Oh no. I finally did it. I finally wrote a yaoi fanfic, or rather a fic that I'm actually putting up. I've attempted some before and called it practice, but I never posted any. However, this idea just came to me at work and I got so excited I couldn't wait to type it up. I also thought it might be something you guys would like. The idea is somewhat based on the manga Meripuri but everything else is mine. So here it is, my first real yaoi fanfic. Please be gentle in your reviews.

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My Beloved's Kiss

Chapter 1: The Curse

The building was located in a somewhat shady area of town and looked as cheesy as all the other places he'd seen before. A small sign hanging over the doorway stated "Madame Galinda: Fortune Teller" and he nearly turned and walked back the way he came in disgust. An eager voice to his left stopped him.

"Come on, Quat! It will be fun. I promise!"

Quatre sighed as Duo grabbed his arm and dragged him through the door. Of course this had all been Duo's idea. To find out if the future of his love life was going to turn in his favor. Quatre was not a fortune teller but since he was an empath and could sense people's feelings, he already knew his crush did not feel anything for him. He was quite sure that wouldn't change either.

Glancing around the dimly lit hall they had entered, Quatre repressed a shudder at the sight of skulls and pentagrams and other such paraphenalia. It looked more like a witch lived here than a fortune teller. A sign above a safe box with a slit in the lid read "Please deposit fee here." Quatre looked at Duo, who shrugged and pulled the amount out of his pocket since he had promised to pay. As soon as the money had disappeared into the box, the light seemed to grow dimmer.

"Come, seeker of the future. I know the answer to your problem."

Duo grinned. "She's pretty good." Quatre barely refrained from rolling his eyes. Trowa would laugh if he knew where he was. They both looked at the black curtain to their left where the scratchy voice had come from. With a flourish, Duo swept it to the side and stepped in, pulling Quatre with him.

The room was only lit by the few candles scattered throughout it. The only furniture was a small table in the middle of the room and two chairs facing an old woman sitting on the other side. She beckoned to them and motioned for them to sit. Quatre took a seat warily and Duo sat beside him with excitement. The woman stared at Quatre hard and then produced a set of Tarot cards from out of nowhere and shuffled them lightly.

"You wish to know the future of your love life, yes?" she rasped out as she began dealing the cards in front of her.

Quatre started. How had she known? Was she really that good? Duo nearly leapt out of his seat with joy. "That's it. We wanna know if the guy he's in love with will ever love him back."

Now Quatre really wanted to leave. This was stupid. Why should he have to listen to some crazy old woman tell him what he already knew. He shouldn't have let Duo drag him here. This was a waste of time. The woman began turning cards over and despite himself, Quatre began to hope that things would be different.

She turned over the last card and froze, her eyes widening. Then she smiled slowly and looked up to meet Quatre's eyes. "Your love will not reach him. He will never love you back."

His spirits deflated as quickly as if he had been stabbed and all the air had drained from his body. He knew that. He knew it. Yet, he had allowed himself to think there was a chance and now it hurt even more. Especially since the old woman seemed to be laughing at him.

Duo's excitement seemed to vanish in an instant and he was immediately placing a comforting hand on Quatre's shoulder. "I'm sorry man." He could only nod, feeling numb throughout his whole body.

Suddenly, the woman spoke up again the same smile still on her face. "He will never love you," she repeated, and Quatre could feel Duo tense up in his defense, "unless there is an intervention."

"Huh?" both pilots asked at once.

"An intervention... or a circumstance that will present him the opportunity to love you."

What the...? "What kind of intervention?" Duo spoke up before he could.

"A curse."

"A... c...c... curse?" Quatre sputtered in shock.

"Don't worry. It is free of charge," the woman said quickly, as if that could reassure him.

He had been right. The woman was a witch. She had to be. Abruptly, he stood up and headed towards the door. "Let's go, Duo!" he snapped in a mixture of fear and anger. A curse? How could she even suggest such a thing?

Duo was just coming up behind him when he pushed the curtain aside to reveal the old woman standing in front of him. He gaped in shock. How had she gotten there? Before he could move she placed her hands on his shoulders and chanted out a few words in an odd language. Electricity seemed to rush through his entire being and he uttered a strangled gasp before collapsing to the floor. The woman cackled madly. "Don't worry. A kiss from your love will set things right again." She suddenly vanished and Duo rushed to his side.

"Quat! You okay? Quat!"

Weakly, Quatre reached for his friend and tried to steady his breathing. "I'm ok, Duo. I feel a little dizzy, but I'm okay." He did not mention that he still felt some tingling from the shocks.

Duo shook his head and slung Quatre's arm around his shoulders, hauling him to his feet. "Damn, Quatre! I'm sorry. I had no idea that lady would be such a freak!"

He offered him a small smile and pointed towards the door. "Let's just get back to the safe-house, Duo. Okay?"

Duo nodded and helped him walk until he felt strong enough to move on his own.

By the time they reached their current safe-house the sun was just beginning to set. It was an old two-story colonial style house. The paint had been washed away for years and there were a few broken boards on the porch but it was still serviceable. When they went in, no one seemed to be home until they heard a noise coming from upstairs. They climbed the stairs and noticed that the door leading to the attic was open.

Quatre went to the foot of the stairs and called up, "Is anything wrong, guys?"

"The electrical outlets in my room aren't working," came Heero's grunted reply. Quatre felt his stomach flutter slightly at the sound of his voice.

"Oh." Sadly, he couldn't think of anything else to say. He wasn't sure when he had fallen for Heero, but he had realized his feelings when they had spent time together in the Sanc kingdom attending Relena's school. He had been afraid that Heero was in love with Duo, but Duo assured him that their friendship was just that. Friendship. Much like his and Trowa's. Best friends. Though Quatre yearned for that kind of closeness with Heero, they were only good companions at most. They did not have a lot in common. Heero's harsh training and Quatre's rich life had seen to that, so they did not have a lot of subjects they could really talk about. And Quatre was too afraid to bring up a subject that might be too personal for Heero.

Without warning, the house went dark and Quatre jumped in surprise. He suddenly felt a little dizzy and his body was hot all over. Something was changing. His body felt weird and his head seemed to have some extra weight pulling on it.

"What happened to the lights?" Duo yelled out.

"It was Heero's fault," Trowa's voice floated down the stairs.

"Duo? I don't feel well." His voice came out in a higher pitch than normal and Quatre fought panic. Was the curse doing this to him? Had that old woman really put some stupid curse on him?

"Geez, Quat! Why does your voice sound so girly?" Duo's voice responded from the darkness behind him. He turned to face him and the lights turned back on. "Holy shit!" Duo's face drained of color completely and his mouth hung open in shock.

Quatre was now thouroughly alarmed now that the dizziness had disappeared with the darkness and for some reason his shirt felt a little tighter. He looked down and nearly fainted when he saw why. His chest was no longer a flat, smooth plane of muscle. Instead, two perfectly sized, shapely breasts were straining against the material of his shirt.

"Quatre?" Duo's disbelieving voice snapped him into action and he raced to the bathroom to prove he seeing things.

Quatre ran to the mirror, peered at his reflection... and promptly screamed in horror.

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