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Yzak's Revenge and What to Do When Flay Is the Angel on Your Shoulder (A.K.A: Your conscience)

Nicol walked in punching a voodoo doll that looked a lot like Kira. Then he let it fall to the floor as her was sewing up his self plushie plushie toy.

Cagalli stared and then began to bake cookies, for that is how you lure a penguin, so you can sacrifice it, to get your brother's fiancée back.

Yzak was getting ready to go to Church, when Dearka ran through the door (literally) yelling something about His Holy Word. Yzak kicked him, causing them all to be late for the sermon. They arrived in time for the blessing of the Idiot, Dearka….

Milly had stolen Cagalli's cookies and was currently during church summoning Lacus back to her body therefore sacrificing said Lacus penguin…

The resulted in Lacus eating raw fish for a couple of… years…

Kira was walking around saying he renounced his title of village idiot to Athrun, who was showing off his stupidity by walking into walls and getting concussions (refer to last chapter if you don't get this)

Yzak was watching all of this, when suddenly, Flay appeared on his shoulder.

"What do you want, b!#$!" Yzak cursed at her.

"I am your guardian angel," stated Flay.


"What's with the little "o"s?" Flay asked.

"Dunno," replied Yzak was tried pushing his shoulder occupying "friend" (cough not cough) under a bus…

The newly bodied Lacus, while searching for fish, found a cat, with a collar that read, "Fatty-fatty-two-by-four-can't-fit-through-the-kitchen-door" Lacus picked the cat off of the road, so it shan't be killed, and fondly called it "Fatty". That was the beginning of a beautiful (but short) relationship…. Kinda… Cause Kira was allergic to cats so Lacus couldn't keep her "Fatty"

Later that same day, Cagalli went on a Kira hunting spree. You see, she had found naked pictures of herself on the internet that were posted by "Kira Yamato". Kira suddenly became Lacus' guardian angel and was reincarnated as toast that Milly later made back into Kira.

Dearka laughed evilly. He had posted those photos. Where he got them, eBay. Why he did it? Those evil voices told him to!

Yzak was thinking about yesterday's escapade with the EGGS. He wanted revenge. He called everyone into the living room, even Kira-the-Toast-chan, and held Eight-ball-the-second above his head and threw it on the ground. Kira couldn't save his precious ball in his toasty-good for you-form.

Hours later when Kira came back to normal, he brought his new friend home with him after he went shopping…

Hello Mr. Eight-Ball-The-Third!

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Next time on The Philosophy of a Sugar-High Rampage:

Kira is caught by the police who have been looking for him for ten years on a drug smuggling charge. Cagalli runs over "Fatty", Lacus kisses Athrun. Athrun punches a hard boiled egg that was on Natarle's head. Murrue kills Natarle in a naked mud wrestling match. Dearka's "voices" force him to crap on Yzak's head. Nicol is fed jelly by Yzak. And Yzak… does something… called yoga… or yoghurt, I don't know the difference.


Chapter 7: Of Jelly, Yoghurt and Mud Wrestling, the voices told me to!