A/N: Yes, I know, it's been…Months. Seems like years, but months since I last updated/finished this fic, but I do have an announcement to make in regards to "Cure My Tragedy"!

I wanted to alert you all that I have indeed, come up with a sequel idea for "Cure My Tragedy". I am currently working on the opening chapters and will be getting something up soon (especially with Instant Reality Finished – just needing posting, and Running Back nearing the end of it's run as well).

The Sequel fic will be called "Black Sunday" and the opening takes place about 2.5 years after "Cure My Tragedy".

While I'm going to try and keep the two fics…relatively separate, it probably wouldn't hurt for fans of CMT to brush up on the basic plot; I will provide a brief summary/synopsis of CMT events in the prologue.

I'm really excited about this upcoming fic; I have the plot relatively mapped out and I think it makes for a great sequel to my favorite Instant Star fic I've wrote to date.

More info to come later and be on the lookout for "Black Sunday"!