25. Popping the question

Alicia Blade

306 words

She gasped, her hands flying to her mouth. "Oh… Mamo-chan…" she breathed, eyes filling with tears as the love of her life knelt down before her, a small velvet box held in the palm of one hand as he gingerly took her fingers into the others.

"My beautiful Usako," Mamoru murmured, blue eyes gazing adoringly into hers, "I know we haven't been together for very long, and I know that our relationship started out a little rocky, but you are the light of my life. You are my joy, my comfort, my passion. You are my everything, and I can't imagine living a moment without you. Some people may think this is sudden, what with us fighting like cats and dogs yesterday and just admitting our true feelings a few hours ago, but the love I feel for you is eternal and will never fade, so I see no point in waiting. Usako, my Usako…" he paused with a nervous smile and opened the box to reveal a dazzling diamond ring. "I love you, now and forever. Will you marry me?"

Her face lit up in an angelic smile. "Yes! Oh, yes, Mamo-chan, of course I'll marry you!" she cried, lunging herself into his arms and completing her answer with a passionate, promising kiss.

"What on Earth could she be thinking about that makes her smile like that?" Mamoru muttered to his best friend, Motoki, as they watched the blonde giggle and sway and grin and squeal to herself in the corner booth.

"No idea," Motoki mused, his expression just as perplexed. "Girls are weird."

Mamoru nodded, staring at the girl who was practically glowing with imagined happiness, a small part of him wishing that he had been the one to put that perfect smile on her lips. "Yeah," he finally responded, "girls are weird."