Author's Note: (Technically not allowed to do this, but oh well)

Thanks for the wonderful reviews! And now to clear things up…

It was supposed to look like Tohru was having a baby, when in reality, she was getting her memory erased. No, wasn't a continuation of chapter 122 – I'm not that far in the series (heck, Yuki just admitted to himself that he loved Tohru).

Tohru and Kyo were married, when out of the blue Akito demanded she have her memory erased. I didn't know whether Uo and Saki ever find out about the curse, so I had Shigure tell them that she and Kyo were getting divorced (if she doesn't recognized Kyo's or any other Sohma's name, they'll just think she's moving on with her life, and putting the past behind her). They're probably in their early twenties – just a few years out of high school.

I rather like this as a one shot (confusing as it may be) but I could continue it…what do y'all think? It's up to you. I could go back to when Akito first gave the order and go through with more detail, and then continue the story after her memories are erased...ooh! Maybe she could meet Momo or something and get to be friends with her, and Momo realizing something is wrong! Or Kana! Or maybe Saki and Uo really knew, but no one knew that they knew, and now they're trying to get her memories back… or maybe they don't know, but they are afraid for her mental stability and so they put her into a mental institution! Or maybe Tohru finds out she's pregnant (a problem, since she doesn't remember being married)! Or maybe everything goes fine and dandy and she spends her life unaware of the constant surveillance she's under by the Sohma's!

Or maybe it should just stay a one-shot.

Let me know!