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Epilogue of sorts:

Ginny and Harry stood on the balcony. She leaned against the rail clutching a cup of coffee with her husbands arms wrapped happily around her. His chin rested lightly on her shoulder and his breath tickled her ear as they gazed down at their children. Six year old James Arthur was throwing rocks into the small pond as hard as he could. Five year old Lily Black was hovering low on an old broom, while her twin Molly Ginerva, played with their four year old little brother Cedric Albus.

Harry sighed and found it amazing that this tiny woman in his arms had had four children in three years. Only a year after they had married, at the age of twenty-five, Ginny had James. In the two years following Lily, Molly, and Cedric were born. James resembled his father greatly. His black hair was constantly messy, and he had blazing green eyes. Of the twins Molly was the eldest. Her hair was long smooth and black her eyes were a warm chocolate brown, just like her mothers. Lily had been born with a full head of untidy red hair and eyes as equally shocking green as her brothers. She looked exactly like her grandmother Lily. Cedric's eyes were a honey golden and his hair was black. Harry smiled down at his children. He found it hard to believe that only six years ago he had walked, with James in his arms, toward his family. These children were his blessing.

Lily and James were fighting now. Harry smiled as the thought how ironic came to his mind. James wheeled around and threw a small round rock at his little sister. Ginny's eyes shot open but Harry just grinned as Lily's hand shot out of the air and grabbed the rock. She stuck her tongue out and flew away.

"That's daddy's little seeker!" Harry shouted. Ginny glared. "Don't fight with your brother. And James, good arm, you're the beater of the family." Ginny elbowed him in the ribs. "I mean, no throwing rocks son."

Ginny turned around in her husbands arms. She placed a small kiss on his lips. "I love you." She smiled and kissed him again.

"Mmm, and I love you." He held her face in his hands and kissed her gently. "And I love this family." Another kiss. "And our children." Another kiss. "And…"


"My gosh, that girl has some lungs on her." Ginny groaned.

Harry leaned over the rail. "Cedric! No pulling hair. Now go and say sorry and play nice with your sister." But Molly had already stomped off and was sitting under her favorite cherry tree reading a book. "She has too much of her godmother in her." Harry muttered.

Harry heard a crack below them and knew Ron and Hermione were there to watch the kids for the day, as it was their seven year anniversary today. Every year they went back to Cancun and stayed in the same hotel in the same room. Ginny would try on her wedding dress and Harry would marvel at how it still fit. They would walk the beach hand in hand early in the morning, and stay out late at night. The weekend was a special time for the couple.

"Harry get your but down here and check this out." Ron shouted.

Harry quickly apperated down to his best friend. "What's up man?"

"Watch this." He took a rock and hurled it into the air. Lily shot up as high as her broom would carry her and snatched it. "Do you know how old that kid is?"

"Well gee, I don't know, she's only my daughter. I'm guessing she's about five years old."

"I know," Ron shouted naively. "That kid is five years old and she's grabbing rocks out of the air like Fred and George make mischief. She's awesome. That girl is a seeker." Lily smiled wide as she landed next to her uncle Ron.

"Duh," she said sticking her tongue out, "Daddy knows I'm a seeker. Who do you think taught me that?"

"Ahh be quiet kid." He faced Harry. "She's only five and she's already got a quicker tongue then me. Your kids are like super children."

"Six, five, and four and you've got a beater, a seeker, a brain, and well I don't know what Ced is yet but I sure he'll be a keeper like his Uncle Ron." He ruffled Cedric's hair.

"Okay kids," said Ginny appearing, "come say goodbye to mommy and daddy." Hermione and Molly came over from under their tree. Cedric clung to her leg and James threw one last rock to Lily. "Group hug" she said as the family gathered round. "Big squeeze." She kneeled down. "Mommy and daddy have to go now. You'll have fun with Aunt Hermione, Uncle Ron and your cousin Arthur. We'll see you soon." She kissed each of them on the forehead. "Now be good. No fighting." She eyed James and Lily.

"What!" they protested in unison.

Ginny smiled. "Okay were going now."

"Love you." Harry called as they walked away. "Work on that arm James." He winked at his mini quittdich players.

The four stood waving to their parents all in a line. James, Molly, Lily, and Cedric.


Once again, some years later, Harry and Ginny stood on their balcony watching their children. James, fifteen, Lily, fourteen, and Cedric, thirteen, zipped around the yard on their Firebolt 3000's. Molly sat under faithful tree, reading the book her aunt had just given to her Jinxes for the Jinxed. Harry rubbed Ginny's back.

"We've got a wonderful family dear. Wonderful."