Title: The Glass Slipper
Rating: T-For safety in later chapters.
Freeing Alys
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Kelsi was always the quiet and distant one. The only thing she has going for her is her composurers. And maybe the guy she always wanted. Kelsi centric/Trelsi?


Kelsi Nielson sat near her keyboard and sighed out in exasperation. This was hard, it always was at first but she had to do it. Placing her hands back on the keys Kelsi started to hit random keys until she found what she liked. It was a weird way to go about writing a song, but it was her thing. This had been the way Kelsi had been composing for three years, and it was really growing on her.

Humming along to the melody, Kelsi jotted down the notes on her notepad. "I think this is real, I believe it's right. Yeah, yeah." Kelsi sung out as she kept hitting the keys. After the way the last musical ended the year before Mrs. Darbus asked Kelsi to compose the next musical, and Kelsi was determined to do it. It was what Kelsi really wanted and it would happen to its fulliest possibilty.

Letting her fingers flow over the keys of the keyboard Kelsi finished up the first song that she had able to finish for the new musical. 'Believe in Me And You.' Had to be the first, best song that Kelsi was able to write since Mrs. Darbus handed the job over to Kelsi. Getting inspired really hadn't been all that easy as of lately. With her parents fighting non-stop and her in and out relationship with the new EHS couple, Gabbi and Troy, inspiration wasn't anywhere to be found.

Smiling at her keyboard Kelsi stood up and grabbed her sheet music, setting it aside in her room Kelsi walked over to her bed and plopped down on it. Going downstairs to watch a movie wouldn't been a good idea right about now, but Dad was due home any second and Mom was angry with him again. So Kelsi thought it safer to sit up in her room and wait for the fight to pass.

Closing her eyes and starting to relax Kelsi jumped up in her bed when her own phone in her room rang. Picking it up Kelsi softly held it to her ear. "Hello?" She said casually into the receiver, trying not to sound all too shocked that someone was actually calling her.

"Kelsi?" The voice of Troy Bolton filled Kelsi's ear and she felt her heart beat heavily against her chest.

"Troy." She finally answered after a second of silence.

"Um yeah it's me." He answered almost sound nervous to Kelsi and it made her skin crawl. If anyone should be nervous it should be her. Troy Bolton was calling her after all, the leader of the school was calling the next to invisible member of the school.

"How did you get my number?" Kelsi blurted out before realizing that it sounded rude. "I mean, I didn't know you had it." She tried again trying to repent her mistake from the first time.

"Um actually Gabbi gave it to me a while ago. Have you seen her?" Troy asked sounding a little upset. Kelsi shook her head and started to pick at the hem of her tight fitted jeans. Of course he was calling for Gabi, why else? Since they started to go out at the end of the year before it was all about them. They fought from time to time and when Gabbi was talking to Kelsi she'd slip over to her house. But today was one of the days that Gabbi didn't want anything to do with Kelsi.

"No I haven't. She's not talking to me right now." Kelsi told Troy and she heard him clear his throat over the phone. "Sorry." She added wishing she could be anything at all to Troy. But nope, she was just Kelsi. The girl with the big hat and piano based music.

"Okay thanks Kelsi." Troy said before hanging up the phone.

Kelsi nodded and fell back down on her bed with the thoughts of Troy Bolton in her mind. She'd had the biggest crush on him for as long as she could remember. It was probably since the beginning of high school. Troy was getting on the basket team and he was a star. It drew Kelsi in in a certain way. She'd always wanted to be a star, with her music that is. And Troy actually was able to become a star with his sport. Kelsi both loved and admired Troy, he was her biggest rock in her messed up world. Granted, they were never friends or even acquaintences. But nonetheless he played a huge role in Kelsi's small life.

The sounds of Kelsi's parents fighting started to waft up to her room and she rolled her eyes. Not again, she thought to herself and sat up in bed. She had been expecting it, but there was always a part of Kelsi that thought it wouldn't happen. Maybe her Mom would've gotten over it by then or something. But it never happened they always fought.

Shaking her head Kelsi slipped off of her bed and walked out side of her bedroom door. Peeping over the door frame she saw both of her parents standing next to each other yelling. Fighting back the urge to yell at both of them Kelsi slipped back inside her bedroom and paced her floor.

She didn't want to be here anymore. She hated the fighting and unablitly to write any music. Kelsi was really starting to hate her own home and resent her parents. She hated that all within its self.

Kelsi's eyes drifted to her bedroom window and nodded her head. That was it, she'd slip out of her house. She highly doubted her parents would even notice that she was gone. So, grabbing her baggy jacket Kelsi quickly slipped it on and walked over to her window. Opening it up to its full extend Kelsi slipped out of it and jumped off the one-story roof and hit the soft grass with a light thud.

Standing up off the ground Kelsi walked quickly to sidewalk and started to walk down the street in a quick pace. Getting away was the one true thing that Kelsi really needed. Home was starting to become more unbearable each day and her parents didn't even care. Their obsession and addiction became fighting and hurting each other, and they didn't care that it was tearing apart their child.

Kelsi reached the main street and walked slowly along the sidewalk with the cars. Where do I go? Kelsi wondered to herself as he walked from block to block of her town. Gabbi was mad at her, again, for telling her maybe Troy was right about the fight they were in when they last talked. She couldn't go to Gabbi's, she'd only tell her to leave. Gabbi was the closest thing that Kelsi had to a friend and she had no idea about her home life or what was really going on. Kelsi didn't know she could trust that in such a flaky friend like Gabbi. Sighing Kelsi shook her head. She didn't know where'd she go, she really had no one. The only thing she had truly was home, and that was starting to suck so much she couldn't stand it. She wasn't going back tonight. She wasn't.

Stopping in the middle of the block Kelsi wrapped her arms around her thining waist, food really hadn't been liking her lately and survayed the area she was currently in. What did I know around here? She wondered as her eyes took in the area. Resting on the curb Kelsi slowly started to realize where she was. She was in Troy Bolton's neighborhood. Shaking her head Kelsi stood up and couldn't believe the thoughts in her head. There was no way she could go to Troy's, she couldn't. But as Kelsi watched the sun start to dip behind the mountains she realized she had to go somewhere. And Troy's was as good as anything.

Crossing the street Kelsi plunged her way into the rich neighborhood of her town. The part of town that Troy had grown up in and knew so much about. Passing each three-story house Kelsi paused in front of Troy's. This was it. This was Troy's house. Sighing Kelsi carefully walked up to his door and knocked on it. Feeling her stomach wrap within its self Kelsi took in a deep breath as the door opened. Troy stood on the other side and lightly smiled at Kelsi. "Hey." He greeted her and looked at her like she was crazy. And Kelsi knew she deserved the look. Why was she on Troy's doorstep anyway?

"Hi Troy." She said back and looked down at her feet. This was stupid, she really shouldn't have come.

"Did you find Gabbi?" Troy asked and Kelsi looked up at him and shook her head. He thinks I'm here for her, she realized and she felt ten times more stupid. He didn't care about her.

"No. Sorry." Kelsi said and turned around to walk back home. She'd just have to go back there wither she liked it or not, she should've had more friends for minutes like these.

"Kelsi wait!" Troy let out and Kelsi turned around to face him. "Do you want to come in?" He asked her and she nodded with a ghost smile on her lips.

"Sure." She said and walked into Troy's house. Taking in the huge surroundings Troy led Kelsi to his living room.

"My parents left, but they'll be back." He told Kelsi as she sat on the couch.

"Thanks for letting me in." Kelsi told Troy and he smiled at her.

"Sure." He said sitting next to her and started to drum his fingers on his knee. It was something that Kelsi found to be appealing and she loved the sound. It was a sound that Troy was making and she loved every note of the music he was playing.

"You think I'm like way weirder now don't you?" Kelsi asked him worried he'd never look at her again after this. This was a crazy thing to do after all, they barely knew each other. And here she was showing up at his house. It was crazy.

Troy looked over at Kelsi and shook his head with a mild expression on his face. "No I don't. I mean, I don't understand it. But I don't think you're weird." Troy told Kelsi and she lightly smiled at him, the only ounce of a smile that had escaped her lips all day.

"I just didn't want to be home anymore. I hate it there. So I went out my window and started to walk. I ended up here somehow." Kelsi explained to Troy leaving out her fighting parents, hidden love for him, and uninspired brain. That had to be too much to give him right away.

Troy flashed Kelsi a look that said he didn't know up from down, and it made Kelsi want to hide under a rock. But she knew she couldn't, she put herself in the situation and now she had to deal with it. "I'm sorry." Troy said after a minute of silence and Kelsi was thankful for it.

Shrugging her shoulders Kelsi started to pick at her nail bits. "It's fine. I mean I'd hate to go back tonight. But I don't have a choice do I?" She asked looking back up at Troy and he shook his head at her.

"Stay here tonight. My Mom loves to cater on guests. We have a guest room, tomorrow is Saturday, so I'm sure it'll be fine." Troy offered starting to sound upbeat about it and Kelsi smiled, maybe he's actually seeing me she thought to herself as she felt her head nod up and down.

"Okay. Thanks Troy." Kelsi retorted and smiled widely at Troy.

"Sure. Just promise me one thing." He started and Kelsi shrugged her shoulders to show she wanted to know the promise. "You'll tell me why you don't want to go home."

"Yeah, okay." Kelsi promised without thinking. But who really knows, by the time she left the next morning he would've forgotten.

Troy's cell phone rang loudly breaking the connection he and Kelsi were slowly making. Flashing Kelsi an apolocetic smile he flip it open and pressed it to his ear. "Hello?" He said into it and Kelsi smiled at him as he stood up off the couch and plugged his free ear with a free finger. Taking in Troy's figure Kelsi felt happier then she had for quiet awhile, being with Troy really was the thing to make her feel better. "Gabbi…" Troy talked into his phone and automatically Kelsi's heart dropped to her stomach. Gabbi, it was always Gabbi that drew him away.