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He was attracted to the woman. He had seen the child-like sense of innocence in her green eyes and had been truly surprised when the children had wanted to see more of her. He wondered what Sylvia would think. He wondered if it was right for him to be attracted to this woman. He knew that he would be seeing her soon and he knew that he had a while to figure his sudden feelings out.

"Knock, Knock", the patter of fingers were heard and James got out of his reverie and was going to the door but Mrs. duMarier got there first. He could here the sound of the boys feet as they ran down the stairs in their fine clothing to greet their dinner guest.

"Hello",He heard Miss Kirkpatrick's voice.

"Come on in you're welcome here", James watched as Emma allowed Wendy inside shutting the door afterwards and watching the girl with clever eyes. Wendy walked in and smiled as James looked her over. "She's beautiful" ,his mind thought and he had a sudden urge to take her in his arms. Get a grip she's a guest and a friend. "Why am I feeling this way", Mr. Barrie questioned himself.

She was radiant and looked stunning in her dinner gown. Her blonde locks were pulled up with few strands hanging down in a tight bun. Her dark green eyes were big and doe like as she looked around the place she was standing in. James smiled seeing the lovely white glittering dress and high heeled shoes that made her almost his height.

Leaning over he greeted her. "Hello once again , Mr. Barrie", she replied as he planted a chaste kiss on her hand and watched the pink rise to her elegant pale cheeks.

"Hello, Wendy! ",the boys yelled together as they bowed politely. A giggle was heard from there guest as she curtsied and followed everyone to the dining room.


"So, what do you do for a living Mrs. Kirkpatrick?", James cringed as he heard Emma asking and knew that the woman was trying to test Wendy.

"Well, you see, I love to paint and draw, and I love music and acting, but there's not much call for that nowadays, except for acting which I haven't tried on anyone yet, so I am a seamstress until I get my big break.", Wendy answered truthfully and watched Mrs. duMarier ponder her answer.

James smiled as the boys laughed at Wendy's funny faces. He knew Emma had not noticed and he was glad for that. She rolled her eyes and then jumped up from the table making the boys look up from their laughter in surprise.

"Oh my gosh!", she gasped you have a piano!


James knew that this was not good. Emma had told Wendy to play something for the family after she had seen the piano and been so exited. He knew Emma was just testing the girl and waiting until she could stand it no more.

Walking to the piano Wendy removed her heels showing everyone how truly short she was before sitting at the piano that hadn't been used in years.

James's eyes glazed over as a beautiful melody filled the room and he could see Neverland through the music. He could almost feel the magic flowing from Wendy's fingertips as she played the enchanting piece. When the final note rang out he looked at Mrs.duMarier to find tears in the strict woman's eyes. The room filled with applause as even the boys seemed entranced.

"Thank you,", Wendy smiled as James asked her what the piece was called. "I really don't know, I just picked it out", she answered and James smiled.


"May I walk you home?", James asked after Wendy had helped him and Emma put the boys to bed. Miss Kirkpatrick nodded as they told Mrs.duMarier where they were going.

"Mr.Barrie, you have a wonderful family and I just want you to know how wonderfully lucky you are to have them.

"Thank you Miss Kirkpatrick,I hope that we see more of you soon", James answered as they reached the door to Wendy's small apartment. James sighed knowing that this girl was VERY talented but poor. She was not very high on the social standards and he knew it must be harder not having a husband.

"You may call me Wendy, there is no need for formalities between friends. "Wendy smiled unlocking the door and walking inside.

"Then you may call me James, Wendy, goodnight." he kissed her hand once more before walking back home.