five pieces of parchment. He got up and left to give four of the notices to the Heads of Houses and one of them to put up in the Prefect's Lounge. Lily looked confused, and then shook it off.

The next day Lily walked up to James with a bright smile on her face during free period. "James, can we talk?"

"Sure." He said off-handedly, shrugging his bag onto his shoulder. Since they were in the Gryffindor Common Room, they walked outside the portrait hole.

"I've got a great idea. How about we have a Halloween Ball?" Lily burst excitedly, quite proud of her idea. She had no idea that many people had proposed it before.

James looked at her for the first time in days. "Why not?" he asked dully.

"Are you okay?" Lily asked, frowning at his lack of enthusiasm.

"No. I'm not. But you've never cared before so why start now?" James snapped. He turned around and stomped back into the portrait hole. Lily, angered at this unexpected reaction, walked off into the opposite direction.

After dinner, James came into Lily's room to plan the Halloween Ball. But her cool comments about him not being so interested before fell on deaf ears.

"I'm taking a shower." She announced, finally. He didn't seem to care.

They got started as soon as she came out of the bathroom with her hair wet and her pajamas on.

1234567890 1234567890

The month of September passed, and Lily still didn't figure out what was wrong with James. She ran into him in the halls one Saturday.

"Listen James. We need to talk." She announced. "What is wrong with you?" Lily asked him straight out.

James looked at her. "You want to know what's wrong? You really want to know?" Lily nodded.

"Well, maybe it was because my heart got broken twice in the same day." James told her sarcastically. "Perhaps it may be because you're going to Hogsmeade with Diggory."


"I hope you have fun shagging him." James said cuttingly. Her eyes softened as they welled up with tears. James sat for a moment, half-stunned, and half-angry.

"What've I done?" James asked himself. He ran after her.

"Lily!" Lily heard James calling her. She picked up the pace of her walk, wiping away her tears. She felt a hand clamp her arm. James had caught up with her and turned her around.

"I'm sorry. That wasn't supposed to come out." James explained, embarrassed. She shook her head.

"If that's what you really think of me, fine! I thought I had you as a friend, Potter! But I guess I was wrong." Lily said, her voice choking up.

She called me Potter, James thought dazedly. She pushed him away, a sob tearing out of her throat, and this time, ran. He walked up to the wall and banged his head against it.

Lily stopped when she was out of breath. She leaned against the wall and thought. Her heart was exploding. I thought he liked me! Oh, Merlin, I've fallen for James! She slid down the wall and clutched her legs to her chest.

"Lily. Are you all right?" Amos asked her. Lily looked up and shook her head, willing the words to come out. She took his hand as he reached over to help her up.

"Amos, I'm really sorry." She said quickly, biting her lip. "Something came up and I can't go to Hogsmeade with you." Lily said.

Was that happiness she saw?

"Oh. Well, okay then. See you around Lily!" Amos left. Once he was out of sight, Lily ran down the hall looking for James. She crashed right into him and they fell to the ground. Lily scrambled to her feet.

"Sorry." Lily muttered. He got up and brushed himself off.

"I'm sorry about what I said earlier."

"I'm sorry for pushing you away."

He stuck out his hand.
"Friends?" he asked. Lily shook it.


"We could be something more..." Lily thought.

Would we be more than friends?
Yet little did I know before.
We would be something more...


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