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Spoilers: Follows cannon up to the end of S6 – but Willow never went to England.

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"...And So It Begins."

Dawns Diary

It's been two days since Buffy and the gang left, things have been getting much worse around here. Without a slayer the local vamps have been getting ambitious and powerful forces have began moving into Sunnydale. I can't contact Buffy for help I don't know where she is, Angels not answering his phone and I'm starting to fear the worst. Something is coming, something big and I know there is nothing I can do about it. Buffy said she'll be back in a few weeks, a month at the latest, I just hope things hold until she comes back. But I doubt I'm that lucky!

Faiths Diary

I can feel it.

Something big is going to happen and very soon. The back of my neck is tingling with the energy in the air. I tried to call Angel but his phone just keeps ringing. Buffys gone, I don't think she's dead but she's definitely not around anymore. If I can't find out anything within a few days I'm leaving here, I don't care if I am busting outta jail, it's time I did some good again. If everything I'm sensing is right…the world needs a slayer right now.

Dawns Diary

I couldn't sleep in the old house anymore; Sunnydale is now like it was when those Demon bikers came a while back. I'm living in what was Spikes crypt before he left, maybe living in a graveyard isn't such a good idea but it was all I could come up with. Maybe 'cause I'm The Key I can sense things, at the moment there's this depressing heavy feeling hanging over the town like it gets before it thunders. But I'm thinking the storm that is coming is much bigger than any thing I have seen.

Something is drawing me into town and I'm gonna follow it, intuition tells me that I'll end up at the old high school.

Faiths Diary

All day I've been pacing in my cell, like I have too much energy, I can't sit still. Tonight I'm going to break out, all this not knowing is driving me crazy plus I think something is telling me I'm needed and that's a feeling that I've missed. And then I felt it…an energy release so great my body shook with the force and it literally knocked the wind out of me and then I knew.


Dawns POV

I felt the Hellmouth open when I was still ten blocks away from it. All around me the demons that had been having a field day were fleeing. There was still a force driving me forward, maybe it was a residual key thing or maybe it came from having an older sister who was a slayer but whatever it was it was relentless. It took me nearly 3 hours to get to the Hellmouth - the streets (or what was left of them) were teeming with demons emerging from it and battling those already here. I got nearby and almost screamed, there was an army of demons assembling for what looked like an invasion. I fell to my knees instead and began to sob, Buffy had failed. Some demons looked up at the noise and I felt sure that this was it and I was going to die, part of me welcomed it, part of me had wanted to die since Buffy had died to save me last year.

Again I almost screamed as a hand clasped over my mouth and I was half-carried half-dragged away from the Hellmouth, it didn't take me long to realise I was being rescued and stopped struggling. I was gently placed back on my feet and I turned to face my saviour.


Faiths POV

I put the kid on the back of my stolen Harley and got the hell outta dodge.

I mean what could I do? The Hellmouth was already open so the damage was already done.

Giles had once told me that once the Hellmouth was open it would burn itself out after twelve hours or so. I didn't have the resources to close it and if my hunch was correct other portals around the world were opening - this is it boys and girls…the end of the world. If I'd have stayed in what was left of Sunnydale I could have done a little damage but let's face it; I was outclassed and outnumbered, all I could have done is died and the next slayer would be untrained and next to useless. I didn't have a choice, but why do I feel guilty - why do I feel as though B would've stayed and fought the good fight?