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Chapter 7

A man and a woman

Evey let out a small gasp in surprise and delight, as she felt herself being whisked up from off the couch. She felt so light in his manly arms. She reached her arm for the single candle on the table and V bent down so that she may attain it. With the warm glow in her hand illuminating her face and part of V's mask, V made his way to the bedroom. "His bedroom" Evey thought feverishly. She had only been in his bedroom once since her first night there in Shadow Gallery. She was glad to have a second trip under different circumstances.

She looked up at V noticing the black high collar he wore apart of his jacket. He really did want to conceal every inch of skin. She smirked. "Not for long.." she thought mischievously. She wrapped her arms deliciously around his neck, bring her mouth close to his neck. She felt V shuddered as she inhaled his scent that consisted of leather and soap. His gripped became tighter as she nibbled and tugged gently on the hem of his collar.

V enjoyed Evey's small gesture and it made him all the more hastier, but he forced himself to walk calmly to his bedroom and opened the door. They entered into the darkness of his room and Evey felt herself tremble with excitement.

V carried Evey into his bedroom and laid her gently on his bed, taking the candle from her hand as soon as a hand was free. He could no longer abnegate his lascivious desires; he had surrendered to her full heartily. Evey sat up as V moved away from the bed and sat the candle upon his bed stand.

V turned his back to Evey, digging into a drawer that was placed against the wall. He turned around, his mask smiling at her holding a silky black handkerchief. Her heart pounded rapidly in her chest as he kneeled on the bed beside her. She watched curiously as he unfolded the handkerchief.

"Close your eyes Evey," V said gently. Evey closed her eyes, trembling softly as she felt V's arm come around her hand and tie the black handkerchief around her eyes.

"V?" Evey questioned nervously. With her eye sight gone, she felt helpless and handicap.

"Shhhh," V reassured her. His deep voice caused the hairs on the back of her neck to raise. She couldn't see anything, but her other senses where very much alert. Reaching behind his hair, he untied his mask and placed it on the nightstand beside the bed, along with his gloves. He turned to Evey, now blindfolded, for the first time without his mask; the lone candle nearly illuminated the entire room.

"V?" She called out as the felt the mattress descend. "I want to see you…" Her voice was shaky and full of disappointment. She wanted to see him, just as much as she wanted to taste and feel him. But she did not dare take the blindfold off. She figured the blindfold was a sort of payment. He would reveal his flesh to her touch, as long as she could not see it.

V slowly climbed on top Evey, looking down upon her body, it gave off a luminary glow in the candlelight that made him shiver in delight. Her could see her trembling with excitement. Her breath was wavering, her chest heaving. Those soft pink luscious lips quivered as his own lips came closer and closer. As their lips united for the first time, a deep groan escaped from his mouth. His arms went round her, pulling her in to him as her mouth blindly sought his.

The taste of his mouth was unlike any others. It was sweet and pleasing, not rough or bitter. Her lips were unbelievably soft. She molded herself to him, exchanging pressure for pressure. V lost himself in the feel of her mouth on his, opening under her, tongue touching her mouth lightly, gently, almost asking her permission to continue.

And she touched back, just as gently, sliding her tongue over his and into his open mouth, she sighed at the rush of taste, touch and smell that invaded her senses and sent blood rushing to the place between her legs. She felt V shift against her and a lightning stab of a hot burning lustful sensation shot straight through her. Without intending to, she made a small sound deep in her throat that made V tremble with delight.

The feeling of her soft, full lips on his erased all thoughts of vengeance. In that moment he was not the terrorist with the code name "V". Neither was he the victim of Larkhill. Where was the world of Vengeance he once knew? Now it was gone a forgotten nightmare that existed only now in his mind. He was with her, and with every press of her lips and thrust of her tongue, he was taken into a world where there was no more vengeance, no more revolution, and no more pain.

V wanted to touch and taste each and every part of her creamy white skin. The soft moans that escaped from her lips drove him wild, exceeding the previous heights of ecstasy he reached just a moment that he never thought imaginable as their mouths hungered for one another. He struggled to gain control of himself, knowing where this would lead them, but he failed wonderfully.

Evey wrapped her arms around V's neck, her mouth pressing against his as their tongues tangled together in a sacred dance. The only noise was the soft, wet sounds of their moist lips capturing and releasing one another in the chilled air. Darkness concealed them; only the soft light from the candle lit the room.

Evey reached up and gently caressed V's face. V stopped kissing her for a moment and laid there resting against her forehead, out of breath. He felt her fingertips moving across his angry red flesh, over his cheek, then up to his nose and then down to his chin. At first he did not know what she was doing, but then he realized that she was seeing him.

Her fingers moved up to his cheek again and slid over to his ear and traced the outline of it. Her fingers again ran down the length of his nose and slowly touched his lips. She traced them slowly, feeling their soft wet texture. Opening his mouth, V took in her curious finger and sucked on it ever so lightly, enjoying her salty taste. Evey gave a small shudder from the wet bumpy texture of his tongue against her finger.

White-hot fire burned inside of him. He replaced her finger with her mouth and wrapped her arm around his neck. He drew her close to him, grinding his hips into hers, making it very apparent that he wanted her. They both threw caution to the wind and the only feeling between them was hot sizzling desire.

She let out excited moan, feeling his passion hard against her thigh. "You're beautiful," Evey breathed. V coiled one arm around her waist like a tempting serpent, while the other was twisted up into her hair. He looked at her and almost began to cry.

V's heart soared, she had only said two words, but they meant the world to him. Her words were kind and beautiful and loving. He couldn't barely believe his ears, let alone believe she was writhing beneath him, her body begging for her touch. V had learned through-out his life that life was full of surprises and unexpected turns. Evey turned out to be a pleasant surprise and he thanked the powers of the universe for that.

He ran his hands through her hair, twirling the thick champagne tresses around his fingers as he inhaled her lavender scent, his eyes closing softly and his breathing becoming deeper. He was living her, breathing her, becoming her. If there were no other human beings on earth but her, his life would have been perfect. All he needed and wanted was Evey. He wanted to enter her slowly, savoring the feeling of his spiritual bride grasping him tightly within the heated depths of her body.

Her breathing was ragged and harsh as her head fell back to expose her neck to V's ravenous mouth. He responded with wild enthusiasm, his lips and teeth capturing the soft, sensitive flesh and suckling it reverently. Her skin tasted wonderful, the sweet lavender scent nearly driving him to madness as he pressed into her, eliciting a cry of pleasure from her swollen lips. Her head was thrown back shamelessly and her back arched without the consent of her mind. Her body was desperate to become one with his, it needed him, craved him, cried out for him.

"Touch me." Her raspy moan made his blood boil with lust as his fingers longed caress the skin underneath the silky pink nightgown that he gave to her. Though he did try to imagine what it might look like on her, the vision that now laid before him was nothing like what he dreamt of. The real thing was beyond exquisite, angelic, and gorgeous.

V did not need to be told twice. Strong fingers ran up the length of her body, caressing every supple curve. He captured her lips once more as her hands wandered up his chest and nestled into his black wig, pulling his mouth even closer to her own. His hands slid easily between her thighs, causing her to gasp in pleasure. He gingerly pulled her nightgown up to her waist.

She felt vulnerable and indecent, and so overcome with dark, undiscovered pleasure. Overwhelmed by such electrifying pleasure, she instinctively tried closed her legs, but V was already in between them, kneading her soft thighs in his large hands. He gathered the rest of the nightgown and relieved her from its concealment. He tossed the silk garment to the floor and stared down at the goddess that now laid there before him. Evey breathed in deeply, felling embarrassed. She could not see him to know what he was thinking or what he was going to do next. She was at his mercy.

Her body was absolutely memorizing. His body shook with anticipation and of an unquenchable lust. In one word, her body was perfect. V found himself speechless at her subtle beauty of her curves and her smooth milky skin that only a woman's body could radiate.

V supported himself on his elbows as he lowered his body onto hers, his mouth suckling at the base of her throat as he moved one hand upwards to stroke her thigh-careful not to go to close to the center of her heat. His hand moved up slowly, memorizing each and every inch of skin. He felt her hipbone, the soft, gentle bend of her waist, the rise of her ribcage, and the fullness of the underside of her breast. She gasped blissfully as one large, long-fingered hand cupped her possessively.

She was so incredibly soft beneath his hand. Her hardened nipple jutted out against the cold air and grazed his palm. He applied slightly more pressure, gently squeezing. She moaned in response, arching her back and pressing further into his hand. The sound nearly drove him to a kind of blissful madness that he had only experienced in his wildest, and mostly unfulfilled, fantasies.

He moved his palm over her again, his fingers grazing her painfully erect nipple as he pressed harder, needing to claim each and every part of her body as his own. She gasped when he squeezed even harder, enjoying her cries and small, perky breasts.

Evey's hands were roaming him now. Her fingers reached behind him, searching for a zipper. When she found no zipper, she blindly searched the front until she found it and began to slowly unzip the jacket. She pushed the jacket off his shoulders and with her fingers as her eyes, began figuring out what he wore underneath. Struggling to take off the undershirt that he wore, V did the honor and helped himself out fully from his jacket and shirt, tossing both onto the floor.

He continued his unmerciful assault on her body. His hand drifted to her other breast, cupping and squeezing as hard as she would allow. Grateful, Evey reached out and gently ran her fingers up the length of his arm, brushing across his stitched up bullet wound curiously. She wanted to learn by heart every part of him. Her hand now moved upwards over his shoulders and down his naked chest, admiring the hard, well-muscled feel of his chest; the textured, uneven warm skin of his belly. It did not matter, to her. She loved him all the same.

Wrapping her arm around his neck, she brought her self closer to him. She kissed V deeply, wrapping her legs tightly around his waist, pressing her chest against him.. The surreal sensation of her breast rubbing up against his own chest and her legs around his hips nearly brought him to a quivering mass of flesh and muscle.

Her hands splayed across his lower back, the hard involuntarily flexing as her fingers grazed the red flesh. His back was a mess of scars and uneven abrasions, the pink and white tissue smooth yet uneven. Her fingertips touched each and every rise of angry, broken flesh tenderly, stroking it as though it were the finest, softest skin she had ever touched.

Both of her hands ran over his back and tangled into his hair, pressing his head into her breasts as he groaned softly. He flicked out his tongue to wet one erect nipple and sucked the hard peak into his mouth as his hesitant hand made its way to her center.

She moaned loudly as his lips closed over her nipple, his tongue teasing her relentlessly. Her soft moans nearly turned to ecstatic screams as his hand closed over her feminine mound. She instinctively felt the need to jerk back, but instead found herself pushing against his fingers.

For a moment she was worried that her overzealous response might have alarmed him. She even briefly considered apologizing breathlessly, but her thrust into his hand elicited a most satisfied grunt from him and he pushed against her harder. The feel of her cotton panties against the burning, throbbing bud was almost unbearable. V slipped his finger underneath the cotton and continued to explore her.

She knew that she was absolutely soaked with her want, but the wetter she became the more he played with her. It was sweet, sweet torture. She simply closed her eyes and moaned out his name softly over and over again, an erotic prayer on her lips.

He lifted his head from her breast and she groaned as the cold air chilled her already pebbled nipple. His hand remained pressed to her womanhood, his fingertip pushing gently against her bud, marveling at the feeling of her moisture seeping out of her and how smooth she felt against his fingers. Her head was thrown back and her arms were stretched besides her, grasping the bed sheets so hard her knuckles turned white. Her fingers twisting with each and every way as a maddening pulsation tore through her lower body.

Pulling his hand away despite her cry of protest, he grasped the hem of panties and slowly pulled them down her body. He flicked his tongue into her tiny navel as her back arched off of the mattress to allow him to slide the garment down her long slender legs, baring her completely to his gaze. He nearly went crazy just taking in the smell of her lust. He never smelt something so wonderful in his life.
Her tiny pink nipples had seemingly begun to swell, the distended nubs straining, begging for his touch. He congratulated himself on his handiwork, but he was far from done. Cupping her naked breasts in his hands he moved lower, his lips tasting the silken flesh of her stomach as he continued his journey downwards.

She let out a small cry of frustration, she needed his touch, his caress. She grasped the bed sheets tighter. She nearly screamed as she felt his hot, pink tongue dart out and boldly graze her sex from top to bottom. She screamed his name wildly, her fingers twisting the silk pillowcase so tightly she was sure she would shred it.

"V…" Evey panted. "Please…please". She wasn't sure what she wanted, but she couldn't help but shudder uncontrollably. There was something tantalizing about his tongue flicking her at her hot, sticky sex, something darkly sexual. It all felt so very scandalous, and infuriatingly lascivious. He was teasing her, promising her intense pleasure but forever postponing it with each confidant sweep of his tongue.

He held her thighs apart with his hands, spreading them open as far as her aching muscles would allow. She was gloriously, deliciously exposed to him. Again she vulnerable and indecent, but was engulfed in a powerful, lust filled trance.

Her shock never ceased when he brought her legs up over his shoulders and simply moved her folds aside to make heated contact with her throbbing sex. His lips closed over her bud, drawing it into his mouth and coating it with moisture. The muscles in her thighs began to clenched and unclenched wildly, pressing into his back forcefully as he made love to her with his mouth.

She cried his name out over and over as he viciously alternated from soft gentle teasing with his tongue, to ravage sucking. He found the salty taste of wet feminine flesh inebriating. She let out a scream of intense pleasure as her pelvis began to contract wildly, her muscles seemingly pulsing against one another in the most pleasant, soul-shattering sensation

Her legs clamped around his back as her pelvis thrusted upwards, nearly slamming into his nose. Once her body stopped jerking spasmodically she lowered her legs and tried desperately to catch her breath. She was sure that her heart was going to beat right out of her chest, never had she felt so gloriously, deliciously winded.

He knelt between her thighs, his lips glistening with her wetness. He floated on top of her, watching her bosom rise and fall in deep lustful paints. The blindfold securely in place, he wanted to tease her. Where would he touch her next? His fingertips grazed her cheek gently, then he touched the nape of her neck. He watched her as he continued touching, her head moving from left to right with anticipation. He then touched her lips gently, his fingers tracing the lines and contours of her full, swollen mouth.

Evey allowed her fingers drift down below his navel until her thumb brushed the first fastening on his trousers. A sense of urgency overwhelmed her. Her hands shook slightly as she began to slowly, clumsily work the fastenings. She wanted him, no, needed his warmth inside her. She once again felt the tingling of fresh arousal stirring in her lower belly as her fingers worked to free V from his trousers. She wanted to see him, feel him, and touch him. She wanted to caress the part of him that was straining so pitifully against the confines of his trousers. She wanted to give to him the immense pleasure that he had given to her so selflessly mere moments ago.

Placing his hand on top of her own, he nimbly unfastened his pants and placed her hands on him, wrapping her warm fingers around his length. The feel of her, his magnificent beauty, made him shiver in pleasure and anticipation. She gently pushed him off her, having him lay down on the mattress. He watched her curiously as she felt around with her arms out stretched outstretched.

Once she found him, she just climbed on top of him, teasing him with small kisses on his chest and stomach before snaking her way down to his waist. Desperate to feel his naked skin again her own, she began pulling his trousers down his hips. He lifted his hips off of the bed and pushed the pesky garment away, needing to feel her tender, curious touch on him once more.

She ran her hands up and down his length curiously. He was unbelievably hard and firm, yet coated by velvety uneven skin. Grasping his sex in her hand firmly, she took him in her mouth, tasting his salty and quivering manhood. The unique texture of his sex provoked her to feel every last inch of him with her tongue; finding all the bumps and rough spots. Evey didn't mind one bit; the rough texture gave off a more erotic feel.

She took the tip of the head into her mouth, at first sucking gently and lightly, enjoying the groans that V gave off. Then she applied more pressure around the tip and sucked vigorously. In and out, faster and faster, she let his moans guide her. His hands were buried in her hair, grasping her head, aching within her hot, sticky mouth. The faster she went the more his groans became more guttural and pronounced.

"Stop…stop…Evey," V painted.

It practically tore him up inside to keep her from finishing him. His aching tip begged for release and he was seconds from satisfying his need, he couldn't let the night end like this. His sex throbbed painfully as she released him from her sweet torture.

With barely a second to question his sudden change of heart, the air escaped her lungs as she was slammed onto her back; his heavy body coming to rest atop her own as his lips captured hers once more. He was murmuring something in her ear, his words breathy and harsh.

"I need you Evey," V painted heavily, parting her thighs with his own and ran his fingers up the inside of her thigh, his sex coming to rest against her belly as the smooth skin of her thighs surrounded his hips. "Do you need me?"

"Yes…" She breathed out her response, her voice wispy and longing. She gasped, almost suffocating from the immense heat that inundated her cheeks as he pressed a single finger against her swollen bud, stimulating her.

"What do you wish me to do?" He whispered lustfully, grasping her thighs and sliding them up upwards to rest against his waist.

"I want you inside of me," she moaned, her head spinning in sexual frustration. Pressure had been building up in her center once again and she was going crazy in wanting a release.

He pushed against her, his sex barely penetrating her, waiting for her to move and welcome him deeply inside of her. She moaned as he pushed in further, nearly squealing with a mixture of shock and wicked delight. His breath whooshed out of his lungs as she grasped him tightly, her legs closing around him as she caressed his face.

He reached for her hands and linked his fingers through hers, the gesture binding them together in every way imaginable. Pressing her bottom lip between his own, he buried himself to the hilt, her fingers clenching around his as a moan escaped her lips.

In that moment of physical joining, all the world was perfect.

Evey adjusted to the feeling of him resting inside of her, enjoying the feeling of him filling her completely and stretching her walls to new limits. Neither moved; both just laid there, basking the sensation of being deeply, and intimately connected.

He began to move, slowly at first, simply allowing the sensation of her body enveloping his to wash over him. He felt her walls grip him in such a way that almost sent him over the edge. She ran her hands up his back, feeling his muscles become taut as he withdrew and surged forward, her body rocking with his movement. Her gasps and throaty moans were coming of their own volition with each and every thrust of his hips. He was moving within her, the ease and smoothness of which was incredible.

She hitched her legs up even higher, locking her ankles against his back as her body slipped over the black velvet sheets as he surged forward once more. He was so heavy and strong on top of her, his hard back and chest a stark contrast to her soft skin and supple curves. She wondered if he was as fascinated by her softness as she was by his strength.

With each and every thrust she craved a harder, more forceful touch. She longed to be taken in every way imaginable by this strong, hard man who she now loved. She was giving herself to him, and he was taking her so gently, his lips brushing her face and neck with soft, passionate kisses.

She rocked her hips upwards and grasped his shoulders, her hands moving down his back to cup his behind and push him further into her as she released a near scream of pleasure.

He reached for her hands and pinned them beside her head as he pushed into her with more force than before, his groans becoming more animalistic. Just the sight of her naked, blindfolded body gave his body another jolt of pleasure, moving his body faster than before, his muscles bunching as he gave her everything he could muster.

He buried himself in her and began to move roughly against her pelvis, his movements stimulating the bud that made her scream with release. Her moans became more ragged and hoarse, soft cries of his name soon followed, propelling him to thrust against her with all the might in his body. He was so close, so close to releasing all the love he had deep inside of her.

With a final scream of pleasure she released, her body contracting around his as she pushed her pelvis into him, grinding against him with a strength he never imagined she could possess. She pulled him deeper into her, her arms wrapping around him desperately, clinging to him as though his very presence breathed life into her body.

He continued on, aching and pushing into her for his release. He buried his head in the side of her neck, his essence pouring into her as he let out cries of his own. Together they laid like that in silence, their releases exhausting them as their fingers intertwined intimately. V stroked her cheek softly, his breath cool against her flushed skin. He gave her a small but loving kiss and he buried his face in her shoulder, inhaling the sweet scent of her arousal and satiation as she sighed blissfully.

He brought her fingers to his lips and kissed them gently, his eyes closed to fight back the tears that threatened to flow freely. She had given herself to him, had begged for him to touch her, and had cried out his name in ecstasy. She had returned to him and made him feel as though he were the most brilliant, handsomest man on earth. He did not think he deserve such fortune.

He withdrew from her slowly, not wanting to break the sacred contact between them. He bent over her, blowing out the candle. He returned to her, pulling her to rest against his chest he moved her hair off of her neck and ran his fingertips against the moist skin gently. He pulled the blindfold from around her eyes and kissed her temple. She blinked a couple of times, her eyes adjusting to the dark.

She saw V's dark outline of his figure for the first time and reached up, giving him a passionate kiss. His fingers moved up and down her spine softly, the gesture one of affection rather than lustful act of stimulation.

"I love you," Evey sighed happily, resting her head against his chest. She blushed, feeling suddenly shy as her powerful words rang through-out the stilled air.

"Love," he began again, his voice barely a whisper. "It is the star to every wandering bark, Whose worth's unknown, although his height be taken. Love's not Time's fool, though rosy lips and cheeks Within his bending sickle's compass come: Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks, But bears it out even to the edge of doom…"

Her fingers splayed across his chest and felt the throb of his heart. In that moment there was no time for regrets or questions of what was to becomes of all this. There was simply the heartbeat of the man who loved her, and the man whom she had fallen in love with. And he returned the same thoughts and love. "In love the paradox occurs that two beings become one and yet remain two," V thought warmly.

But V wasn't the sort of man that was filled with love and passion to love a woman, until now. He has a mistress, her name is Anarchy. But as he held Evey in his arms, he forgot all about that. At least for that night. However, things would be different in the morning.

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