well, this is sorta how i felt when i got to the last level. just a little into the base and i wanted to just quit, stall until tomorrow. and thats what I'm gonna do!

warnings- spoilers

reasons- cause i wanted to draw this out.

pairing- none

rating- G

summary- i dont want this to end...

disclaimer- i dont own musashi. or the game. please dont sue


This is it, this is the end. No more cruddy missions, no more pushy villagers asking for my help, no more hunting for swords or maidens. no more monsters or insane robots or midgets who have over bloated egos. Its over, done, the end. No more...

No more buying imagicards, spending hundreds for cards that the weird guy with the news paper sells. No more talking to the random people I've saved, no more of Tunnbrod's fresh baked breads, or Homosaki's rice balls. No more of Pepper's cooking, no more of Dixie's weird accent.

I'll miss those things, I really will. I've spent so much time in this world, that I dont want to leave. But i have to. I have to become a famous samurai, and I have to make the few who are rooting for me proud.

Heh...I'm supposed to be happy, aren't I? This is what I've been waiting for ever since I was summoned here. Its ironic, ya know? I wanted to go home so badly, I wanted so much to go home and get back to training. But, I've gotten so strong here, much stronger than I'd ever would have gotten back home. Not just physically though, I also chalked up on my spiritual side. I saved people, had them thank me, had them rest their fates in my hands. Its hard to imagine anyone back home ever trusting me that much, so very hard. They gave me a room, a warm bed, food, and a good amount of trust and respect. Back home, I had to go through so much just to get food! So now, when I think about going home, its hard to even comprehend the idea of it.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, I dont wanna go back.

I wanna keep collecting imagicards, keep eating Tunnbrod's warm baking in the morning, i wanna see the clouds when I wake up in the morning. Most of all, I wanna hang onto the feeling that I'm needed. I do. Home is where the heart is right? So...I've decided. This is my home. I wont leave until I feel I can truly move on. I'll sharpen my skills, I'll rescue everyone, I'll fight huge monsters, I'll even go as far as to take up baking! Maybe then I'll be able to stay here...nobody will want me here after i finish my mission though. I'll lose all that need, and I'll be normal old Musashi again...

But I dont wanna leave! I dont want to end this! Its like eating something really good and never wanting to finish it.

I dont want this to end...