Chapter one: Meet Paige.

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Told in all sisters POV


I was upstairs in the attic looking for an athamae to use. I opened a chest and found a yellow baby blanket with a P stitched in the corner. That was weird. Mine was blue, Prue's was pink, and Piper's was white. When I picked it up I had a premonition. First I saw mom give birth to a baby with Sam and Grams there. Talk about yuck! Then Mom said. "Welcome to the world Paige Grace." "Patty you have to give this baby up. The Elders will take it if you don't." Grams said. She nodded and handed the baby to Sam got up and took his free hand. They orbed out.

Next I saw a couple take the baby from Mom. She said. "Mrs. Matthews take care of my daughter." The lady said yes and walked away with the baby. My baby sister! Last I saw a woman, probably Paige, get attacked by a gray demon. As he threw an energy ball, she threw her hands up and orbed out. She orbed in, looked at her hands, just as the demon shimmered out.

As I came out of the premonition, I ran downstairs to tell Prue and Piper. They just stood there shocked.

"Well we have to save her and tell her she needs to come home. We can't just leave her out there with her powers. She could get killed," Piper said.

"I agree. She is still our sister. Even if she is our half-baby sister," Prue said.

"Well how will we scry for her? We don't have anything of hers," Piper said.

"Yes we do," I said after a moment, "we have her baby blanket. We know she used it because I got a premonition off it." My sisters nodded and we walked to the attack. I got the yellow baby blanket while they got the map and crystal. I held the crystal over the map and hugged the blanket close. It swung for a minuet then landed. I looked close at the map and saw that it had landedby the South Bay Social Services.


I was walking to work when suddenly a big, gray thing shimmered. It made what looked like a sphere filled with electricity. As he went to throw it, I threw up my handsand yelled. I saw blue and white lights surround me and I closed my eyes.

When I opened them, a trio of women stood there. I heard them say something and caught myself say it too.

Evil winds that blow,

That which forms below,

No longer may you dwell,

Death takes you with this spell.

The thing exploded in a blaze of fire. The 3 ladies looked at me and smiled.

"Hi! I am Phoebe!" the one with light brown hair and chestnut eyes said. She waved a little. The next one walked forward. She had black hair and piercing blue eyes.

"Hi. My name is Prue," she said and held out her hand. After I shook it she stepped back and the last one stepped forward. She had dark brown hair and chocolate colored eyes.

"Hello. My name is Piper. I see you have met my annoying older and younger siblings." I smile and hear the other 2 say "HEY" in unison.

"Okay. I have just 1 question. What the heck was that thing?" I asked. The others looked at each other briefly before the youngest stepped up.

"Well that was what we call a demon. Evil creatures that want to kill us. We are good witches. We also think that you may be our sister," she said.

I think my eyes popped out when she said that. I am adopted. They kind of look like me. Hey! What the heck! I'll go with it!

"Ok. Bye." I said and turned to leave. As I did so the oldest one, Prue, I think, grabbed my arm.

"Come home with us. We need to talk. I can also tell you what your powers are," she said and led me to the end of the alley.


"You know what her powers are?" I murmured to Prue. She nodded.

"I checked the book before we left. On the second page it said, "The fourth sister shall have the power of orbing and telekinetic orbing. She apparently gets it from the whitelighter in her," she whispered back. I nodded and called for Leo. He orbed in and told us to make a circle. He orbed us home and we all sat down. We began telling Paige about our powers and us. She seemed a little distant though….


My god. I can't believe this! I have sisters! This is all so sudden and complicated. I know one thing though: They can never know my secret. I won't let them…

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