Its over already! Before it even started they found out. Say something! Defend your man...ism? Yes defend my manism!

Lily stood up to face him and found that she was alone in standing up. She put on her brave man face and opened her mouth to speak but Sirius had beaten her to it. "Banes not a girl. Girls have boobs!" Sirius said patting Lily's chest.

Lily's eye grew wide as she stood there watching his hand hit her chest over and over. Don't slape him! Don't slape him! Don't slape him! Your a guy so don't slape him! What would a guy do right now? Think...think...

"Stop that now or die." Lily said glaring at Sirius. Sirius gave a scared laugh and sat down.

"M'tal was right Malfoy." Snape said sending a smile over to his friend.

"Yes he was Snape. A guy with a girls face."

"I do not have a girls face!" Lily said standing her ground as a man. So I have a girls face but no I don't have boobs! Everyones so mean to me...

"Why don't you two just leave? I mean do you want to stay and look at a boy all day? So I guess what they say is true, you being gay in all." James said still looking out the window as the sun fell and darkness started to cover the sky.

"Im not gay. I would prove it to you buring a Quidditch match but you-" Malfoy started but three wands ended up in his face. Malfoy took a step back an ugly frown on his face.

" I think you should leave Malfoy and take you pet with you." James growled at him.

By now Malfoy recovered from the wands in his face. "Now, now, now mind your temper." He smiled walking away with Snape behind him.

"What rats." James whispered sitting down and putting his wand away.

Lily looked at the three boys as they sat there each in their onw thought. Slowly she sat back down and looked at the compartment door praying no one else would open it.

I wounder what happened. DId I miss something? Lets see Malfoy was talking saying something about proving hes not gay and then James and the others pulled out their wands. Im sure I missed something. Maybe...maybe I should ask.

Lily looked over at them and saw Remus had pulled out a book, Sirius was stuffing his face like a pig and James was looking at her. Lily could feel her face start to heat up and her heart pounding. Calm down stupid!

"Almost there." James told her looking away.

"Thanks." she whispered back.

"So Bane what room you in?" Sirius asked looking away from his food.

"Um..." Again Lily dug into her pocket and pulled out her parchment and looked at it. "Room 4A." She looked up at Sirius and saw him trying to hid a laugh. "Whats so funny?"

"Looks like James has a roommate." Sirius smiled at James who looked at Sirius and then looked away.

"In this school you have to share a room. Two people for one room. James has alwas had his own room but I guess all the other rooms were full and they put him with you." Remus said putting his book away and standing up. "By the way we're here!"


"I never seen anyone eat like that...: Lily whispered as the walked into the commons.

"Get use to it. He eats like that all the time." Sirius said shaking his head and looking over at Remus.

"He was talking about you..." Remus said under his breath.

James gave a yawn and started walking up the stairs. The others watched him go and sat down when they couldn't see him no more. They took their seats by the fire. Hardly any students were left in the commons.

Remus looked into the fire and let out a slow deep breath like he had been holding it for a long time now. "Bane is this your first time at an all boys school?" He asked still looking into the fire.

Lily who had started a game of chess with Sirius, and winning, looked up at him for a second and then back at the game. "Check. Yeah why?"

"No reason... just watch yourself around people you dont know. You know stay in the open.where people can hear and see you."

Lily sat there a minute thinking it over before her eyes grew wide and she made an odd face. "Now thats sick!"

"Checkmate!" Sirius said jumping up and down. Down on the chess board Lily's pices were yelling at her. Sirius collected his and put them away all happy like.

"Sirius you won? So there is a first time for everything." Remus said with a smile.

"Shut up or your lose your eye!"

Remus only smiled and looked around the room and saw that they were the only ones left. He stood up and started walking towards the stairs. "Sirius please be quite when you come up." with that said he was up the steps.

"I should go to bed too." Lily said standing up and walking towards the stairs. "Night Sirius." She said walking up the steps.


When Lily walked into the room she found James already sleeping. She found her p. j's and went to the bathroom to change. When she came out she put her clothes away and got into bed and soon she was sleeping...

Hello all! I hope you all like my fic. It will get better and I hope it gets a lil funny to.. GR! Im real funny in person but not so good when it comes to putting it down. -tears- Anyways! Um...tell me what you think