Um… Just trying to have a more serious fic, there are probably some errors but if you like it, let me know. Just going for a more abstract story so if there are any questions don't be afraid to ask, I'll be glad to clear things up.

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Hinata, her eyes pale like snow and pearls but they had the soft glow and radiance of the moon. The moon, a celestial body illuminating the night, forever chasing the sun only to be left in the darkness with the meager shine of stars to keep her company. And in so many ways she was like the moon, chasing after the sun in her life only to be left alone, the same cool beauty and gentle glow. Although she was forgotten by the fiery sun, she was sheltered by the darkness and in the midst of oblivion, she could truly shine. And like the moon, she had the comfort of the many stars around her, each learning and growing, each showing what it truly meant to be shinobi.

Sasuke, he was the darkness. His onyx eyes and the aura of mystery that surrounded him even though deep inside, there is the wish to only be understood. Love was an elusive concept for this darkness until he realized the gentle glow of the moon that never discriminated, never asking for anything except to be loved and recognized. That is how darkness came to love the moon, shelter it, protect it, only to glimpse its glow although it loved another. And, like the darkness, he was the one to let the moon truly shine and show all its true radiance.

Naruto, he was the sun. Passion, fire, resilience were all a part of his being. However, like the sun he passed along the celestial trails of the sky unaware of the quiet moon behind him. The sun came to know only one thing, although it loved all the creatures it nourished with its fiery heat, it came to love the pink blossoms of the Sakura tree and like a enraptured lover, made sure that all the light could shine on the tree's blossoms and give it the light to bloom.

Sakura, as beautiful as the flower that bore her name, she loved the darkness. Alas, like a flower, the darkness only caused her to wilt and eventually would cause her to die. Stubborn, she would always hold on to the hope that she might bloom in the darkness, unknowing and uncaring of the sun that poured its light into her during the day.

In a field as a sun set, darkness enveloped the world. Up in the heavens shone the moon; it's brilliance for all to see. Its gentle light shone throughout, and with its light, one can see a slowly dying flower trying to bloom in the dark.