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Chapter 23: Undone

Sesshoumaru narrowed his eyes at the woman before him. She looked so vulnerable with her wan complexion and gaunt appearance. A growl resounded in his chest, seeing her like this in this state of weakness bothered him greatly. He ached to hold her, embrace her and keep from all harm. The long dormant protective side of him roused with such intensity his eyes drifted between hues of crimson and burning coals of liquid gold.

The taiyoukai clenched his teeth his fangs elongating into dangerous sabers. He tasted his own blood as the razor-sharp fangs pricked his lower lip, the metallic tang coating his tongue slowly. Whatever fool attacked Kagome would pay dearly. He would personally see to that.

Shifting closer to her he stroked her face tenderly vowing an oath that he would not allow such an unpleasant incident to happen again. If he needed to keep the strong willed human chained to him then so be it.

'I will not lose you. I will walk this earth as one dead should you disappear from me.'

As if answering his thoughts Kagome stirred moaning weakly as she slowly opened her eyes, she thrashed about pathetically against the bed sheets tucked securely around her lithe form, kicking weakly as she turned side to side. She winced audibly her body protesting at the unexpected movement. Dazed she opened her eyes sluggishly, her vision swirling as she unsteadily struggled to sit up. She attempted to swallow but her throat felt parched and dry, her limbs felt like lead and her head pounded heavily making her whimper.

Sesshoumaru frowned observing her delicate state.

Kagome jerked forward suddenly nearly toppling off the bed in a bundle of stripped sheets. The inu lord's arms shot out instantaneously before he could restrain himself, his heart hammering wildly in his chest. The taiyoukai blinked in bewilderment evidently disturbed. Why was he reacting this way? He cleared his throat as he resumed seating back on his chair still uncomfortable that his own body was instinctively protecting the human female before him. He tilted his head back, sighing heavily as he closed his eyes with his right hand. This was definitely getting out of hand. She was human! A human! Did he not scoff at his father when he took a human female as mate? Now here he is succumbing to the charms of the same species!

Kagome again tried to sit up straining hard against the confining fabric grumbling in irritation. The bed sheet won sending the female flopping back against the mattress.

Sesshoumaru grinned shaking his head as he looked at the human female in visible amusement. Did it matter if she was human? Rin is human and yet he took her under his wings. Again Kagome endeavored to sit up lips pursed stubbornly she muttered swear word after swear word furrowing her brows in the attempt to sit up. The taiyoukai arched an eyebrow, what was she thinking? She obviously needs rest and here she was forcing her scrawny body to sit up. He cursed under his breath, he female was as stubborn as he was.

"Do not strain yourself, you have been through much." rebuked the taiyoukai.

The young girl looked up to meet the eyes of her catcher with unfocused eyes. She did not realize she had company, Kagome smiled weakly then lightly touched the side of the taiyoukai's face with her cold hands. Her hands traced the fine noble features making the taiyoukai almost moan, he closed his eyes yielding to her touch, savouring it, imprinting it deep in his mind.

"S-Sesshoumaru." she managed to croak out hoarsely.

Sesshoumaru's eyes snapped open as he blushed furiously like a school boy for the first time in his life. He angled his body and turned away panthing heavily affected by her touch, quivering lips and feeble voice. Had he truly reverted back to a savage? He wanted to take her there and then as she was! Ashamed he clenched a tight fist. When he swung around to look at her again he found himself holding her so close he could hear and feel her fragile human heart beating against him. When had he jumped to her side? Why did he scoop her into his embrace on the mere sound of her voice calling his name? Had he truly succumbled to madness? The inu lord gazed at the girl in the midst of the warring emotions inside of him. Confusion swirled like a wild tempest. He was lost for words. No thought formed in his mind.

"What happened to me?"

The Taiyoukai looked fiercely out into the window, his eyes partially tapering to a dangerous glare. Soothingly he placed a clawed hand on top of her head careful not to scrape the lethal claws in the midnight tresses. He breathed deep then began stroking her lightly. Yes he too would like to know. Then whoever wounded her so would pay at cost of their miserable life. The inu inside him agreed snarling quietly as anger slowly seeped to his core almost obliterating his well honed self control, spiraling his vision in a stormy mist of red. Gently he lowered the still trembling girl back onto the bed smoothing out her hair on the creased pillow. Biting back the growl lodged in his throat he stamped down the overwhelming bloodlust making his blood boil.

"That is what I intend to find out." He stated flatly eyes still blazing muderously.

Kagome looked him assessing him thoroughly. He seemed angry. She quirked a brow. Sesshoumaru crabby? Wait, there was something else, he looked tired and worn out which was odd. Her lips pursed as her chest tightened, seeing him at such a state made her heartache. It didn't seem right, him so worried for her and yet she could not deny the fact a small fragment of joy leapt in the depths of her heart giving birth to hope that maybe, just maybe, the stupid jerk is finally allowing her inside his heart.

"You look like crap." She pointed out with a muffled giggle.

Sesshoumaru looked taken aback for a second then resumed his stoic façade. That was all she could say? She had been as one dead for five days while he at his wits end had been prowling around the whole apartment like rabid dog snapping at his servants and the gender perplexed sub human male claiming to be Takara's pack member and that was all she could say? …

Sesshoumaru sighed aloud.

Then again this was the same foolish woman who attempted to instigate a fight with him using her shoe. He smirked bowing his head so that his bangs overshadowed his face. His expression softened a fraction as he dipped low towards her, descending closer as he gently brushed away the strands of hair clinging to her still clammy forehead. Kami she smelled sweet even at such a pitiable state.

"The same could be said of you." He sighed gently brushing his lips on her cheeks.

Kagome shivered as his warm breath fluttered over her face. She smiled contently hugging him back.

"You never change." She said softly punching him lightly on the shoulders.

"I see no need for it." He replied stiffly pulling back to sit straight in the wooden chair next to her bed. Kagome stared at him she thought he looked … cute.

Stray bangs defiantly fall out of place of the low pony tail currently holding back the platinum tresses in place, slightly wrinkled clothing, partially 'lost puppy' look. The dark lines under his eyes no matter how unflattering seemed so beautiful in her eyes. He looked so adorable she could almost squeal.

Kagome watched him unblinking, feeling the bubbles of love stirring deep in her belly. She found she yearned for the cold jackass. Yep, that was her Sesshoumaru he can make the jerkiest comment and still look so damn cool. She licked her lips still gazing at the silver haired angel next to her.

"What is it woman?" Sesshoumaru asked irritably.

"Nothing." Replied Kagome beaming a bright smile.

The taiyoukai stood up gracefully shuffling one foot forward as he thrust both hands in the pockets of the khaki pant he wore. Gazing down with his amber eyes he broke in a faint but charming smile totally unnerving the young woman. Kagome beamed her battered heart swelling in her chest invigorated and refreshed. Ah crap! Well she might as well relish the moment who knows when the dog will show his affection freely again.

Sesshoumaru raked his right hand through his sleek hair. Ah! This insufferable woman, she continues to vex him to no end. From deep within the inu inside howled contently echoing quietly in the young lord's mind.

"I will take my leave of you now however, you are to rest for the whole of this week." He instructed in a commanding tone, as he began tucking the sheets around her like a defensive cocoon.

"But, the bills…" Kagome protested trying in vain to wave her arms around. "What do you think you're doing?"

"This Sesshoumaru will see to your expenses. You are to stay put."

"That sounds a lot like an order." Grumbled Kagome glaring daggers at him.

"It is."

"Eh? Don't I have a say in this?"

"For what reason? You are injured are you not?"

"Y-yes…" replied Kagome furrowing her eyebrows.

"Then as a good injured human you will stay in bed and take it easy for a week. And be warned I will periodically check up on you to ensure that you are truly resting, should this Sesshoumaru discover that you are behaving contrary to my words I will personally meet out a suitable punishment."

"Wah?" Kagome stops mid-protest as the inu lord swiftly opens the door in her room that leads to the lounge concluding their conversation.

"It seems your apartment is frequented by a rather obstinate rodent." Sesshoumaru glowered at the figure huddling near the door carrying a tray containing juice, fruit and soup.

"A kawaii and fashion sensation rodent!" interjected Jakotsu sticking out his tongue at the glaring taiyoukai.

The taiyoukai took a step closer to the male. "If anything happens to her this Sesshoumaru will peel off your wretched hide inch by inch."

"Ahahahaha … um, yea." Gulped Jakotsu looking away.

As the inu lord passed the watery eyed and now blubbering male, he paused as turned the knob on the apartment door that opens to the narrow corridor outside.

"Kagome, I will ring you on your cellphone. You are permitted only 4 rings, this Sesshoumaru will not elaborate what happens if you fail to answer your phone upon the 5 th ring."


The inu lord smirked smugly than exited watching the female renew her struggle against her constraints. The door closed with a soft click. Kagome paused in thought then grinned widely having understood the unspoken meaning behind the cold taiyoukai's words. He was worried for her and if he's worried that means he cares for her right? Kagome managed to free a hand gingerly placing a finger in front of her sealed lips trying to recall the touch of his lips when he kissed her last in the hotel.

"Evil bastard!" hissed Sango between gritted teeth as she stood hidden from behind the potted palmera plant. Balling a fist she pushed her flushed face through the lush green leaves. Green leafy debris dotted in her hair some clinging to the coarse black vest she was wearing.

"YARGH!! It's the dreaded corpse flower that said to be the stinkiest in the world!" Jumped Jakotsu springing away from the scientist's form abruptly.

"Just shut the hell up you f*ckin missing link! You don't know how long my aching muscles had to endure a squatted posture while that scary as hell psychopathic bastard prattled out his damn threats to my best friends who has been through f*ck knows what! Damn it! My legs are more bowed than a freakin sumo wrestler's!"

"Ugh! Listen to this nose mucus woman shoot off her dirty mouth! Worse than sailor I tell you!" cried Jakotsu covering Kagome's ears with his hands.

"Hey! I am an independent and strong willed modern female!" asserted Sango stabbing a proud thumb in her chest.

"Psh! If some idiot sees you as a girl he must be one retarded pervert." Scoffed Jakotsu folding his arms infront of his chest.

"You called?" Miroku sticks his head in from the window a wide grin spread across his face.

"Gyah! What the hell? … wait a minute… Mi-ro-ku?" guffawed Sango walking closer towards the window. She scuffled clumsily on her clothing and hair flicking off the leaves as she marched towards the window.

"Stupid depraved idiot! Did you want to give us all a freakin heart attack or something?"

Hastily she disengaged the metal locks then began to slide the heavy wood framed glass window to the side so as to allow the man entry. She pulled roughly at the young man trying to get him inside.

"Yo! Sango my lovely fiancé I heard that you were looking for sperm samples for your latest experiments I would like to donate my boys for the job…"


"*O*(^%BLLj%*%###)KJhh!$jh^54LK9&&^%%4 oIhLHOoi*&^%lkj j jlJLJ##%^&lkl S*^%%(*%$*&%^^hhh546431KJhH(&^hg%6&&*nl5544412)

(kkju&^y78897hu67&^%hh[_9jk9!56hh89&^545$#$^8&*^56jh^43#f^ty*(*YH_.p[[kpoij&^%4g987g*()9g(&^ b97y76 "

"Wow! She didn't even take a single breath during that speech." Said Kagome awestruck.

"Like a shameless sailor." Said Jakotsu with a shake of his head.

Sesshoumaru's Office:

"Sesshoumaru-sama our intelligence has confirmed that in the area where Kagome-sama was found, traces of a powerful male jaki was collected. We have also discovered partial ashes that we believe to be the remains of a youkai, most probably a female. Judging from other evidence in the area we have determined that some fight ensued between two youkai and Kagome-sama was caught in the middle of it. We have concluded that the victor-the male youkai somehow protected Kagome-sama from the female youkai whose remains are dispersed over a large part of the area. The defeated female was appeared to have been savagely killed, there were slash marks embedded deep in the layers of earth where the concentration of ashes were located. The jaki residue in the area has contaminated it to a point that even after the hazard team have cleaned up enough jaki still lies embedded in the ground to kill a youkai in minutes… It appears that Kagome-sama was alive only because the male youkai cast a protective shield around her. "

"Is that all?"

The bowing one horned oni lifted his face clearly shaken and terrified, his beady eyes watering profusely.

"W-we have never known this kind of offensive weapon but we have surmised that is done by a c-curved blade similar in effect to tet-tetsusaiga. We bb-believe that whoever this male youkai is will come for k-Kagome-sama again… Sometime … soon."

A shrill ear piercing shriek filled the air as the taiyoukai's nails raked angrily across the dark marble desk marring the surface in jagged welts. The oni started to sweat visibly trembling and trying hard to stifle the loud chattering of his teeth, the noise tore at his ears but he dared not move to place his hands to cover them afraid of what the inu lord would do. He gasped as the whole room began to shake and quiver, metal objects began to buckle. Items were picked up by a force then tossed around in circles around the around.

A metal frame crashed near the pug nosed oni making him jump with a yelp. "W-we also found tthiss in the the tthe area." He fumbled clumsily in his brief case with wobbly hands.

The dark suited oni crawled on his knees not daring to make eye contact with the fearsome taiyoukai, he placed the cracked halves of a charred circular object in the young lord's desk briskly returning to his cringing position a few metres away. Sesshoumaru picked up the blackened halves. He did not need to hear from his subordinate what the fractured semi rings originally once were. His blood boiled even as the rise in jaki signaled the awakening blood lust raging through him.

"B-bethrothal r-rings. R-royal bet-…"

"I know what they are." Sesshoumaru said in a steel covered tone.

'Shit! Yobu said to be careful what I say now he's pissed as hell.' Greatly fearful the oni cowered until his face is flat against the floor. 'Kami-sama please let me die quickly. Please kami-sama!!!!'


"Huh? A, I mean .. Y-yes Sesshoumaru-sama!"

As the oni departed hurriedly as the taiyoukai composed himself with hard effort. Wrath like this has never before breeched his self control but this drastic situation is far beyond what he normally faced. His emotional detachment from previous incidents gave him control and logic, but something of great importance to him personally is at stake and that is not something that he is willing to gamble away without thinking things through methodically.

Sesshoumaru rapped his fingers impatiently over the dark mahogany inlay mulling over the details his subordinate just explained. True he had his suspicions the injury sustained by Kagome were consistent with damages inflicted by a wind user but the ground slashes are those of a curved blade?

The only female wind user vicious enough to go after Kagome even after she had come under his protection was Kagura, but if the female remains was Kagura, who killed her and why with such prejudice? Kagura never utilized a blade, could perhaps the male youkai and Kagura are close acquaintances? Studies have shown that brutal killings reflect a close relationship to the victim. If that was the case then such atrocious character is now after Kagome.

Picking up his cellphone he contacted the person he knows would guard Kagome with his life.

"Inuyasha, assemble the men. There's a fly buzzing around my woman."

Sesshoumaru explained the situation to him.

"That F*cking blade wielding bastard if I catch him I'm gonna skewer his stomach with his own sword!"

"Your enthusiasm for the job is quite inspiring hanyou. Be as good as your word."

"Keh! I don't need for you to tell me that! If someone messes around with Kags like that I'll definitely kill 'em!"

"I expect nothing less."

Sesshoumaru carefully swathed the remains of the rings using a silk handkerchief and then tentatively placed it in his breast pocket. It was the same ring given to Takara. Why was the ring in the area? Is Takara in danger? Was she the original target? Did the male youkai take Takara and merely spared Kagome on whim?

The young lord frowned deeply as he made his way out of his opulent office.

Something was not right.

Too many things just don't add up, one thing is for sure he needed to find Takara. There are many who would protect Kagome with their lives, but Takara had none save him for protection, besides he needed to talk to her about the betrothal. He had been her intended it was still his obligation to ensure she was safe. She could have been targeted because of the betrothal.

He cursed, why had he not placed security around her? He should have anticipated everything! Clearly he did not think things through. Such mishap ought not have occurred. The taiyoukai cursed again angry at himself at the oversight.

Kagome's apartment:

Knock. Knock. Knock.

"Uh, I'll get it you three just…"

"It's because of you, you crappy egg head! How can you burn water?!! Take poison and die!" shrieked Sango at the top of her voice amidst the clanging of pots and pans.

"Shut up stupid flat chested harlot." Replied Jakotsu pointing a cabbage at the bellowing scientist.

"You know that comment was sexual harassment." interjected Miroku biting a chopped piece of carrot on the breakfast table.

"Who the hell made you the freakin lawyer!" shouted Sango and Jakotsu in unison.

Sigh. 'Mou.. those three.' thought Kagome as she trudged heavily along the carpeted floor still unsteady on her feet. Pausing briefly to catch her breath she unbolted the door.

'Dear lord what happened to me? I've no strength at all.' She gasped inwardly panting hard at the effort.

"Hi Kags, how are you feeling?" Inuyasha enters wearing a baby harness strapped on the front with baby Shippo inside. His hair was pulled back in a low pony tail with a baby dummy hanging from the beads and fangs necklace he wore around his neck a cross of bandages decorated his right cheek. A multitude of mini pokemon plushies balanced perfectly atop his 'I am the world's greatest dad' base ball cap. Shippo gurgled as he pulled hard at the dummy, Inuyasha responded with similar sounds pulling funny faces.

Kagome stared.

"What?... are your lips glued together or something? What the f*ck is wrong?" demanded the irate hanyou.

Kagome laughs out loud unable to hold it in. "You look adorable, I think father hood suits you Inuyasha."

The hanyou flushed furiously, his chest reverberating in a purring rumble. He coughed twice then grinned brightly opening the door further to allow the other visitor entry.

"Hey what's the deal with pants?" asked Miroku muching on a celery.

"Shut up f*ckin perv Kikyo bought these for me. She said I look sexy."

"What pants? That's f*cking body paint!" Cried Kouga walking in. "Hello Kagome my love." he cooed presenting Kagome with flowers.

Inuyasha rolled his eyes then proceeded to pull on the wolf' sports jacket. "Hey, mangy wolf hold Shippo for a sec."

"Do I look like Mary F*cking Poppins to you?"

"Look just hold him will ya you are his f*ckin godparent!" barked Inuyasha.

"Inuyasha! Kouga! Stop swearing! The baby for goodness sake!" cried Kagome un-harnessing Shippo and cuddling him.

"Well f*ckin f*ck that sh*t!"

"Inuyasha! I just told you to stop swearing!"

"Pffttt… what a stupid ass father!" Laughed the wolf.


"Kagome said no swearing!" admonished Inuyasha.

Kagome laughed but began to cough. Inuyasha hands his son over to the squealing and goo goo eyed Jakotsu as he and Kouga clucked like mother hens coercing the young woman to go to her room. Sango and Miroku joined them in the tiny bedroom carrying a plastic basket. They excused themselves to go for grocery and offered to make dinner. Miroku left momentarily to collect his keys from the other laundry room leaving Sango and Jakotsu to tend the pup.

Jakotsu hummed as he placed Shippo in a layer of carefully placed blankets in the middle of the lounge. Shippo yawned his infant fangs gleaming like pearls. He circled around the centre a few times before settling in to sleep. Jakotsu toyed with his hair until he was sure that the puppy was sound asleep. Tip toeing cautiously he made his way to the adjoining kitchen and began brewing some coffee. Sango watched him rolling both eyes. She was sure the dimwit's brain stopped working ages ago.

"Hey gay lord better go easy on the coffee I heard dogs are sensitive to caffeine." Informed Sango.

"Shut up steel barbie you'll wake up the pup!" shushed Jakotsu as he proceeded to serve the freshly brewed concoction to the inu and wolf with some green tea for Kagome. Sango was about to let out a battle cry but was pulled away just in time by a smiling Miroku.

"We'll be back soon!"he said as he dragged away a kicking Sango.

Inuyasha shook the tea cup peering suspiciously at the vile contents swirling like gluey grey-green syrup. He could have sworn it moved!

"What the hell is this sludge?" he asked sniffing over viscous liquid.

"Hmm, looks like toxic mutant ooze, the run-off from a treatment plant eh?" laughed Kouga slapping the hanyou loudly in the back.

"God damn it you made me spill it in my sexy pants!"

"Want me to call Jak to lick it off for ya?" Kouga asked with a suggestive wink.

"Shut the hell up you evil bastard! Go jump off a cliff or something!"

Kagome laughed and coughed, sending the two jumping to her side patting her lightly on her back.

"I'm fine… really, my throat just went a bit dry so when I laughed I coughed instead."

Inuyasha sighed loudly. "The fact that you survived til now in one piece is nothing but miracle!" grumbled the irate hanyou.

"Gah! You are one hopeless dude! No like that! You're hitting her too hard hanyou!"

"Young lady you are to remain laying down as ordered by bastard half brother!" boomed Inuyasha. Then he and Kouga deposited Kagome back to her bed fluffing up her pillows and tucking her tightly in the bed sheets.

"What is with you dogs and tucking me in? I can't feel my legs at all." complained Kagome.

"For once I am with the Icicle King, you need to rest Kagome. I can't allow my woman to be fainting around now can I?"

"I-" Kagome stopped a frigid chill running through her spine. She bolted up and swung around to face the window nearest to the bed just as the impact hit full force.


A force hit, Kagome fell back thrown almost to the end of the bed. The resounding explosion also sent the inu and wolf tumbling back, propelling them hard against the wall. Deep indentations tarnished the smooth planes, the profound impressions and cracks silhouetting the figures of Inuyasha and Kouga. Part of the partition was sent crumbling as the two slammed forcefully against it. Inuyasha got up slowly brushing off the dust and rubble with great distain, snarling angrily he bared his fangs at the trespasser.

A whirling mass of dark mist engulfed the now unconscious Kagome. It lifted the girl off the bed cosseting her in a black cloud almost like a funeral shroud. Kouga and Inuyasha barked as they dodged slivers of glass projectiles hurled into air as an unseen energy once again exploded. The worried voice of Jakotsu can be heard on the other side of door blocked partially by the collapsed partition.

"Hey dog! Now's the time you expose your well endowed sword!" cried Kouga stemming the thin flow of blood on the side of his head with ripped cloth.

"Shut the hell up you sh*tty wolf! By the way you say it, it sounds pervy!" yelled Inuyasha taking a swing at Kouga. "Besides, I couldn't carry it and Shippo." He mumbled as he faced the intruder again.


A cold roll of laughter ripped through the tiny room as the cloud steadily took on form. Hakudoshi appeared his onyx eyes fixed on Kagome he now held in his arms, the fire horse Entei neighed noisily behind him flicking an impatient tail, his fiery eyes filled with unabashed adoration for his master.

"She is lovely is she not?"

"What the hell are you? A f*ckin albino grim reaper?"

"For a moment there I thought it was Sesshoumaru testing us." Whispered Kouga to the hanyou. "Then I saw the mule."

Hakudoshi glared him. "Silence!"

A hot streak of jaki slashed through the air travelling towards the wolf. Kouga twisted in the air then kicked against one of the disintegrated walls landing safely behind the squatting Inuyasha. The jaki continued to travel until it hit the door splintering the top half open. Jakotsu jumped back in time narrowly avoiding the fierce jaki. Deftly he leaped through the shattered part of the door rolling in a landing near Inuyasha still clutching Shippo.

"I'll help." Offered Jakotsu.

"Jak, you stay back! Protect Shippo … This is my fight, besides the tick infested pug is my backup."

"Don't worry about the neighbours I've plastered ofudas (spells written on paper) all over the apartment. It will contain any damages and noise to this apartment." Informed Jakotsu walking towards the end of the room.

"Yea! Hey! I am not tick infested!" Kouga bawled. "You! Horse whispering bastard, give back my woman before I leash you and whip you to death! I Kouga leader of the western tribe of black wolves will fight this fight in the name of love!"

"This dumbass' survival instincts are worse than the dodos."muttered Jakotsu activating a shield ofuda around himself and Shippo.

"For f*cking brain-dead chuhuahua you sure are bold." Grinned Inuyasha standing beside the wolf.

"Heheh.." Laughed Kouga crouching to his fighting stance.

"Right let's dance shall we." Smirked Inuyasha. "Come over her so I can pour petrol down your *BEEP* and slaughter you and Mr Ed."

"For love and for Kagome!" Cried Kouga kicking in the air.

"You will die." Stated Hakudoshi gently transferring Kagome onto Entei. He smirk as he brandished his weapon.

Inuyasha stared.

"Curved blade." He repeated his eyes resting on the intruder's weapon. "Bastard! You are the one that attacked Kagome in the Park!"

Hakudoshi regarded him.

"Foolish hanyou. It was I who saved her, had I not been there she would have succeeded." Hakudoshi casually rested his weapon on top of his shoulder. "Such travesty to be labeled as the perpetrator when all I did was come to her aid. Really hanyou, if you want to point the finger at someone you should look at the wind witch and yourselves."

"Kagura." Repeated Inuyasha, the whole event now dawning clearly to him.

"Yes, it appears it is I who is her savior. I protected her when you and your wretched band of so called friends could not."

"Wait you saved her? You're on the side of good too but now you're kidnapping her? Hey stop muddling up my mind!" yelled Kouga pulling at his hair in frustration.

"Oh dear, you're confused already? Such simple minded fools no wonder you choose to fight me." Hakudoshi smiled knowingly. "Have no fear for you both will not be conscious for long. You will die at my hands soon enough."




"Come on you f*cking gutless coward! Start swinging your damn fists!!! No not like that you bloody sissy!! You fight worse than She-man over there! Where's the f*cking power?" shouted Inuyasha pushing himself up off the crumpled mass of broken furniture.

Hakudoshi clicked impatiently with his tongue, annoyed at the way the hanyou refused to stay down. He sauntered towards Inuyasha at a slow confident pace. Pointing the end of his weapon in the hanyou's face he tipped his head down staring with narrowed eyes at the struggling hanyou.

"It seems you keep getting in my way." Hakudoshi remarked in a dangerous tone.

"Keh, guy's gotto have a hobby."

"Hn. Quite foolish. Perhaps a particular target will crush that spirit."


Kouga rolls from under the hanyou and leaps in front of Jakotsu in time. He gets hit full force on the chest trying to block the attack. He grunts painfully clutching his lacerated chest and arm.

"Kouga!" Screamed Jakotsu.

"Bastard!"cried Inuyasha redoubling his efforts to land a hit on the other youkai.




Caught unaware and unable to further evade the rapid cut of the deadly scythe Inuyasha falls hard on the floor.

"Now you will die." Remarked the dark youkai as he stood with one foot planted firmly on the stacked bodies of Kouga and Inuyasha.

"Is that his f*cking catch phrase or something?" muttered Kouga coughing up blood.

"Could be, the bastard's been spluttering that sh*t since he got here." panted the hanyou wincing. "Tell me one thing before 'we die'. Why Kagome?"

Hakudoshi paused in the middle of dealing the death blow.

"She and I are one and the same!" he cried his eyes bleeding in a rush of crimson fire. Claws extended he ripped the air with his blade determined to bring it down on the figures below. Inuyasha gaped open mouthed fatigued and shocked trying to comprehend the significance of his words.

"Hakudoshi, no."

A soft disembodied voice stops the dark youkai dead in his tracks. Hakudoshi's eyes widened in realization. Turning around he looked at the steadily glowing Kagome.

"Midoriko." He mouthed out dropping his lethal blade as a brilliant pure light engulfed the entire room.

Hakudoshi screamed in agony feeling the harsh and bitter burn of the white light he reeled back. Vainly he gropped around for anything to hold onto. Fragments of his flesh remained clining to everything he touched it seemed as though he was falling apart bit by bit. He snarled in monstrous voice his body racked in spasms he stumbled near the window calling for Entei his horse. His flesh seared and blackened his hair singed and smoking he fell off the crumbled wall onto the busy streets below as the Inuyasha and Kouga looked on in disbelief.

10 minutes later.

"Stop hitting people and sit still! I need to staunch the blood flow you stupid dog! You're bleeding all over my sofa! Arggh!!!" screamed Kagome at the top of her lungs.

"Any dumbass who tries thwart love should get kicked by a horse!" growled the furious hanyou.

"I second that!"agreed Kouga raising a lacerated arm in the air dispersing more blood across the carpeted floor of Kagome's room.