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Egypt had been good to Harry, Ginny decided as he jogged shirtless past her brother's apartment. She sipped a steaming cup of coffee and walked back inside closing the sliding glass door to the balcony behind her. She sat at the kitchen counter and waited for Charlie to wake up. It was his day off and her tour around Egypt.

Ginny had been a Medi-Witch at St. Mugos. The wizarding world had been designing a new branch in Egypt and needed some of the staff to transfer. Ginny's name had been the first on the list. She missed her brother and at the age of twenty-four, was ready to leave a boring predictable life behind. She would be working in a special ward set miles away from the new St. Mugos. The Dragon Ward. Ginny would be tending to the wounds and appointments of the men and women dealing with the dragon colony.

"Charlie, hurry up!" she screamed in the direction of the bathroom he had just entered. "I want to see where we work!"

"Where I work little sis." He said after spitting mouth wash into the kitchen sink. "You work in the Ward. I work in the Field, as we like to call it."

"Fine then," she huffed, "I want to see the Field." She said sarcastically.

"Well come on then lets go." He said pulling a yellow shirt on and deciding against a debate.

"Thank-You" she said smartly, following him out the door. "So do you apperate to work everyday?"

"Yea I get coffee, grab a muffin and apperate. I don't technically need to though. The colony is close enough."
"You do know I made coffee, right?" She said pointing over her shoulder towards the apartment.

"Yea, but that's not my morning routine." He said with a smug look on his face as they stepped out onto the street. After five minutes of walking they stopped at a tiny bakery with no one inside. Charlie stepped up to the counter and called out for the owner.

"Hey Char honey." Said a stout black woman in an apron. "muffin and a coffee?" she asked already knowing the answer.

"Yes ma'am. Gloria I would like you to meet my sister Ginny. She's a Medi-Witch.

"Pleased to meet you dumpling." She said as she reached for a muffin.

"Harry's been here hasn't he?" Charlie stated before Ginny could say anything.

"You'll never beat him." Gloria said matter-of-factly. "He's gotten the first muffin of the day for five years in a row. I don't see that changing any time soon."

"Harry comes here?"

"Every morning. Would you like something dumpling?"

"Oh, no thank you."

"Well we should get going." Charlie announced. "We've got a lot of ground to cover today." They walked out of the store and into the back alley. "Apperation safe point. Here grab my arm for this first time." He said to Ginny. She wrapped her fingers around his wrist. With a crack they were gone.

"Morning Harry" Charlie said as they arrived. Ginny whirled around to see Harry walking over to them in the process of putting on a white T-Shirt.

"Charlie, Ginny." He said in greeting. "Ginny!" he said in shock doing a double take. He turned around and swept her into a hug. "Wow its been a long time." He said holding her at arms length then kissing her on the cheek. "Since last Christmas, right?"

"Yea around then." She said nervously, tucking her hair behind her ear. "I'm a Medi-Witch at the new dragon ward." She said quietly.

"Well that's great." He said. His voice was void of any uneasiness. "I guess you'll be seeing a bit of me then" he joked.

"Oh I hope not." She said, not picking up on the light-hearted joke.

He smiled brightly at her. Oh that smile.

"Well I better get going boss. We're moving Norbert to a different section. Fun fun fun. Then I've got the afternoon off. I'll probably be around until two if you need me. I'm gonna stop and see Glenda before I go." Ginny felt a pang of jealousy. "You should come for dinner though." He said walking backwards away from them.

"Request lasagna." Charlie muttered in Ginny's ear.

"Okay," she shouted. "but only if you make lasagna."

"No problem Charlie." He yelled with a laugh. "Come on over around seven." Harry shouted as he turned around and walked though a tunnel labeled sector 4.

Ginny spent the morning by having Charlie show her around. They stopped by his office and some of the labs. He was of quite a high rank and well respected by all of his colleagues.

"This place is great." She said as they finished a late lunch in the cafeteria. "It's already amazing and I haven't seen a single dragon yet."

"That's where we're headed next." He replied leaning back in his chair. "We should see at least one dragon in the supervisors tower."

She beamed. "Awesome." She said eagerly.

"Oh, so you want to go now?" Charlie asked jokingly.

"Oh come on you oaf." She said punching his arm. She heaved him out of his chair and they set off.

They walked through a series of outdoor and indoor hallways, passing through some sectors they had already been in. The pair made their way from Sector eight to sector two. Finally after maneuvering down a long hallway and climbing up a towering spiral staircase they reached a locked door. Charlie stuck his wand in the keyhole and made very precise movements before it opened. Ginny walked into the amazing room. A round table sat in the center mimicking the round room. Half of the room was a huge rounded glass window, the other half was stone. Ginny walked slowly over to the immense window and looked down. She could see a massive dragon blowing smoke out of its gigantic nose.

"This is wicked." She whispered. She looked out and could see more dragons farther away. Below her on an iron walkway a man was sitting dangerously close to the smoking dragon.

"That's a Hungarian Horntail." Charlie said coming up behind her.

"Isn't it dangerous for that man down there?" she asked, worried.

"Oh Harry no, he's got a special relationship with that Horntail."

"That's Harry." She gasped. Then her cold jealousy returned. "I thought he was going to see Glenda"

Charlie smiled. "That is Glenda sis. Don't you recognize her. This is the Horntail Harry fought in the Tri-Wizard Tournament all those years ago."

"Bloody hell. It is isn't it."

"Sure is. She was old when Harry got here. She could barely breath fire and she was on her last nest. He has a way with that old brawd, and she loves him. Merlin knows she's a bitch to everyone but him. That boy's got a connection with dragons. Not just her, all of them. He's the best they come."

"What does he do down there?"

"He talks to her. Tells her his problems, concerns, fears. That dragon knows every woman he ever dated and how the date went. I reckon Glenda knows him better then anyone else. Poor thing wont even let a Veterinary-Witch near her if he's not there."

"How will he take it when she… you know?"

"Dragons live incredibly long lives Gin. I'm thinking if he goes first she'll follow soon after. He'll be fine though. He's lost worst hasn't he. I think that's part of why he likes her so much. Her life isn't endangered by him, everyone else's has. No, all she can do is blow smoke at him but she's still going." She looked down again to see Harry removing his shirt. "Hey, it gets hot down there." Charlie stated defensively.

She kept her gaze on Harry. His skin was tanned to a perfect bronze. He had wonderful shoulder muscles and biceps. She looked closer and noticed a tattoo. From this far away she couldn't tell what it was. She raised her wand to her head and muttered a spell doubling her vision. The tattoo depicted a stag with a wreath of lilies around its neck. She tapped her head again relieving the spell.

Charlie was amused by his sisters obvious gawking. "He's got another one."

"Huh?" she said dumbly coming out of her trance.

"The tattoo, he's got another one. The simple outline of an abstract dove. Over his heart."

"That's so beautiful." She breathed. She watched as Harry stood up. He leaned over the rail and patted Glenda on the snout. With his shirt in the back pocket of his jeans he disappeared from view. Glenda seemed to watch as far as she could before turning her head and gazing at Ginny. She snorted more smoke.

"Cha- Charlie, what's she doing? Why is she looking at me?" She stuttered.

"Because she knows I'll be up here." Came the voice of Harry.

For the second time today she whirled around at the sound of his voice. Harry strode over to her. He stood next to her at the window. He smiled and turned around grabbing the coffee Charlie offered him.

"So." He said after taking a long sip. "How's your day been so far? I hope Charlie here hasn't been to boring."

"No not at all. Everything has been really fascinating actually." She said taking a seat at the table. "I guess we're headed over to the Ward next. I suppose I've got to get a glimpse of where im gonna work. Would you like to come?"

"Thanks but sorry. I thought I'd stop by the residence of one Remus Lupin on my afternoon off."

"Oh." She said thinking of no better answer. Why hadn't he visited her more often on his days off?

"Well best be off." He said glancing out the window. He walked to the fire place and grabbed a handful of floo powder. "Residence of Remus Lupin." He shouted and was whisked away. She watched the fire for a few seconds before turning to the window. Glenda was flying away joining the other dragons.

"Well to the Ward then I suppose." Charlie said standing up.