This is my first random fic. I am hyped up on coffee, cola, lollipops and pudding, now I shall begin. Without further ado, I give you:


It was a normal Saturday afternoon when Kira ran out of his house screaming. He was losely followed by Athrun and whooping could be heard from Cagalli. Just then Dearka decided to come in with Yzak, Nicol, Lacus and Milly (who for some reason, had been at the dumpster O.o)

"Who is whooping?" F;ay asked, playing with her hair. Kira re-entered the room that Cagalli and the new enter-ee's were the only ones ocupying. Athrun came in and he was covered in sweat. After that, Flay didn't wanna know.

"He finally ate the eight ball!" Cagalli said between laughs (yes she had given up on whooping, now for laughing) Nicol just stood there in shock.

"Not my precious 8-ball!" and with that he ran outside screaming.

"He screams like a girly-man" Dearka said earning a whack from Yzak.

"He is a girly man!" and that answered his question. No-one wanted to know why Kira had done it, but why wold someone do something that weird (I haven't done it, I swear!)? They were left to wonder as Nicol returned.

"Guys, where is Lacus' Mister Pink?" Everyone thought Nicol had lost it, but he was right. Mister Pink had disappeared.

"NOOOOOOOO!..." Lacus sobbed and she ran outside only to find Mister Pink sitting on a note that said:

Dear (please insert name)

I have come by your house to tell you that your mobile suits are illegally parked and will be put in detention.

Thank you for your co-operation


Patrick Zala

Lacus wasn't happy with that and she went off to find Mister Zala.

Inside however, Athrun and Dearka were having a staring contest, Yzak was kicking a wall, Cagalli was still laughing and Kira and Nicol were talking in jibberish.

"Heifgtiigbgt?" Kira asked as he felt the 8-ball come back on him.

"Wfdgkngrkgftgjkfkjtghjkl ghklth yhgoiros!" Nicol said as Kira ran to what ever Nicol said. (Which was most probably "The bathroom is that way, you idiot!")

"Ow!" Yzak said as he fell over. He had tried to punch the wall and he missed. (O.o WTF!)

Kira returned and he was looking quite ill and complaing that he felt bad. Then Yzak asked the... deathly... question.

"Kira, WHY THE HELL DID YOU EAT THE 8-BALL IN THE FIRST PLACE YOU IDIOT!" It was more of a statement than a question. And Kira answered with all confidence.

"It didn't give me any answer besides "Yes", "No" or "Not Sure" when I asked it what yaoi meant"

And with that everyone in a fifty mile radius did the fall-over-anime-style followed by a the classic (and cliched) sweatdrop.

Now, what happened to Miss Clyne, I wonder...

TO BE CONTINUED... (eventually)

A/n: I hope you enjoyed this. It is my first random fic. These will be one-shots or two shots and the rare thre shots, but each is it own story. But they will tie on. Does that make sense? Probably not cause I'm high off... PUDDING! I love that stuff :.eats pudding.: YUMMY!

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Next time on The Philosophy of the Sugar-High Rampage:

Lacus finds Mister Zala, and he thinks he is a "pretty princess". Nicol jumps off a cliff (due to some bad memories), Yzak hurts Flay (with a spatula :.O.o WTF!.: ) and they could begin a game of Truth or Dare!

Chapter Two (which ties onto this story): The Eight Ball and the Egg and Spoon Race.

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