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My Beloved's Kiss

Chapter 6: The Mission

It was official.

He had lost his mind.

His current occupation didn't exactly prove he was sane to begin with, but this was pushing it. Of all the things he had expected to have to do, kissing Quatre was not one of them. The action itself, however was not what bothered him. A kiss would not make him feel he had gone crazy. Enjoying the kiss like he had, was another matter altogether. For some reason, that kiss had started a fire inside that roared with a desire he was unfamiliar with. He now burned for more and the realization that he wanted the blond was unsettling.

Why? Why had he kissed Quatre like that? A simple press of the lips would have sufficed. Even if it had to last more than a few seconds, there was no reason to take it so far. He had used his tongue! What part of his brain had made him do that? They couldn't afford a distraction like this. They were in a war, not high school.

The sun was slowly rising over the trees in the backyard as he walked onto the back porch and Heero ran an irritated hand through his messy chocolate locks. He had forced himself into sleep the night before in order to not think about his actions. His morning workout wasn't so kind and bombarded him with images of the kiss like a film on replay. Even his five-mile run in the chill morning air had done nothing to block out his thoughts.

He nodded to Wufei when the other boy walked up the porch steps to go inside. The morning routines were well established between the early risers in their group. Heero did his strength training workout inside and went for his run from the front of the house to the outskirts of town and back. Wufei did his stretches, Kata and morning meditation out in the backyard and finished just after Heero's shower. When Wufei came back from his own shower, Trowa was already in the kitchen with tea for himself and the Chinese pilot. Heero would have a pot of coffee brewing and Quatre would come in a few minutes before it finished, while Duo would stumble in after everyone had finished their first cup. Breakfast usually fell to Wufei or Trowa when there was time for it as they were the only ones with decent cooking skills.

When he heard Trowa setting up the tea kettle in the kitchen, Heero was torn between hiding out on the porch or going in and starting the coffee. The need for caffeine won out in a matter of minutes and he headed in hoping to take his cup outside before Quatre came in. Trowa nodded in greeting and it was a more out of habit that Heero was even able to nod back. He was once again grateful for the non-verbal communication the three of them shared.

Wufei came in just as the coffee began brewing and Trowa sat down at the table with their cups. Wufei joined him and Heero suppressed his impatience. When he was able to pour his cup, he made his way towards the door and almost bumped into Duo.

"Man! I can't drink those things anymore!" Duo groaned as he dragged himself to the coffee pot. His braid was disheveled and his eyes blinked continuously in the bright light.

Heero grunted and began to leave again when it hit him that Duo had beaten Quatre to the kitchen. Before he could process something might be wrong, a cry from his left alerted him to the blonde's presence. He had just enough time to balance the cup in his hand before the Arabian threw himself into his arms.

"Heero! I don't know what happened! I turned back into a girl!" Quatre wailed.

The evidence of this statement was currently being crushed against Heero's chest and he quickly disengaged himself from Quatre before his body would be able to react. Setting his coffee cup on the counter, he turned back to Quatre and studied him quietly. The boy was indeed female once again and still wearing only an over sized t-shirt and boxers. Heero was slightly baffled. He knew that they had turned him back last night. The absence of breasts and long blond tresses after that kiss had proved it. So what happened after the kiss?

"What do you mean you turned 'back into a girl'?" Trowa spoke up.

Duo instantly perked up from where he stood cradling his coffee cup. "What? Seriously, Quat?"

Heero ignored them and focused on the 'female' in front of him. "Tell me everything you did last night after we... turned you back." He couldn't bring himself to say kiss.

Quatre nodded slowly still looking dejected at the fact that it hadn't worked. "I went right to bed, Heero. I got under the covers, reached over and turned the light out and then suddenly I felt dizzy and hot. I tried to call out for you but I ended up passing out."

Heero grunted. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. He thought back to the first time Quatre had turned into a girl. Nothing extraordinary had happened then either. The time of the transformations were different though both instances were between the evening and early morning hours. Duo was there the first time, but the second time Quatre had been alone. It doesn't make sense. There's nothing in common. There was no bed, no covers, no lights-...

Without another thought about what he was doing or where, Heero leaned over and kissed Quatre. The shocked gasps from the other pilots were drowned out as Heero struggled to keep this kiss simple and under control. It lasted perhaps a moment longer than a simple kiss should have but he was quite proud of himself for not giving in to those other desires that had been plaguing him since morning. He pulled back and surveyed his handiwork. Quatre looked a little breathless and bewildered, but whether that was from the kiss or the curse he couldn't tell.

"Winner... you're... normal," Wufei managed to say after the initial shock of seeing his fellow pilots, well... kissing.

Quatre was definitely back to normal, but before he could enjoy that fact Heero grabbed him by the arm and dragged him to the small pantry next to the refrigerator. He shoved the blond into the pantry and slammed the door.

"Heero? What the hell, man?" Duo shouted as he ran over to 'rescue' the other boy.

Heero threw out an arm to stop him before he could get to the door. "Just wait," he said simply. If his theory proved correct then they would know exactly what was causing Quatre to turn into a girl. A muffled cry came from the pantry and Heero yanked the door open just in time to catch Quatre as he passed out. Once again, the blond was now in female form.

Duo gaped and Wufei swore in Chinese. Trowa merely looked at him in mild amusement. "You figured it out."

Heero nodded. "The only thing in common between the instances of his change was that he was in darkness both times. Now that we know, we can just make sure he isn't in complete darkness again until we figure out how to stop it completely."

"Yet, you brought him back, Yuy," Wufei stated still in slight shock. "Does that mean Winner just needs someone to kiss him whenever he changes?"


The other pilots looked at Duo in surprise.

"Explain," Wufei demanded.

With a sigh, Duo ran his fingers through his bangs. "It can't be just someone. It has to be Heero. That's what the crazy hag said."

"How did she know my name?" Heero narrowed his eyes at the braided boy who suddenly looked very nervous.

"She didn't!" He put up his hands in defense. "She just specified you without using your name. Some creepy witch thing or something! I swear!"

Heero let it go. Duo wouldn't lie about his name being used. Gently shifting the female Quatre in his arms, he lightly tapped the blond's face urging him to wake up.

"Wait a minute," Trowa spoke up, leveling his intense gaze at Duo. "Have you known all this time that a kiss from Heero was all Quatre needed to change back?"

"Quatre knew too," he retorted and promptly clapped a hand over his mouth. Both Wufei and Trowa raised an eyebrow at this. Duo removed his hand with a sigh. "Oh come on, you guys. If it was you, would you actually want to tell Heero that he has to kiss you?"

Neither boy seemed willing to answer and Heero was grateful for their silence. He felt awkward enough now that he was no longer focused on the 'mission' of discovering the key to Quatre's transformation.

A groan from the physically female boy in his arms had Heero wondering how strong the symptoms of the actual transformation were. Remembering that Quatre hadn't passed out the first time Heero had to consider that being returned to original form must be an intense relief for his body and it was rejecting another change.

Bright, teal eyes blinked up at him in confusion and it struck Heero that he would once again have to turn Quatre back into a male. The though both thrilled and embarrassed him since the others now knew what process had to be used.


Pushing the feelings aside, he stood up and helped Quatre to his feet as he explained his discovery.

"I can't believe you figured it out! This will be so much easier," the blond gushed in excitement. "Thank you, Heero!"

Once again, the Japanese pilot found his arms full of a female Quatre as he was hugged tightly and realized there was still something to be taken care of. Ignoring the others and Quatre's mild protests, Heero turned and dragged Quatre out of the kitchen and up the stairs to his bedroom for privacy. He was not eager to repeat his earlier actions in front of his comrades.

"What was that for?" Quatre demanded though he did not appear angry.

Heero found himself unable to face the blond as he replied, "We still have to change you back again."


He glanced over to find Quatre staring intently at the floor with a very pretty blush dusting his cheeks. Heero nearly groaned at the sight. One kiss had managed to do so much to his hormones, he wasn't sure he could handle another; especially without an audience to force it into simplicity.

"If it makes you uncomfortable, I can just stay like this. I don't want to force you or anything." Quatre mumbled when a few minutes had passed by without movement on either side.

"It's not that," Heero spoke up quickly. "I'm just having trouble..." He paused wondering how to explain himself.

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to cause you trouble, Heero!"

He grabbed Quatre's arm as the boy tried to move towards the door.. "You don't understand, Quatre. It's not you; it's me. I feel I'm unable to control myself when I... when I.." he trailed off as the word 'kiss' refused to leave his mouth.

Quatre's eyes widened with surprise and the blush deepened as Heero's words registered. Shyly looking away, he murmured, "I don't mind."

Heero blinked. "What did you say?"

Biting his lip, Quatre spoke a little louder, "I don't mind if you get carried away, Heero."

Whether Heero had imagined the purr in Quatre's voice as he said his name or it was deliberate, the brunette found he couldn't care less and pulled the Arabian flush against him. He brushed his lips against Quatre's and like a match thrown onto kerosene, the roaring desire flared up inside him once again. He plundered the willing mouth in front of him feeling the slight jolt that seemed to signal Quatre's anatomy change and the suddenly flat chest against his own. It only served to increase his need for the boy in his arms and he groaned into the kiss. Quatre's hands had wound themselves around his neck and their fingers tangled in his unruly hair.

Heero was quickly losing control. His hands gripped Quatre's waist and pulled their hips together earning simultaneous moans from both of them. Slipping his hands even lower, Heero could feel Quatre's heat through the thin clothes and pushed his thumbs into the small area between hip-bone and groin. The blond's head instantly snapped back as the most erotic sound Heero had ever heard was ripped from those ravaged and swollen lips. Rationality left his mind without a backwards glance. Licking his lips, he dove for the exposed neck and nipped and licked until Quatre was clinging to him and gasping out little moans at every small bite. He ground their hips together almost painfully and felt his head buzzing with pleasure.

Abruptly, and with startling clarity, Heero realized the buzzing was actually beeping. He froze and looked over at his laptop on the small desk in the room. Slowly, he pulled away from the other teen and felt a mixture of loss and pride as he surveyed his handiwork. Quatre's face was flushed, his pupils dilated and he was panting slightly as he looked away in embarrassment. Heero suddenly longed for a self-detonator. He had gone too far. He always believed in following his emotions but how could he follow something he still wasn't sure was anything other than lust. He had no wish to hurt Quatre. Even if he wasn't sure how he felt about him, Heero had come to care for him as friend if nothing else.

The laptop continued beeping and Heero suppressed the urge to shoot it. He longed to explain himself to the awkward looking blond but words failed him and he simply turned away and reached to turn off the incessant beeping. A message was blinking on the screen and he quickly opened up the attached file.

"Is everything alright?" Quatre asked in a small voice. Heero bit his lip. He wanted to apologize but he wasn't even sure what he would be apologizing for. He was feeling confused, horny and guilty with no idea of how deal with any of it.


Shaking his head slightly, the Wing pilot fell back on his training and simply turned off everything that wasn't important to the new information he had just received. Without turning around, he replied tonelessly, "Gather the others. We have a new mission."