Lily ran her fingers through her newly cut hair. She looked in the mirror and smiled at her hair, cut short like a boy. When she turned away and looked down and saw red hair on her bedroom floor. She frowned as she started picking it up and putting it in the trash.

"I can't believe I let you talk me into cutting your hair!" Selene frowned helping Lily pick up the hair. Selene had long dark hair and deep blue eyes. She stood an inch or two higher then Lily.

Lily looked up at Selene and smiled as she walked back to her mirror and looked at herself again to make sure her hair was fine. She then turned back to her friend. "Don't worry I'll be fine I swear!"

"Oh why your at Hogwarts surrounded by boys I will sit and worry about you and praying that they don't find out!" Selene cried turning away from her friend and walking to the window.

"I have to met him..." was all Lily said.

The two stood there not saying anything to each other for a long time. Finally Selene turned to Lily and marched in front of her and stared down at her. "Lily if I don't get an owl saying your fine and what not I will find away to that school and drag you out myself!"

"I wouldn't have it any other way..." Lily smiled taking a step backwards.


Lily stood in front of the train by herself. She had told her mum and dad that she was old enough to catch a train by herself. The truth in the matter was that she didn't want her mum and dad knowing she was taking the Hogwarts train to school.

Hundreds of boy's of different ages stood around the train saying bye or climbing onto the train. She let out a slow calm breath before she to walked onto the train.

She did what she would do if she was with Selene, she walked to the last compartment. She opened it and looked inside and say that it was empty.

Ha! Maybe I will have it all to myself! That would be so cool.

She walked in, closing the door behind her and sat down next to the window. Ten minutes later she felt the train take off. "All to myself..." she whispered as the compartment door flew open.

"Sirius I mean it if you..." The boy trailed off seeing Lily in the compartment. He stood about five feet ten inches with sandy blond hair. His skin was some what pale and his eyes looked half worried and half lost.

Two other boys stood behind him. One stood and inch or two taller then the first boy. He had some what long hair and gray eyes a small smile was on his face. The other boy matched the second boy in hight and hair color but his hair was every where and his eyes hazel. They all stood there looking at Lily.

Its him!

"Er...Hello." The boy with sandy blond hair said steping inside. The other two followed taking a seat across her Lily. After he closed the compartment door he joined his friends. "Im Remus Lupin."

"Sirius Black is the name." The boy with long black hair said.

"James Potter and you are?" the boy with short black hair and hazel eyes asked.

"Bane Evans." Lily replied looking at the three handsome boys in front of her.

"You look about are age but I have never seen you around." Remus said. "What house you in?"

Lily dug into her pocket and pulled out and piece of parchment. "Im in Gryffindore and Im a transfer student from Spiridrell."

"Spiridrell..." Remus repeated in a low whisper.

"Its a very small school. We dont even have a Quidditch team."

"WHAT!" Sirius yelled jumping up and glaring down at Lily. "No Quidditch team! Why I should burn that school down, rebuilded it and call its Sirius and make up a Quidditch team.." Sirius said slowly sitting back down.

James who was looking at the door after he said his name looked at Lily real fast and then at Sirius. "Its okay Sirius."

"Okay? No its not it can nev..." he was cut off by the man who pushes the food cart. "Oh its about time I thought I was going to die."

The cart guy looked into the room and his eyes landed on Lily.He stood there eyes glued on Lily as Sirius looked for his sweets. James looked over at the cart guy and followed his gaze over to Lily.

"M'tal don't you have something else to look at?" James asked.

The cart guy, M'tal only smiled even more before he took the money Sirius handed him and left.

"You need to watch out for him. Hes in Slytherin I think his sixth year." James said looking Lily in the eyes for the first time. Lily tried to hold his gaze but looked away in the end.

"Thanks..." Lily said a little above a whispere.

Again the compartment door flew open and two more boys stood there. One hald blond hair and the other greasy black. The blond boy looked around before his eyes landed on Lily and a smile crossed his face.

"Look what we have here Snape." The blond boy said.

"A girl?" Snape said with a smirk.

Hello all! I got this idea from a manga called Hana-Kimi its really funny and mine wont be as funny as it because I've read a lot of books where girls dress up as guys latly so...yeah!