The children were once again watching the monitor in the main room of the Autobot base with anxious eyes, worried about their friends' safety. For protection, Red Alert was with them to guard them and the base. The Autobots were currently in a heated battle between their arch-nemesis, the Decepticons. The battleground was at a beach on a secluded island, and a Minicon was somewhere hidden there. Optimus Prime was battling Megatron, his rival, whereas everyone else was in a shoot-out.

"Man, they're getting creamed out there! Red Alert, isn't there anything we can do to help!" Carlos pleaded to the medic. Red Alert just frowned with concern, and replied, "Not that I know right now Carlos. I'm sorry." The human support group's hearts were pounding, and praying that everyone would make it through alright.

"AARRRGG!" Optimus cried as he was blasted in the shoulder by Megatron's cannon. He fell to the sand with a groan, and grabbed his wound. "This can't be good . . ." he thought as he looked up at the Decepticon leader hanging over him. The Autobot leader's optics were blurred from the blast, but he could still make out his enemy's cannon faced directly at his head. Optimus heard the cries of disposition that his men were yelling, trying to aid their leader. But Megatron's men rained down harder fire on the soldiers, and with the new addition of Tidal Wave, this wasn't hard to do. "Well Prime," the purple clad Transformer said with a sickly sweet tone, "it looks like your internal clock just ran out of time." With that final farewell, Megatron charged up his cannon to fire. But he never got a chance to.

A cry of pain filled the air before the Decepticon leader took out Optimus, and this time, it wasn't the Autobot. Megatron grabbed at his left optic unit, roaring with pain. The Decepticons stopped firing at the Autobots with puzzled looks on their faces. Why was Megatron screaming in agony like that? And why was his left optic sensor leaking Energon? Those questions were then answered with the arrival of a new source of pain for Megatron: a swift kick in the back of the head. By who, you ask? It certainly wasn't one of the current Transformers, but, from what the children saw on the monitor, a blue seeker, similar armor design between Thrust and Starscream, and with a faceplate with Optimus and Jetfire's design. However, this Transformer had something that none of the others dared to have.

This Transformer was wearing a Decepticon symbol with a slash through it, and an Autobot one next to it!

The blue seeker who had arrived apparently was the contrary of Wheel Jack by having the opposite symbols sliced and replaced. Both the Autobots and the Decepticons who were in a shoot-out had come to an awestruck cease-fire. Megatron collapsed to the ground, and looked up with his only working optic sensor into the face of a traitor. He never personally met this recruit, but had a feeling that this one was going to be bad business towards his plans of being titled Supreme Ruler of the Universe. The Autobots were stunned as well, never thinking that a Decepticon could become one of them, or to display it publicly.

The Transformer that had to have been the most shocked however would have to be Starscream. Ever since he was ordered to give the Star Saber to Megatron, the second-in-command never fully trusted his leader. He had thoughts of leaving the Decepticons, trying to fight for his own beliefs and become an actual individual like the Autobots treated each other, and not how the Decepticons thought of others like themselves as just cannon-fodder, and never as a "friend". Starscream still never thought of actually doing it.

Scavenger was the only one that wasn't too dumbstruck to think about if this newcomer as actually real. He himself was undercover as an Autobot at one point of the war, however Sideways was the opposite of him. Sideways was the cause of the loss of the Star Saber for the Autobots, tricking and confusing Hot Shot. Could this new arrival be another asset or just another Sideways' in a new form?

Thrust could tell that this was a serious problem; his leader was down and everyone else was too dumbstruck to do anything about it! Of course, he wasn't going to do anything about it, considering a tactician like himself would never resort to anything so belittling. He did decide, however, to make himself more noticeable towards his leader intellectually and called to Megatron over the intercom. "Megatron, perhaps this would be a wise time to retreat and gather more data on this newcomer?" His leader cringed at the thought of running with his tail in between his legs, but obliged and called to his men to retreat and beam up to their base.

Starscream lingered behind for a moment, taking one last good look at the defiant newcomer, and then painfully, obediently followed suit.