Color of the Spectrum

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Authors Note: Thanks everyone for reviewing. It means alot to me. I just like to write, because there are a few things that Disney left out COUGH Gabriella and Troy kiss COUGH x3 Gabriella Montez x3: Heist was Wow. First he was the delivery boy and I was like, 'Wow your gorgeous' and then the next thing I knew he was walking in with a parka on and I was like 'Wow, you look adorable in a parka' and then he was just standing there all sweaty with a bomb on him and I couldn't speak... And then there was his eyeball, and I walked out. But nevertheless, it was the hottest eyeball I'm sure! ;) Wow. I love rambling. Enjoy!

I shuffled my feet through the hallway on a gloomy day in Albequrque (wow. i love spelling), and I must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed. What's new? I stared at the floor. Figures, todays the 30th of March, the day my Dad died. Tears were about to fill my eyes. I practically jumped when a arm wrapped around my shoulders. I wanted to melt. That touch was enough to make me want to faint. I didn't look up for numerous reasons. One, I didn't want him to look at me almost crying, two, his eyes would make me cry, and three, I knew who it was, so what was the point? I scooted in closer to him.

"You okay Gabs?" All I could do was nod. "Are you sure. There's nothing that you want to talk about?" I shook my head no. "Promise?" He said as he started tickling me.

I started to laugh, "I'm sure." At least not right now.

"This sounds kind of rude, but I got in a fight with my dad and-"

"You can come over if you want, Troy." I said, looking up at him trying to regain my breath.

"Thanks Gabs, you're a great friend."

Tears started to swell up. I couldn't take the word 'friend' one more time. Tears started to roll down my cheek. Troy looked at me. He was confused. He started to hug me and I ripped away. "I can't taking being just friends, Troy. It's killing me. I really like you and, and-" My words were cut off. His lips were against mine. It was all that I've wanted to feel for 3 months and 30 days. I kissed him back.

"Damn, and you say I ramble alot?" He joked as he wiped away my tears with his thumbs. I giggled. "Well, I'm glad that little Miss Montez is a hell of alot braver than I am, or I would be here, ripping my hair out right now." I laughed and wrapped my arms around him.

Three hours went past and the day was over. Troy was at my locker already. I greeted him with a smile and grabbed my pre-calc book. We headed out the doors of East High, but this time, hand in hand. It was sunny, which was a complete change since first hour. Things were brightening up.

We reached my house, "See Troy, and this is the door, where you walk up, and you don't have to climb." I said as I playfully squeezed his hand. He laughed and walked inside. "See, now isn't that so much better than climbing."

I walked in and we both sat on the couch. He wrapped his arm around me as I turned on the TV with the remote. I snuggled in close to him. On TV there was a little girl playing with her dad. I started to cry.

"Gabi, what's wrong?" He asked me. I shook my head. "Gabi, there's something you are not telling me. You can tell me ANYTHING."

I sighed. "My dad died 3 years ago today." I started cried as I turned into Troy to hug him. I burried my face in his shoulder, leaving a tear stain.

"Shh, it's okay. It's gonna be okay Gabi."

3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3


I calmed her down for around a half an hour. When she stopped crying I went to talk to her, but she was asleep. I laughed. I grabbed her and carried her upstairs. I wondered which room was hers. I matched up balconies to rooms and threw her on, what seemed to be her bed. I put blankets over her. On her desk I found a piece of paper and pen.


Well I wrote your name and burned it

See the colour of the flame. And it burnt

Out the whole spectrum, as if you were everything.

You fell asleep. My mom called and is worried about me,

didn't want to wake you. I'll call you tonight.

Love you -Troy

I kissed her softly on her lips and walked out of the house.

And we're done. Note, the whole spectrum thing was from Brand New's demo, it's pretty amazing. Anyways, hope you enjoyed. Expect another one either tonight after I finnish watching HSM or tomorrow morning.