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Breathing hard, a young boy stopped behind a tree to catch his breath. He had bruises all over his face and his hands were badly cut. /I lost him. Finally!/ He sighed in relief. He was finally going to escape. No more beatings, no more unwanted sex, no more yelling, no more having to try and escape and no more threats. He was finally going to be free. And then he heard the familiar voice calling to him.

"Sokka. You know you can't run from me. You know I'll find you no matter where you hide."

Sokka had to bite his lip to keep from crying out loud. /No! This can't be! He gonna find me! Oh Spirits please! I want to go home to my sister and Aang! Don't make me go back to him!/

Sokka wiped away his tears and got ready to run again. He stopped when he heard the sound of crunching leaves. And he heards Jet's voice.

"Sokka? Where are you my little one? You know that if you don't come back home bad things will happen. Sokka!"

He held his breath until he was sure that Jet was gone. He tried to run but his legs gave way. He was too scared to move. /How did this happen? How did it come to this?/

Flashback 5 months ago

"Sokka, will you get up and do some work? We've been doing alot today and all you've been doing is laying around!"

"I'm not laying around! I'm keeping watch."

"Oh really? I didn't know that keeping watch meant doing it with your eyes closed."

"My eyes weren't closed...I-I was meditating!"


"Yes really!"

"Well why don't you 'meditate' your way to fetching some firewood!"

"Ah Katara! Do I have to?"

"Get moving before I tell everyone about Mr. Sniffles!"

"You wouldn't dare!"

"You want to try me?"

"Fine, fine I'm going!"

In the woods

"Man why do I have to get the firewood?" Sokka asked kicking a stone.

He searched around looking for a good place to gather firewood. "Aha! There's a good spot!" He started to gather as many pieces of wood as his arms could carry. He didn't notice that someone was behind.

"There that should be enough!" exclaimed Sokka. He turned around only to be face to face with Jet. Quickly he got over his shock. "Jet," he stated angrily,"what in..."

"Goodnight Sokka!"

A sharp pain flowed though Sokka's body and then everything went black.

Meanwhile, Katara was pacing around in a circle. She had sent Sokka to fetch firewood a while back and he still hadn't returned. She was getting worried.

"Aang we have got to find him."

"Maybe he got distracted Katara. Let's wait another hour and if he's not back we'll look for him."

"Okay. I just have this bad feeling that something happened to him."

"If you think about it, Katara, you're only going to worry more."

"I guess you're right. I just hope he's okay."

(Sokka's POV)

Where am I? I-I can't remember what happened? I-I'm scared to open my eyes. Wait a minute, why am I scared? I'm a warrior and warrior's aren't scared of anything! Now on the count of three 1...2...3!

My eyes flew and all I could see was darkness.

Oh my Spirits I'm blind!

Oh wait. My eyes are adjusting to the darkness. I sat up. A little too quickly I guess because the pain in my head intestified. I felt a light touch on my ear and I noticed that my hair was down. I always noticed that my shirt was gone. I looked around the room. Except for my bed and a window the room was pretty empty.

"Where am I?"

"Well I figured that you would remember seeing as how you stayed here for a little while."

I searched around but I couldn't see anyone.

"Who's there? Show yourself!"

For a minute all was silent. And then I heard a noise by the window. I turned towards the window and gasped. Jet! Jet was climbing through the window and walking towards me.

"Stay away from me!"

"Oh Sokka. Please calm down. You wouldn't want to wake everyone else up! Oh wait no one else is around!"

"What are you talking about? What happened to all of your followers?"

"Because of you everyone turned against me. They said that I was crazy because I wanted to destroy the people in that village to get to the Fire soldiers! Because of you I lost everything! Well it's time to return the favor!"

"What do you mean?" I was beginning to get scared. All I wanted to do was to get the hell at of here and get home to Katara and Aang. He walked over to me. I froze when he when he grabbed my arms.

"You're gonna be my little sex slave and for every person that you saved in that village you will spend one year being my slave."

I started shaking. He forced his lips on mine. I tried to pull away but he was stronger. Jet forced me down on the ground. I started kicking and biting at his hands. I managed to bite him really hard. He screamed in pain and let my left arm go. I smiled thinking that I was going to get away but I was wrong. One look at his face told me that I made a wrong move. His face shoned of pure hatred and for a minute it looked like he was going to kill. I guess now I would've prefered that. Instead he got a weird look on his face and smiled.

"Fight me will ya? I'll just have to show you how much you'll enjoy."

Jet turned me on my stomach and tied my hands together. Then he ripped off my pants. I felt something hard bump my buttocks and I got scared. I silently begged him and pleaded with him to not rape me.

"Oh Sokka. I just wanna show you how much you're gonna enjoy being my slave."


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