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Ordinary Things

By: 24


Jarod walks towards the ice cream stand buys himself an ice cream cone. After that he goes to the park to eat it and watch the ducks and geese in the water. He watches them splash and dive in the water and then fly away. It's the ordinary things that the people take for granted in the world. The people had no idea how nice it was to go shopping, to go to the movies, or go anywhere you wanted to go, or even read what you wanted to read, or watch what you want to watch. He walks back to the square where the shops were at and goes into one of them. He browses the items that were inside the shop. He looks around and spies a candy isle and goes to it finding what he wants he goes back to the toy section and picks out a toy and then pays for his purchases.

Miss Parker

Miss Parker goes to the store to buy groceries. She takes her purchases home and unpacks them. Before she went home she made a stop at the local video store and rents some DVD's to watch. She pops some popcorn and puts a DVD in the player and settles down on the couch. With a bowl of popcorn and a Pepsi she drapes a blanket and wraps it around her. She likes watching movies, but noone knows that. It's just one of the ordinary things that she likes to do.


Sydney walks to the pond that is near his cabin. He loves this time of year when the leaves turn and they look beautiful. He takes the tackle box that is in his hand and puts it down and starts to put bait on his pole. He loves doing this because it's so calming. It's one of the ordinary things that he likes to do and Jarod doesn't even know that he's gone fishing before. He would love to go fishing with him and hopes that someday he will be able to.


Broots and his daughter go to the park to play. He watches as his daughter swings on the swing set there and slides down the side. He loves his daughter and loves doing the ordinary things that a father and daughter do. He's so happy that he can have this time with his daughter and thanks Jarod everyday even if he can't thanks him personally. He watches as his daughter smiles at him and he smiles back.

The End