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A/N: A very weird story about Setsuna and her dear friend the Cockroach, and what happens when they meet…. LOL

The Cockroach

One day, Setsuna Meio invited all the Senshi over to her condo for a bit of tea and biscuits.

"I'll go make lunch!" she exclaimed for no particular reason, skipping happily into the kitchen like a little bunny.

No more than a minute later, an ear-shattering scream broke through the silence of the house (the Senshi were not talking in their fright of the overly-happy Setsuna, who didn't usually go hopping gaily around the house and all silently wondering if she had gone a teensy bit crazy on crack this fine morning). She came bolting out of the kitchen still screaming bloody murder and flinging her hands around like a madman.

"What is it, Setsuna?" everyone asked. "An enemy?" Of course, all were also thinking that perhaps now the crack had begun to set in or something… or maybe it was just her time to go insane in the membrane. Standing in front of a door, guarding it all alone for thousands of years can do that to you, you know.

Setsuna looked ready to faint, face a pallid white. "C-c-c-c-c-c-"


"COCKROACH! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!" Setsuna began screaming and running around the house like a freak. Everyone face faulted. The Guardian of Time, one of the strongest Sailor Warriors, afraid of a teensy weensy cockroach.

"It's evil! It's insane! It's horrible! Someone, exterminate it! Kill it! Help me!" the Time Senshi hysterically howled. Then, little Mr. Cockroach crawled out. Setsuna screamed, dancing around on one foot and fear clouding her face. Then she stopped, devilish, mad look in her maroon eyes.

"PLUTO PLANET POWER!" she yelled, raising high her henshin rod. Swirls of purple surrounded her body and then she morphed into Sailor Pluto.

"Uh… Pluto…?" The Senshi were quite nonplussed at her actions.

"Die you goddamn monster!" she shrieked, eyes wide and insane.

"Pluto, what are you doing?"

Pluto ignored them. "DIE! DIE! DIE!" She bashed the floor with her Time Staff, the Garnet Rod, and tried hitting Mr. Cockroach with it but he kept scuttling around dodging the assaults.

"FINE! HAVE IT YOUR WAY!" Pluto yelled at the insect, pointing her finger at it menacingly and quite maniacally. "TAKE THIS… PLUTO DEADLY SCREAM!"

The cockroach sizzled into nothing, simple as that. Pluto laughed. "That's it… scream as your life burns away into nothing! HA HA HA! MUHAHAHAHA! You'll never bother me again!"

When the cockroach disappeared and was nothing more than a smoking pile of burnt ash, Pluto transformed back into Setsuna and calmly brought in the biscuits, sitting down gracefully. The Senshi could do nothing but stare, keep back their snickers, and write down the mental institute's phone number to see if they had any openings….


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