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Warning Snake Sex Ahead! Read at your own risk! You've been warned!

"Malfoy, Malfoy, hey Earth to Malfoy!" Draco shook his head slightly before turning to look at Harry Potter sitting next to him in the alcove, his hand still on his shoulder.

"Wha-at?" he asked blearily, blinking at the dark-headed boy next to him.

"Malfoy, I asked you a question and you zoned out on me," replied Harry, confusion filling his voice. "I wanted to know if you had dreams and you just sorta turned pale and went off into la-la land."

"Oh, um, I didn't sleep very well last night," Draco answered defensively, his eyes searching Harry's to see if he believed that bald-faced lie. "Now what did you want to ask me?" he asked straightening up to sit flush against the wall.

"Well, the dreams, you know, do you have dreams?" Harry asked. He cast an appraising eye on his friend, noticing his haggard appearance for the first time. Draco's stiff posture and nervous fidgeting struck him as odd. Harry had spent enough time with him since September to tell that what ever came out of his mouth next would probably be a lie. Or at the worst, he would do his damnedest to avoid the question entirely.

"Oh, dreams, right." He sniffed, "Of course I have dreams. Dreams of being a Seeker for the Wiltshire Wasps, dreams of improving the Malfoy fortune, dreams of…"

"Fuck, Malfoy, you know what I meant, do you have dreams of our imprisonment?" Harry interrupted rudely, annoyed at Draco's attempt to evade the question.

Draco flinched and slumped at the word "imprisonment". He sighed dejectedly, running a hand through his hair, before replying, "No, Potter, I don't have dreams. I have nightmares."

Harry scooted over a little closer and laid his hand soothingly on Malfoy's thigh. The blond flinched slightly at the gentle touch, a wave of deja vu washing over him, as if they'd had this conversation before. The green-eyed Gryffindor sat still before him studying him intently, waiting for Draco to continue.

"So, I assume you're having them, too," Draco said finally after a long pause.

"I've been having them since we started back at Hogwarts, but they've changed lately," Harry said tersely. "It's really quite strange actually. They start off horrible and end well… I can't quite explain it to you. What are yours like? I mean, I hear Voldemort's snake and sometimes I see flashes of people and places… it's just so hard to explain," Harry finished quickly.

"They're pretty much the same as yours, I expect. Sometimes, I… I see Father and the Dark Lord laughing at me. Sometimes, it's just of us in the cell. Just us alone talking, and then they come for us," Draco said quietly, suppressing a shudder.

"Malfoy, d'you think we should tell the Healers? They told us that if anything unusual happened…" Harry started to ask.

"No, Potter, I don't think we should," Draco said coldly, pressing his lips together tightly before continuing. Blue-grey eyes met Harry's Slytherin green, searching for the trust he once found there and finding it again. Draco reached down and wove his fingers through Harry's giving them a light squeeze in reassurance, again sensing a feeling of déjà vu. "Look, you know as well as I, that they'll just want to poke and prod us again; fill us up with their damnable potions… I don't want to talk to them about these dreams we're having. I'd… I'd rather talk to you about them," Draco said shakily.

"Alright then. I wouldn't think that it's unusual that we're having nightmares after last fall. Do you want meet back here tomorrow to talk about them?" Harry asked softly. "I know it's been rough for you lately…"

"Look, Potter, I'm not a girl that you have to be all concerned about. I'm fine, just fine," the Slytherin hissed, his eyes glinting angrily as he pulled his hand from Harry's. He staggered upright and made to leave, his displeasure evident in every move.

"Wait, Malfoy," Harry said reaching out and snagging his sleeve. At least tell me if they get worse, alright? You know I care. And try to get some rest, you look like shit."

"Yes, Mother, I will," Draco sneered. "Harry, you should really let your Slytherin side out more often, your Gryffindor-ness is so annoying."

Harry chuckled, relieved that his friend seemed to be back to his usual, snarky self, but mildly confused about Draco's wildly shifting emotions. He watched as the blond cracked the portrait open and peeked out into the corridor.

"Shit, Potter, the halls all full now. Give me your cloak. I don't feel like hearing about Potter and Malfoy hiding out together from them. Gods forbid The Prophet gets wind of it," the blond scowled.

Grinning, Harry tossed the invisibility cloak to the Slytherin, watching him vanish before heading off to class himself.


Harry pulled the curtains closed on his bed before lying back and putting his hands behind his head. Sighing, he tried to relax and clear his mind, but the day's events replayed themselves. Malfoy had acted strangely today, but considering what they'd been through, he had every right. Draco was keeping something from him; of this he was quite sure.

Random thoughts flew through his mind as he stared at the ceiling. He'd seen Ginny flirting with Blaise Zabini today. He decided that he wanted, no, he needed to talk to her. She'd told him after he'd gotten out of hospital that she didn't want to be with him anymore. She'd never said why, but he wondered if she blamed him for the deaths of Fred and George. His eyes burned, and the heaviness in his throat choked him when he thought of the two red-haired pranksters. He'd never seen them so happy as the day they'd flown out of Hogwarts after turning the Charms corridor into a swamp and with their deaths, the happy spirit had left the Weasley family.

A tear trickled down his cheek, finally splashing on his bedclothes. Harry reached up to wipe the wetness away, and then turned to his side. His thoughts again returned to Draco. Yes, he looked a great deal better than before, but his grimness and poor appearance worried him. Draco had always been particular about his looks, but now it was almost as if he didn't care. It just must be the dreams, Harry thought. Gods, I hope it's just the dreams. Somewhat reassured that he wasn't alone in having nightmares of Voldemort, the dark-haired boy wiped his face once more and closed his eyes, letting the fingers of sleep draw him in.

Harrry, Harrry, the voices called him. Dream Harry looked around in the dark, trying to find the voices that called to him as the hissing grew steadily louder. Blinking, he realized that a large, white snake was slithering toward him. Stopping before him, the snake reared up, hissing, "Harry, I have plansss for you, great plansss for you."

He made to run, but found himself frozen in place, the snake slithering closer and closer, its forked tongue flicking. The darkness was nearly suffocating him, its closeness pressing in on him from all sides. The snake was now facing him, its red eyes boring into his soul. "Harrry, I just want to play withsss you," it spat, its fangs gleaming yellowy in the dark, the points dripping with venom.

Harry tried to lunge away from the fearsome sight before him, but instead of turning to run, he felt himself falling backwards into the blackness, the snake following him down. It landed heavily on him, and began wrapping itself around the trembling boy. Harry could feel it coiling around him, its body constricting with every movement he made. Dream Harry pushed down a shriek of dark terror as the snake came ever closer. Swaying before his face, it flicked his face lightly with its tongue, even darting its tongue over Harry's lips.

The snake grinned evilly, its red eyes glowing with malice. "A good hossst needssss to pleassse his guessst," it hissed.

"Noooo, noooo," Dream Harry pleaded, as the boy lost in the dark corridor of dreams writhed on his bed, twisting the bedclothes around his legs. "Please, please not again," Dream Harry moaned. A gasp escaped Dream Harry's lips as he felt the cool dry skin next to his own as his pajamas vanished. The snake skin rubbing roughly against his bare skin terrified him, and yet, it also aroused him.

The snake coiled tighter, making Dream Harry wheeze as he struggled to breathe. The cool, dry skin sliding around his body sent waves of arousal through him. Horrified at his body's betrayal, he felt the snake somehow entwine itself around somewhat-stiff Harry, the coolness further inflaming him. The white snake grinned as it drew itself up in front of its aroused captive.

Harry flinched as he prepared to see the horrible red eyes again, but, shocked, he found himself looking into dark blue-grey lust filled eyes, eyes that looked very familiar, but so out of place on a snake. He blinked in disbelief, but the serpent only smirked at him.

Amazed, Dream Harry watched as the snake lowered its mouth to his lips, the forked tongue slithering within, searching the warm depths for a place of peace. Dream Harry tried not to return the kiss, but slowly the gently flicking, probing tongue enchanted him. The snake hissed quietly at the boy, as it withdrew its tongue from his mouth, and proceeded to tickle a path to the shell of his ear. Its gentle caress continued as Harry felt the hissing vibrations invade his body.

He whimpered as the forked tongue was withdrawn, and he felt soft drag of the sharp fangs trailed across cheek to his chin. Slowly, ever so slowly, the twin tips traced a path down his neck with its quick tongue flicking every so often, its tips teasing its captive's hyper-sensitive skin. With the serpent's body encircling his own, the Gryffindor felt the cool, dry skin drag against his own; the rubbing sensations building a heat that was gradually engulfing him.

Harry arched into the sensations created by the fangs scraping slowly down his torso. Stifling a moan, he felt the flicking tongue and mouth reach regions that had only been used to bring him pain. The lightly scraping fangs and hissing vibrations brought him closer to the edge of release.

Harry felt the sensations travel upwards, propelling him oh so close, but just as deliberately as the snake had slithered down his body; it undulated up until it was facing him once again. Its evil mouth spread into a wicked smile, it opened its mouth, resting its sharp teeth against the juncture of Harry's neck and shoulder. It constricted its body mercilessly until it heard the boy's quiet gasp as his release was torn from him and quickly bit him savagely. The warmth of his prisoner's release spread across its belly while small drops of blood trickled into its mouth.

Harry sat up quickly in the bed, his heart pounding. Hugging himself, he got his bearings and looked around his bed for any vestiges of his dream. "It's only a dream, it's only a dream," he repeated to himself over and over, wanting only to find reassurance in those four simple words. Satisfied that all was as it should be, the trembling boy straightened his twisted sheets and laid back down,

"Damn, that has to be the most fucked up dream I've ever had," Harry thought wryly, his hands adjusting his pajamas under the covers. "Or the most erotic," he thought as he found the damp patch, "ever."