One Piece Fanfiction1

"Chopper's Mirage"

Rated T for teen

One Piece is created by Shonen Jump and I have nothing to do with it or it's creation.

Chopper sat on the Strawhat crew's boat staring out as the sun rose. Luffy was stomping around trying to get Sanji to make him some food.

Chopper: Hey Luffy!

Luffy walked over to Chopper and leaned on the boat.

Luffy: Yeah Chopper?

Chopper: What's magic?

Luffy: Huh?

Chopper: what is magic?

Luffy: it's kind of like, well, I don't really know.

Chopper: I mean like, look down, I can see myself, I almost fell out of the boat when I saw it, It's really cool!

Luffy: Chopper! I don't know about scientific stuff! Ask Zolo or Sanji!

Chopper: Okay…

Chopper hopped of the edge of the boat and looked for Zolo as Luffy resumed begging Sanji for food. Chopper started banging on the door to Zolo's room. He carefully opened the door to check if he was asleep, as usual, he was. Chopper left and decided to ask Nami. He found Nami polishing her staff the Usopp made.

Chopper: Hey Nami!

Nami: Morning Chopper. Where's Luffy? I need to know where our next destination is.

Chopper: He was pouncing around trying to get Sanji to make him food.

Nami: Typical Luffy, anyways did you need to ask me something?

Chopper: Yeah, what's the picture I see of myself when I look into the water?

Nami: Chopper, that's your reflection, you see it when you look into a mirror or the water.

Chopper: But it didn't look anything like me! It had red eyes and the hat was black and had a purple X instead of the white one I have on my hat!

Nami: What?

End of Chapter 1