Waste My Time

What happens when Troy and Gabriella get in a fight. Can they patch things up, or will their undying love go down the drain. troyella oneshot

Disclaimer: I do not own any characters in HSM. Although, if I owned Zac Efron I'd be a very happy girl. He was so... WOW before he got blown up in Heist. Holy cow. Anyways. Enjoy!

Troy sighed as he grabbed a basketball and started shooting hoops with Chad. "Dude, what's up with you. You're game is... horrible." Chad commented as Troy missed a three pointer. All Troy could do was shrug, grabbing the ball and attempting to shoot another. Once again, it was way off. Thank God basketball season was over. Troy rested his hands on his head to catch his breath.

"I dunno man." Troy said as he paced in circles, trying to regain energy.

"Well, I do. It's Gabriella." Chad shot in a three pointer, got the rebound, and then shot a two pointer.

Troy sighed and at that momment, Gabriella unknowingly entered the gym. Her and Troy were supposed to be reahersing for the musical.

"What's wrong with you and Gabriella?" Chad questioned as he shot another basket.

"I don't even know why I'm wasting my time. It's not like she actually-" Troy sighed as he grabbed the ball and threw it angrily at the bleechers.

Before he had a chance to Gabriella began to cry rather loudly. She slammed the doors and ran off. Troy gasped.

Chad gave him a questioning look

"Likes me." Troy finnished and thought for a second, "Damn it. I was supposed to rehearse with her." Troy dropped the ball and ran off.

"Gabriella!" No answer. He followed her into the girls bathroom, (it's afterschool folks, noone would be in there). "Gabi. Just listen to me." He said as he grabbed his shoulders, "You didn't let me finnish."

"Troy, it's okay. You don't have to waste your time on me anymore." She struggled and succeeded to get out of Troy's grip. She ran out of the bathroom, and began to walk home.

Troy grabbed his cellphone. He grawled as he punched in Taylors number. "I'm such an idiot." She finally picked up. "Taylor, thank god."

"...Nice to talk to you too, Troy." Taylor laughed nervously.

"I have a problem. Chad was asking me how things were with me and Gabriella, because everyone in the world knows I like her. And I said I don't know why I'm wasting my time, because she'll never like me as more than a friend... She was there and only heard the first part and stormed off, and she wouldn't talk to me." Troy said frantically, slurring his words together, as if it was a race who can explain their life long problems the fastest.

"Okay. Just go talk to her... and this time Troy. Make her listen. I've got to go, sorry. Good luck Troy." With that she hung up the phone.

Troy grabbed his coat and walked outside. It was raining. "Great, what a wonderful day I'm having." He put on his hood and started to run. He reached her house. He didn't even bother knocking on the front door. He climbed up the balcony. The curtain was opened. Gabi was laying there on her bed with her face down in the pillow. He knocked. She looked up, tears still streaming down her face, and stuffed her face in her pillow, leaving Troy out in the pouring rain. Troy started to cry. He ran his hands through his hair and over his face. The door was unlocked, bingo.

"Troy, just get out, please." Gabi cried.

"No, not until you listen. Gabi, you didn't hear the whole sentence." Troy cried. "Chad asked how things were, and I said I don't know why I bother wasting my time, because you'll never actually like me more than a friend."

Gabriella laughed over her cries, "Well Troy, that shows how much you really know about me." She got up and went to walk out. Troy grabbed her and hugged her.

Gabi cried into his chest as he ran his fingers through her hair. He pulled her head up with his hands and cupped it. He leaned in and kissed her. It wasn't a short peck. Oh no, it was one of those 'made for tv' kisses that you always swear that if it was you your knees would go weak and you could just die. That's what Gabi did. Troy held her up and then broke away.

"I want to waste my time with you."