Hello!(I doubt many people are reading this).Well, this is my first attempt at a Finding Neverland story so I hope it doesn't sound too bad. Anyways, I don't own any of the characters except my girl character (Whose name doesn't belong to me!) so please don't sue me! Well, on with our story, hope you enjoy, and please review!

There he sat as usual writing. Looking up James Barrie looked around watching Peter, Michael, George, Jack, and, John running and playing fetch with his loyal dog Porthos. It had been a whole year since Sylvia's death and James and the boys had moved in with Mrs. duMarier. Life was beginning to brighten up and James was beginning to love it again. He had read in the paper about Marie's marriage and had signed the divorce papers months before! Peter was beginning to play along with the other boys and was writing more every day. Even Mrs. duMarier was beginning to lighten up a bit! Hearing a loud woman's laugh James closed his journal and looked up to see a young woman running from Michael and yelling before tumbling to the ground hearing Michael exclaim that she was it! Slowly James stood and walked over.

"Michael, what are you doing to this poor lass?", James asked watching the young lady get to her feet and brush herself off.

"He's fine!", She answered for him, "We were just playing a well rounded game of hide and go seek", She smiled. "You have lovely boys Mr. . uhh, "Mr. Barrie.", He extended his hand. Her face lit up but she did not scream or exclaim how wonderful it was to meet him she simply shook it and announced that her name was Wendy KirkPatrick.

"Is that an Irish name ,I suppose?", He asked releasing her hand as she nodded noticing the rich accent in his voice.

"Peter, John, George ,Jack,", Michael yelled, "You can come out now!".

All three boys walked over inquiring about the lady friend. When Michael announced her first name everyone asked if she was joking. She shook her head no and laughed. James watched her as she looked at the boys. She was a very pleasant woman and was very different from any other he had met. In outer appearance, She looked a lot like Sylvia but with thinner lips and dark green eyes. He smiled at the thought, but realized that she was also very childish but kind. He liked it and thought he would like to see more of her since the boys had taken such a liking to her so quickly.

"Uncle Jim, Can we have miss Wendy over for supper?", George asked looking up at James.

Turning his head he looked for an answer from Wendy.

" Uncle?" , she asked , " Then you are not their fa..", she stopped short noticing the pain in young Peter's eyes. "Well, can I take that as an invite, Mr. Barrie?", she asked looking him over. He simply smiled nodding his head. "Do you know where the deMarier house is?", he asked and with the answer yes, the date and time was set for supper that evening.

Later that day James told the boys to get ready after telling Emma (Mrs. deMarier) about inviting Mrs. Kirkpatrick for dinner. Emma had raised an eyebrow at the Mrs. and told James that she had heard of this woman and that she was not married. So far Emma did not like the way this was going and she knew that the woman was childish and very un lady-like and the farthest from proper. She also knew that James and her grandchildren had already taken a liking to her, She only hoped James would not get too attached!

Well? I know it's short but, it's kinda an intro. I also know I rushed into everything REALLY fast but I thought that it would be better if the boys liked her a lot first!