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Old Demons

Chapter 17: Turn Around in Circles

That's the best thing about walking – the journey itself. It doesn't matter much whether you get where you're going or not. You'll get there anyway. Every good hike brings you eventually back home.

-Edward Abbey

Kouichi stared at the knife in his hand. Why? Was this one last test? Or perhaps it was a sign that he was supposed to kill the darkling.

"I always knew it would come to this," the darkling whispered. Kouichi tried to gauge his emotions. He seemed…subdued. Kouichi wouldn't have thought that was possible, and for that reason, he couldn't tell if the darkling was putting on an act or if he was truly resigned to death. The red-eyed being looked up at his other half. "But I always imagined me on the other end. I never thought it would turn out like this…" He seemed to withdraw into his own thoughts.

"How can we trust anything you say?"

Kouichi jumped. Takuya had come up behind him to ask the question. Kouichi didn't turn to see if the others were there. He kept his full attention on the darkling, trying to control his pounding heart. Takuya hadn't scared him that bad, had he? He was nervous about something else. Or maybe everything else. He couldn't decide what to think about the darkling's statements. Was he trying to trick Kouichi out of killing him? He seemed relatively honest. For once.

The darkling laughed bitterly. "You don't get it. Any of you." He focused his gaze on Takuya. "One of us was always destined to come out on top. Only the winner of the battle would earn the right to live. It was supposed to be me." He glared at Kouichi. "It was supposed to be ME!"

Kouichi felt queasy. The darkling's hysterical voice echoed in his mind. One of them was destined to win. Hadn't Lowemon said basically the same thing? Lifting the knife, he grimaced. He wasn't a killer. That was something the darkling would do. If he killed, how would he be any better than the monster he killed?

"How could you go home? Mama shouldn't have to live with a murderer." Kouichi clenched his jaw, but couldn't help agreeing. "Could you tell her the truth? She deserves to know."

The darkling was right. How could he go home knowing he had killed? Hadn't he lived with guilt long enough? He couldn't take more now that he was finally starting to feel worthy of forgiveness.

But what if he did let the being live? He would bring the darkling home with him. Duskmon had terrorized a continent in the Digital World. He had corrupted all of Twilight. Kouichi could only imagine the suffering Duskmon would bring to the Real World, now that he had fused with the darkling. I've put the others in danger too much already. I can't put the entire world at risk, too!

Still…It was murder.

"Don't listen to him, Kouichi," Takuya urged. "There must be a reason why you have that knife." Kouichi looked over his shoulder. Takuya met his eyes with a level gaze. The others were gathered behind the gogglehead leader. Clenching his fists, JP nodded, as did Tommy, though the younger boy looked considerably less confident. Zoe stood to the side, hugging herself. She refused to meet Kouichi's eyes and instead buried her face in her shoulder, but slowly she too nodded.

Kouji. If there was one opinion Kouichi knew he could trust, it was Kouji's. But the younger twin kept his face blank.

They didn't understand. Guilt had allowed the darkling to be released in the first place. Even with the darkling gone, another evil would take his place. It was Kouichi's curse. But he'd rather deal with something familiar than face something new.

Kouichi lowered the knife to his side, holding it only loosely. He shook his head. "I can't do it."

"I knew you couldn't finish the job." Smirking, the darkling backed away. "You've always been too soft to do what needs to be done." Kouichi's face flushed in humiliation. "No wonder you're so desperate to convince me your teammates are really your friends. You're still trying to convince yourself. Because if they aren't your friends, what's to stop them from abandoning you, leaving you defenseless?"

"Stop saying things like that!" Kouji roared.

The darkling scowled. "Like you're one to talk. You don't even trust anyone with your feelings. How can you claim to be anyone's friend?"

"That's not true." Kouichi's voice sounded small and pathetic after the darkling's authoritative remarks. He had been denying the notion that he didn't have friends, never even stopping to see if he believed it. And now he wasn't sure if what the darkling said was true. Maybe he just didn't want to admit he was alone.

"Trying to defend your brother?" the darkling asked. "That would be a first. You've never been able to protect anyone. You're the one who always needs rescuing. You only put them in danger. Just look at what almost happened to Zoe because you gave me the idea. Look at what almost happened to all of them because you were too afraid to fight." Kouichi flinched with each accusation. He clenched his fists. "Face it. They would have been better off without you."

Kouichi was on top of the darkling before he knew he was moving. He had the knife poised over the darkling's chest, but he hesitated. He still wasn't sure what to do. The darkling had gotten under his skin, but he had to be sure. Once he killed him, there was no going back. Trembling, he almost dropped the knife.

"Stop going back and forth," the darkling hissed. "This is the decision."

"What decision?" Kouichi asked.

"The decision. What you do right now will either get rid of me forever or it will ensure my return. But you have to choose now."

Kouichi blinked. What do I do? His thoughts were in a jumble, bouncing back and forth. Time. He needed to think, but he didn't have the time.

"Hurry up," the darkling taunted. "Or you just might miss your chance."


Silence. Kouichi slowly stood up and backed away, dropping the knife. As soon as it hit the ground, it broke up into data particles. The darkling stared up at him from the ground, mouth slack.

"What did you say?"

Kouichi's shoulders tensed. "I said no. If I have to deal with you for the rest of my life…" He hesitated. "I'll manage." He continued, stronger, "I know I can beat you. And I won't sink to your level by killing you. I'm through with guilt."

With a cry, the darkling clutched his stomach. He curled up in agony. "Why?" he managed to force out. "All your friends wanted you to kill me. Why didn't you?"

"You were tricking us," Kouji said, voice hushed with realization. "You wanted Kouichi to kill you."

"Very perceptive." The darkling managed to push himself to his feet, seemingly oblivious to the pain now. When he straightened fully, a hole in his abdomen was visible. The flesh and clothes at the hole's edges were slowly breaking up. He stared at Kouichi. "Why didn't you kill me? You were so close…" He winced briefly, voice becoming strained. "You shouldn't have been able to control yourself. You're weak!"

"By your definition," Kouichi said. "But your definition isn't perfect."

The darkling continued to glare at Kouichi until his form was completely dissolved. Only the small corrupted Spirits of Darkness remained. 'Don't think just because I'm gone my influence is over. You still created me. And you still have to face the consequences of what you've done through me.' Then the spirits, too, dissolved.

The wind dispersed the particles, which left behind a slight waver in the air. As the waver calmed, color returned to the scene. In moments, the colors of Twilight were restored as far as the eye could see.

Kouichi slumped to his knees, completely exhausted. The events of the day echoed dully in his dead. Upon recalling some of the things he had said, he blushed. They sounded so grandiose, almost to the point of being cheesy. Kouichi would have never dreamed of saying anything so eloquent. Slowly his humiliation faded into a strong desire to just go home and sleep.

He received a face full of dirt when Zoe crashed into his back. Her arms wrapped around him as he sat up. Several other hands landed on his shoulders.

"I'm sorry," he whispered as the first tears escaped his eyes. "For everything."

"Shut up," Zoe mumbled into his back. "Don't you dare blame yourself for this."

"She's right," Takuya said, squeezing Kouichi's shoulder. "You were great out there. I mean, sheesh! You made me look like…well, I dunno."

"An incompetent gogglehead?" Zoe released Kouichi, slapping Takuya's leg. "That's because you are." Kouichi, turning around, saw Tommy, JP, Zoe, and Takuya gathered behind him. Takuya was glaring at Zoe, who had half-dried streaks of tears on her cheeks. He couldn't help but smile at them. But his mood immediately soured when he saw Kouji handing back, his face still impassive. The all-too-familiar weight of guilt formed in Kouichi's chest. He hates me. Kouichi lowered his head in shame. The darkling was right. There are consequences. But why Kouji? I can't lose him!

Takuya and Zoe helped Kouichi to his feet. He smiled weakly at them and took a hesitant step forward. Swallowing a lump in his throat, he forced himself to speak. "Kouji?" The younger twin blinked and trailed his gaze over to his teammates…His friends.

Kouichi bit his lip. What could he say? "I…I'm sorry…" He searched for the right words, for any words. The tears flowed freely now. "I know you must hate me, but…I'm just really sorry."

Kouji's mouth flexed absently. "Hate you?!" he finally managed. "Why would you say that?"

Looking away, Kouichi shrugged. "Why else would you just be standing there like that?" he whispered, blushing. He hated the accusing tone in his voice, but he couldn't just ignore what he was feeling.


"No, it's alright. I understand." How could you forgive everything I've done?

"No you don't." Kouji walked up to Kouichi and grabbed his shoulders. At Kouichi's wince, the younger twin loosened his grip. "I don't hate you, Kouichi. How could I?"

"Then…why were you standing there like that?" Kouji's hands dropped. Kouichi looked up in surprise and searched his twin's eyes. He found pain and sorrow in the normally cold blue eyes. "Kouji!"

"What the darkling said hurt," he whispered. Kouichi could tell it was hard for him to say. "But I'm fine, really."

Kouichi managed a small smile and embraced his brother. "No you're not," he whispered. "I can tell. But forget about that. You're a great friend. Just ask Takuya; I'm sure he'd agree with me." Kouji smiled. "And whenever you do want to talk, I'm here."

Takuya groaned, preventing Kouichi from hearing Kouji's reply. "Enough with the drama already!" Zoe elbowed him in the ribs. "OW!"

Much to Takuya's relief, the exchange was cut short as all six D-Tectors glowed. Two streams of black-edged white light erupted form each, combining and becoming the Human Spirits. Only the digimon's armor had changed color; their hair, eyes, and skin (or fur, in Kumamon's case) was unchanged.

Lowemon received a warm welcome from the other spirits. Kouichi felt his mood lift as Kazemon, Agunimon, Beetlemon, and Kumamon knocked into his spirit. Lobomon caught him from behind before he could fall over.

"It's good to see you're alright," the Spirit of Light said.

Lowemon's eyes focused on Kouichi, who blushed violently once more. "Thank Kouichi."

The boy was already shaking his head. "I don't deserve any thanks."

"What are you talking about?" Lobomon asked. "You just defeated the darkling. That's not an easy task."

"How many people do you know that are a manifestation of darkness?"

Kazemon smiled at him. "You should feel honored, you know. Not everyone can be trusted with that power."

Laughing at Kouichi's frown, Agunimon tried to explain. "All digidestined have pure hearts. It's what allows you into the Digital World. But you specifically have the purest heart of all. Darkness is the most easily corrupted element. Every human has a character flaw that could be used to corrupt them. The more prominent that flaw is, the harder it is to not give in to corruption."

Kouji smirked. "Now we know why Takuya doesn't have the Spirits of Darkness."

"Hey!" Takuya cried indignantly. "What are you saying?"

"That you're flawed."

Zoe rolled her eyes. "Boys…" She turned to the spirits. "How come not everything here is a weird color? Like our hair and skin and eyes. All that's normal."

"It all has strong energy," Kazemon said. "When Duskmon's seal was up, only eyes and energy attacks had enough to retain color. Now it's easier, so your skin an hair does too."

"Weird." Kouichi sighed. "I don't think I could get used to this place."

Lowemon laughed. "I didn't think so either, at first. But it grows on you."

Kouichi shrugged and ran a hand through his hair. The shaggy mess was matted with sweat, and Kouichi made a face. "All I want right now is to take a shower."

Raising an eyebrow, Kouji gestured to himself. "You want a shower?" Whitish dried mud caked the front of his legs to his knees and speckled his arms to his elbows. Dark blue dirt was smeared on the back of his clothes and his left cheek.

Zoe grinned and wrapped her arm around him. "And whose fault is that?" Kouji rolled his eyes. Zoe just laughed.

Takuya glanced around. "Guys? Let's go home."


It took some time for the group to figure out how to get back to the Gatehouse. Since flying was undoubtedly faster, they tried to get everyone paired up with a flier. (Of course, the fact that Lowemon couldn't Fusion Evolve to his only winged form – apparently that was something only humans could do – made the task that much harder.) After much complaining on Agunimon's part, they set off. BurningGreymon carried Takuya in his arms, the twins on his shoulders, and Lobomon and Lowemon on either leg. Zephyrmon had Tommy and Kumamon on her legs and Zoe in her arms, leaving Beetlemon to carry JP.

The two-and-a-half hour journey passed in relative silence, interrupted by hushed conversations (or shouted conversations from digimon to digimon). Soon enough, the mansion came into sight, an old lavender building by a fire-colored lake surrounded by red-leaved trees. By the time the Legendary Warriors had landed and devolved as necessary, Gotsumon had emerged from the building. Kouichi laughed at the irritation evident on Kouji's face…at least until the rock digimon tackled him into the murky lake water.

Despite protests, Gotsumon insisted on taking them to see Sulamon. Kouichi, of course, was the only human who recognized the digimon when they arrived.

Takuya was the first to speak. "Look, buddy, I don't know who you are or why it's so important that you see us, but I really just want to go home."

"What are you saying?" Sulamon asked, a hint of amusement in his voice.

Takuya sweatdropped. "Well…uh…This better not take long."

"It won't," Sulamon assured him. "I merely wanted to congratulate you and see you off."


The digimon studied the goggleheaded leader. "And nothing. That's it."

"You're not going to talk for hours about the history of this world and our enemy and our power and 50 million other things that are completely useless to us?!"

"Why would I? You've already won."

"Come on! It's never just a 'Hey, good job! See ya later!' There's always something else we get dragged into!"

"Well, if you really want, I could tell you all about the history of this world…"

"No. I'll pass."

Kouji shook his head. "You can never let anything be simple, can you, Takuya?"

"Not in this universe," Zoe sighed.

And so, after a very brief congratulation, the group, Gotsumon included, made their way to the Gate chamber. Kouichi was a bit lost as to what to do, and fidgeted once he was in place. Kouji noted with satisfaction the single violet symbol of Darkness glowing alongside the other nine.

Once all ten symbols were lit, black light spread along the ground and up the Gate. A low boom shook the room and the Gate opened slowly. Waves of alternating white and black were visible inside the Gate, contained by some unknown force. The Legendary Warriors felt a strange force pull them forward.

Just before a flash of light transported them through the Gate, Sulamon called, "Farewell, digidestined! We may be seeing each other again."


The Legendary Warriors found them lying on the floor of a predominately black room with five figures looming over them.

"Y'all did it!" a female voice cried.

"Thank the stars thou hast returned, Lowemon!"

"Well, y'know…Welcome back."

"Imbecile! Didst I not utter precisely that mere moments ago?"

"Hey, you no use normal talk, you no complain. How we supposed to know what you trying to say?"

The female giggled. "You're not exactly one to talk, sugar!"

Kouichi stared in confusion at the other four Legendary Warriors, who had started to help the new arrivals to their feet. He hadn't thought they could have physical form. But then, why shouldn't they? They were just like the digidestined's spirits. They even had humans somewhere. A smile tugged at his lips.

"Pray tell, what dost thou find amusing?" Mercurymon queried, helping Kouichi to his feet.

"I was thinking about the humans you four are paired with. Lowemon told me about them," he explained at Mercurymon's surprised reaction. (At least, he thought it was surprise. It was hard to tell without an actual face.) "Well, he didn't really say much, but I know you have a human somewhere."

Mercurymon's mouth quirked into a smile. "And thou finds this…humorous?"

"Don't get me wrong. It's just…that's going to be one interesting team. Ranamon and Arbormon would have normal humans. Well, almost normal. But you and Grumblemon? No one on earth really talks like you, for one thing."

"The humans will not be indistinguishable from us, as thou assumes," Mercurymon said. "Thou hast many similarities with Lowemon, but even between thou there are differences. Be mindful also, that my three comrades and I hath had more time without a human than the others. Wherefore should our personalities not diverge from those of our humans with each passing day?"

Kouichi frowned. "I think I get it…"

"Don't get confused by Mercurymon's strange words," Ranamon drawled, coming up behind the Warrior of Steel. "All he's sayin' is that the longer we don't have a human, the more time we have to develop a unique personality."

Nodding, Kouichi was about to reply when Ophanimon spoke up.

"I realize I am cutting short what could be a very beneficial reunion, but the humans must leave shortly."

Kouichi turned to find Lowemon. "So…" he said, approaching his spirit. "I guess this is good-bye?"

"Don't sound so sad." Kouichi could see the smile in Lowemon's eyes. "At least we get to say good-bye this time."

"That reminds me." Kouichi turned to Kouji, who was standing next to Lobomon. Kouji smiled slightly as he continued. "What is it with you and making me think you're dead?" Kouichi blushed.

"If you ever have kids, they're going to give you gray hair before they turn ten!" Zoe teased, joining them with Kazemon.

Kouichi laughed good-naturedly. "I'm sure you'll set them straight."

"If they're girls. Any son of yours is bound to be hopeless!"

All too soon, they had to leave. The spirits accompanied them outside, to the back of the castle. The Trailmon, Worm this time, sat there, impatient as ever.

"Hey!" Takuya cried. "Couldn't we have com on this track? Why'd we have to get dropped off in the middle of nowhere?"

"I specifically arranged to have you leave from here," Ophanimon grumbled. "I wouldn't complain if I were you."

"Hey, can we get goin' already? I'm rusting away here!"

Kouichi couldn't help but feel some annoyance at Worm for interrupting their farewell. One by one, the digidestined got onboard, each waving to the spirits before they sat down. Exhaustion began to weigh Kouichi down as he collapsed beside Kouji, but he couldn't keep a smile off his face. His clothes, still wet from the lake in front of the Gatehouse, clung to him. As if the sweat wasn't enough, he groaned inwardly. But he couldn't deny the relief he felt. For the first time in a long while, wet clothes were the biggest worry he had.


A year passed. The memory of that night soon faded from the parents' minds, despite the fact that their kids suddenly burst in at 2:30 in the morning. Not surprisingly, none of the digidestined made it to school the next day. Tomoko Kimura was the only parent who clearly remembered those events. But it was not an entirely negative memory. She couldn't help but notice a change in her son – he seemed happier, more outgoing. She long suspected there was more to Kouichi's supposed kidnapping, but she never found out the truth.

The school year brought only good memories, but the mood turned apprehensive as April – and the anniversary – approached. All six kids felt a common strain, but at Kouichi's insistence, they planned another picnic. As it fell on Sunday, and mostly due to Takuya's adamant defense of his one day to sleep in, they decided to meet at 1:00 PM.

The night before, Kouichi couldn't sleep. He heard his mother in the bathroom around ten, and half an hour later the house was silent. Kouichi rolled over in bed. I have nothing to worry about, he told himself. Just go to sleep. The dreams had not returned, and yet he dreaded falling asleep. Trying for several more minutes to empty his mind (and failing miserably), he glanced at his clock. Eleven-fifteen. Kouichi groaned.

With a growing sense of restlessness, he got out of bed and made his way to the living room. After a brief search for the remote, he switched on the TV, turning down the volume so he wouldn't disturb his mother. Idly, he flipped channels, going through the entire cycle three times without finding anything. He eventually settled on a rerun courtroom drama. Ten minutes later, as a commercial blared on the screen, Kouichi hit the power button. Irritating silence filled his ears. He stood up.

In the kitchen, Kouichi stared absently into the refrigerator. He wasn't particularly hungry and nothing appealed to him, but he stood there for a full minute more before closing the door. Grabbing a nearby pen and notepad, he scribbled a quick note:

I went for a walk. I'll be back later.

He stared at the words, contemplating throwing the note out, but forced himself to leave it on the counter. If his mother woke up, he didn't want her to worry.

After slipping on his shoes, Kouichi stepped out, quietly closing the door behind him. The air was surprisingly warm for early April, and the full moon illuminated the city streets well enough for him to navigate. He passed a few cars as he walked, but saw no other pedestrians.

Soon enough, his destination came into sight: the park. He and his friends had gathered there many times over the past year. The memories the moonlit trees sparked made him smile and relax a bit. Takuya teaching Tommy soccer. Kouji almost strangling JP (the ninth grader had taken an interest in film, with Kouji as his guinea pig.) Not to mention several picnics the previous summer.

Kouichi headed for a bench, but, seeing someone already there, faltered. All he could see in the meager streetlight was a frazzled braid of long blonde hair covered by a puffy lavender scarf. Kouichi smiled and came up behind her.

"Isn't it a little late for you to be out?"

She jumped, her surprise turning to anger in a second. "Don't scare me like that!" she cried, turning to hit him. She folded her arms over her white spaghetti-strap shirt as Kouichi sat down next to her.

"Sorry, Zoe," Kouichi laughed. "I just didn't expect you to be here."

Zoe rolled her eyes, returning a smile. "I wasn't tired."

"I'm sure the school board wouldn't mind having school on Sunday."

"No thanks. I'll stick to too much sleep." She eyed his wrinkled gray tee-shirt. "Why are you here?"

"Couldn't sleep."

The smile faded. "Kouichi…You haven't been having those dreams again, have you?"

"That's just the thing. Nothing's wrong." He sighed, staring down at his hands. Scooting closer, her blue sweats brushing against Kouichi's green flannel pants, Zoe grabbed his hand. "I know there's nothing to worry about," Kouichi muttered, blushing, "but my brain won't listen."

"Kouichi, do you know why I came here tonight?"

Kouichi looked at her, eyebrow raised at the randomness of the question. "I thought you said you weren't tired."

"I mean, why here of all places?"

"Oh, then no, I don't."

She smiled at him sadly. "Last year, this park was the last place I saw you. Now there's this part of me that thinks the same thing's going to happen tomorrow just because it'll be the last place I see you."

"What?!" Kouichi cried. When he realized he sounded condescending, he blushed.

Zoe didn't seem to notice. "I know. But fear isn't rational. Use all the logic you want against it; it won't work. That's why I'm here." She pulled at her scarf. Kouichi had given it to her for Christmas, along with a framed picture of the team. "The way I figure, if I'm here now thinking about you, it pretty much counteracts whatever would've happened tomorrow."

Kouichi burst out laughing. "That's insane!"

Zoe laughed good-naturedly. "We're dealing with irrationality here. You have to be a little crazy! Speaking of which, I think I've solved you're problem."

"Do I want to hear this?"

Trying to look indignant, Zoe crossed her arms. "Yes. Now shut up and listen." He pouted, making Zoe smile. "If anything happens to you, it'll make me look bad. So you're not allowed to disappear tonight. And that's final."

"Yes, ma'am!" Kouichi saluted her. She giggled softly. Himself fighting a laugh, Kouichi met her eyes. "How do you do that?"

"Do what?" Another round of giggles erupted.

"Make insanity seem so normal," he teased.

"Hey!" She huffed, but that too became a laugh. "Careful, mister, or I may just leave you to your fate."

Somehow Kouichi managed to say semi-serious. "How do you make everything seem less threatening?"

That caught Zoe off-guard. Her giggles stopped suddenly and she blushed. "We've all changed a lot in the last year," she said. "I mean, I never would've thought JP was the type to get into filming. And just look at you! A year ago, you barely talked, let alone joked like you do now."

"You're avoiding the question."

"So what if I am?" she taunted. "Are you going to make me tell you?"


"Fine, then. Make me."

Kouichi glanced as his watch and stood up. "Just you wait. I'll get it out of you yet."

"The old Kouichi wouldn't have done this to me." She batted her eyes. "Can't you just leave me alone?"

"It's too late for this," he sighed, pulling her to her feet. She glanced at her own watch.

"Late? It's 12:07!"

"Fine, it's too early. Go to bed."

She smiled. "Only if you promise to sleep too."

"I promise. See ya tomorrow!"

"Today. Bye, Kouichi!"

He smiled contentedly as they both headed home. Shaking his head, he thought over Zoe's…unorthodox solution to his fear. She was certainly one of a kind. But it had worked. Now, instead of worrying, he was merely tired.

As he got home, kicking off his shoes and throwing away the untouched note, he couldn't help thinking it was all worth it. All the pain and doubt the darkling had caused had turned out to be a good thing. He had told the darkling he was through with guilt, and he reminded himself of that every day. With his friends' help, he had finally forgiven himself. Just before he fell asleep that night, he found himself thinking about the darkling's legacy: a legacy in new interests and stronger relationships. A legacy of redemption.

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Duskmon wasn't like the other Dark Warriors. He was a human. A corrupted, dormant human, but a human nonetheless. But when that human glimpsed the memories of his brother, he awoke. He saw himself fighting his brother. All he could do was watch, and that hurt more than anything.

He had been hurt. Hurt so bad he couldn't remember how to trust. It had taken a gogglehead to remind him, and a brother to teach him the meaning of one powerful word: forgiveness.
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