One Piece Fanfiction1

Rated T for Teen

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Chopper stared at Shadow Chopper.

Chopper: Don't call me crap-reindeer!

Shadow Chopper: Why?

Chopper: Because its annoying!

Shadow Chopper: Hmph. Whatever. I'm heading back upstairs

Chopper: Fine, and hurry up.

Shadow Chopper stomped up the stairs. He was angry as heck. In his mind he was short-fusing because he had strange emotions he never had before. He actually felt…sorry for Chopper, because the things he saw, Chopper saw them… He wondered if maybe, he should help Chopper…No…He couldn't. Falco would be enraged.

Falco Seriousis: Shadow Chopper!

Shadow Chopper snapped back to reality.

Shadow Chopper: Yeah Falco?

Falco Seriousis: Hand me that sample of the crap-reindeer's blood!

Shadow Chopper: don't call him crap-reindeer!

Falco suddenly shot an enraged look at Shadow Chopper.

Falco Seriousis: What did you say…

Shadow Chopper Couldn't take it anymore, if he helped Chopper the shadow-beings could just live in peace in the shadow world but first he would have to get rid of Falco and figure out a way up to earth without taking over a body to get shadow Nami back.

Shadow Chopper: I said…don't call him…CRAP-REINDEER!

Falco Seriousis: You dare defy your maker?

Falco jolted to a bottle of blue liquid and drank it.

Falco Seriousis: I made this for myself in case in emergency but now is a good time to use it.

Falco's eyes turned blood-red and small flames could be seen he turned into a humongous demon-looking thing at as if it was a reflex Shadow Chopper devoured a death ball. Falco picked up Shadow Chopper by the throat and threw him against the wall. A shadow jumped and hit Demon Falco in the back of the head and landed flat on his feet. It was Chopper and he planned in advance because he had a rumble ball in his system.

Chopper: Need some help pal?

Shadow Chopper: Heh, yeah.

Blood slowly went down Shadow-Chopper's face but he got up.

Demon Falco: Agh!

Chopper: His weak point is the back of his head and his eye.

Shadow Chopper: Right!

Whom will win? Find out in the semi-finale! Coming soon---