A/N: I have decided to challenge myself and take a box of prompts for some fic or another from an LJ community and use those prompts as drabble prompts. There are 95. And this is the first drabble. The title of the drabble is the prompt itself. For further reference. And these are all Sam/Ainsley. I'll try and update every day, but no promises.

i. Beginnings

The sun was shining, birds were chirping. Sam Seaborn was on top of the world. At least, in terms of television. He had killed—completely humiliated—several political analysts on Capitol Beat, and he was unstoppable. Invincible. He was almost beaming when he entered. Almost. When he finally sat down in the chair, allowing for swarms of people to apply goopy make-up onto his face to prevent him from looking pale on television, he saw her. Blonde, blue-eyed, beautiful. She flashes him a grin, cheerful. He extends a hand. "Sam Seaborn." She pauses a second. Her name is Ainsley Hayes.